26 June 2011


- and many other isms

Written late June 2011 - (56 lines)


Terrorism or territorialism?
The words are easy to understand
But do excuse our skepticism
Instead of or should it not be and?

For clothed in any old euphemism
They frequently march hand in hand
Illegal and barbaric expansionism
Just look at the brutalised Holy Land
Where Judaism posing as Zionism
Is always drawing new lines in the sand
They share more than end-rhymes with Nazism
And all good people must now make a stand
Against brutal neo-colonialism
The sinister project progressing as planned
In total disregard for law and criticism
Starting new fires then eagerly fanned

Soon totalitarian corporatism
Might issue the non-negotiable command
That all kinds of currently lawful activism
Must be stopped immediately and scanned
For any little secret sign or symbolism
That might implicate that heroic band
In the crime of supporting pluralism
For if so would probably later demand
One-person-one-vote, or similar pragmatism
And so destroy the market for that well-known brand
Of old-fashioned heavy-handed despotism
That works so well for the privileged and grand
Lost in their delusions and narcissism
Though most are in fact both boring and bland
Unable to cope with reform and modernism
They cling to the past their generations spanned

There is no room for innocent romanticism
So never leave the trenches undermanned
The fight is truly on and this is realism
Examining the situation strand for strand
Observed in the sharp focus of the prism
Of reason that no nonsense can withstand
Pessimism slowly giving way to optimism
Already practising cartwheels plus handