21 June 2011

Zionism and Judaism

- are one and the same!

Written mid June 2011 - (272 lines)


1. This poem was written in an attempt to demolish the very widely
held opinion and belief that Zionism and Judaism are very different
and almost diametrically opposed. But, as any methodical and rational
analysis will show, they are so similar as to be indistinguishable
from each other, meaning: YOU ARE ALL WRONG.

2. A goy (plural: goyim) is Hebrew for "nation" or "people" but is
generally used to describe any non-Jew, whether individual or nation.
The Torah itself and rabbinic literature make it clear that goyim exist
only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated as Judaism sees fit.

3. The "shofar" mentioned in the line starting with the wordplay
"Shofar so good" is a proper word and is the ram's horn mentioned
in The Torah where it is used as a ceremonial instrument.
Some of the Rabbis attached to modern Israel's armed forces were
blowing these very shofars during the ghastly slaughter of the men,
women and children of Gaza in December 2008/January 2009.
This is indisputably holy war - and by a supposedly secular state.


Having had good reason but missing the rhyme
I have wanted to write about this for some time
But let me first warn you before you come along:
If I am right then YOU must be wrong!
So before the creative magic fades
Let me say this, and I hope it persuades

Heated debates are nothing new
About a subject that leaves only few
Opportunities for compromise
So I fully expect an uproar to rise
The moment this poem goes online
But do not expect me to resign
My cherished post as cyber scribe
Nothing will deflect me, no bribe
Nor threat nor anything else will make
Me abandon the course I chose to take -
Right, with that settled we now move on
To a matter of importance to everyone:

Below is outlined the general view
Of nasty Zionist but friendly Jew

Zionism is an ideology
Invented fairly recently
A single issue advocacy
Of sinister supremacy
Secular and political
To restore the state of Israel

Judaism, on the other hand
Is a true religion from The Holy Land
Where Abraham lived and Jesus died
Noble and pure and dignified
Fulfilling a very important role
In the aspirations of the soul

No similarity between
The two, for as already seen
They have little if anything
In common, so in order to bring
It home to everybody we now throw
A little slogan that you all should know:

"Zionism bad and Judaism good" -
The message is clearly understood?

NO! It makes no sense at all
So here is a suitable counter call:
Rubbish! Nonsense! Traitors to blame!
For the two are in truth one and the same!

Confusion and hysteria on my part?
I wish it were! You wake up and start
To learn some facts about Judaism NOW
And you will soon have to accept somehow
That Zionism is Judaism in its purest form
OH YES! Some research will call off the storm
Of protest, indignation and "anti-Semite you!"
For you will all see that the following is true:

For the avoidance of any doubt
The Law of Moses, The Torah, spells out
In crystal-clear language that the Jews
YAHWEHs own Chosen People, may use
All non-Jews, the mere Goyim
Of this world, for whatever scheme
In short that everybody else exists
For The Master Race to put on lists
To exploit or enslave or eradicate
As The Elders of Zion see fit to dictate

All frequently echoed faithfully today
By leading Rabbis who will brazenly say
Things that indisputably and without fail
Would land ANY Muslim immediately in jail
For threatening language in every sentence
Incitement to hatred, promoting violence
Discrimination on grounds of faith or race
Advocating treason with a straight face
Religious intolerance, disturbing the peace
Glorifying terror, or a mixture of all these

But Orthodox Rabbis and Christian Zionists
Rant about Islam and shake their fists
Using terms like those listed above
And nothing happens - clearly hand in glove
With every level of establishment
For has any effort ever been spent
To call them to order and rein them in?
NOT ONCE! But now is the time to begin!

For those who still may be in doubt
The following test should be carried out:
Were you to read a long list of quotes
With names removed and no footnotes
By prominent Zionists and famous Jews
I challenge anyone to randomly choose
And say, without anybody to assist
Is the quote from a Jew or from a Zionist

Go on, admit it now, time to confess
As if we did not know it: you would have to guess!

For the same stupefying arrogance
And terrifying intolerance
Runs through them both like a silver thread
Pursuing goals with terror and dread
Around the world, not just locally
False flag attacks for everyone to see
For just like father Jacob, renamed Israel
Deceit is the trade mark we have come to know so well
Over generations, and there is no prize
For concluding that YAHWEH is Moloch in disguise
Void of any sign of divinity
Nothing sacred in his vicinity
For this is all about the earthly here and now
Not one instruction to be found about how
To reach a higher level of spirituality
Or achieving salvation or immortality
Whether it is in any way achievable
Or even if it is desirable
There is simply no mention of everlasting life -

(A most strange religion - if such it can be called
Surely any true prophet of God would be appalled?)

But detailed instructions for how to use the knife
As another gruesome animal sacrifice
Hits YAHWEHs altar, plus listing the price
For various offences, and who should be stoned
To death for certain crimes to be atoned

Some are hard to believe and ought to raise
Serious objections - here one specific case:
You may forget and go collecting firewood
On the Sabbath - but surely this activity is good
And helpful to the clan and the people as a whole?
At the very least harmless unless of course you stole
The wood from someone else - but NO: you must DIE
Thunders the booming voice from the sky...
No questions asked and no second chance -
How can such madness possibly advance
The progress of the group not to mention mankind?
A sensible answer is impossible to find...

Yet many say Islam is barbaric and worse
Read Torah and Gospels for chapter and verse
That to criticise Islam alone makes no sense
And read my book ENOUGH! for overwhelming evidence!

Most Jews and Christians must know but none admits -
Two-faced double-dealing deceitful hypocrites!

Not just my opinion and this is no spoof
ENOUGH! Islamophobia (my book) gives you proof
Upon devastating proof that all can understand
Assuming they want to, about The Promised Land
And that ninety-plus percent are not genuine Jews
But false interpretations and dishonest views
Have distorted opinion round the world to the extent
That few today realise what YAHWEH really meant
Though the text itself is clear enough for anyone to see
If you read it methodically and rationally

Never make peace with a neighbouring state
Nor with foreigners living amongst you, dictate
Terms and conditions for that is your right
Never forget: you must not only fight
But eradicate competing religions totally
And remember: deceit works wonderfully
Like holy war, ethnic cleansing, genocide -

All these horrors nobody can hide
For The Law of Moses prescribes them all
Now where is the first honest person to call
For re-writing the Torah to make it civilised
The same way that Islamophobes want the Quran revised?

The silence is deafening but comes as no surprise
To anyone looking at the world through open eyes

The secular ideology Zionism found
The justification for creating on the ground
A modern Israel in the ancient Law
Of Moses, which Zionists all hold in awe

And to claim otherwise is simply a disgrace
For the evidence is staring us all in the face

Ever since the time of The Exodus
Nothing has changed, it is still "them" and "us"
YAHWEHs little darlings who can do no wrong
Against the sub-humans, as it has been all along

No wish to convert the lowly Goyim
To follow YAHWEH, also known as Elohim
To enter their specially enlightened zone
For in truth this is all for Jacob alone
Plus his heirs, the brightest and the best
And we, the mere mortals, all the rest
Of mankind, should simply be rounded up
And forced to slave for them until we drop
For we are already destined for Hell
While the whole Earth belongs to Israel

"Shofar so good!" IDF Rabbis shout
As Israel blows up Gaza until YAHWEH kicks you out
For as your own Scriptures make absolutely plain
The Jews may NOT re-create Israel, but must remain
In exile, landless, stateless, banished till the times
That YAHWEH decides to forgive your sins and crimes -
So stock up well, be patient, and wait for the sign
Wherever you are now: anywhere but Palestine!

Real Jews and fake Jews and Zionists under the spell
Of that megalomanic fantasy called Greater Israel
The Nile to the Euphrates - Hallelujah! Here we come!
The Third Temple and The Eternal Kingdom!

Wake up and save yourselves embarrassment and pain
For your grand hallucinations are all in vain!
Why? Because your Scriptures directly contradict
That ludicrous claim, so high time you restrict
Any territorial aspirations to the realm
Of reality, or fantasy is bound to overwhelm
You faster than you think - but that is quite all right:
Go ahead and soon it will be time to say Goodnight!

But do yourselves a favour now and read your book again
And this time do it properly - as my book will explain!

Time to accept that the real conspiracy
Is taking place around us and is not some theory
Debunked in the media and exposed to ridicule
The deception is obvious yet manages to fool
Most of the people most of the time
Long enough to perpetrate the next horrible crime

And what will you do about it all my friends?
Maybe prevaricate until Zion sends
A special invitation that you cannot decline
That you must be micro-chipped today, so stand in line
First "Zion Rules" will be tattooed across your brow
For The New World Order must be implemented now
And should you resist the friendly old Jew
His sons The Pyromaniacs will come to visit you
Leaving nothing but a pile of ashes on the ground
For their love of burnt offerings is not just profound
But prescribed by YAHWEH forever for the Jews
And if you hoped that was the end of the bad news
YAHWEH demands that some prisoners of war
Are sacrificed to him - can you take any more?
The Torah description of that ghastly scene
Is better known as Holocaust - you know what I mean?

From Sinai then and to Gaza today
The Jews are always looking for easy prey
Three thousand years and they have not changed
In some way or other they must be deranged

The Master Race delusion is not all they share
With Hitler's Nazi Germany, yet most would never dare
To utter such heresy or privately imply
That it really could be true, so say with tearful eye:
"They are like day and night, like black and white"
Wishful thinking, or intimidation - right?

Yet it does not really matter what you say
For the clear and present danger to us all today
Is The Snake of Zion and laugh if you must
But if you are really keen to taste the dust
Let it embrace you, probing at first
Later to squeeze you till your heart and lungs burst

Allow it to kiss you with its fine-looking fangs
And soon you will know that your life now hangs
Suspended, in the balance, forever Zionised
The bill for the antidote will not be itemised
But regular instalments must be spread
And if they ever stop - then you drop dead...

Welcome to the Zionised and Judaised West!
First you must pass the loyalty test:
Bow down for Zion but NOT in jest
Any little sign that somewhere in your breast
You secretly loathe or despise or detest
Your new Masters will mean instant arrest
And if you cannot convincingly attest
That you certainly did NOT call them a pest
They will select your last request
Something your stomach cannot digest
And, to cut a long story short, the rest
We would much rather not even suggest...

Regular reader and casual guest:
This - is - NOT - what - serves - us - best!

And that surely is, though it was not meant
The new millenium's leading understatement!

And as we come full circle, what has been achieved
(If anything!) - do some who formerly believed
The fairytale that Zionism has nothing at all to do
With Judaism finally let the light of reason through?

Do you see now with fresh eyes and clarity
More than just a certain similarity?
Maybe you now agree with my initial claim
That in actual fact they really are the same?

And to those of you who find my language too strong
Accept my simple challenge: PROVE ME WRONG
On any single point raised here or in my book -
I shall write another poem while you think and look


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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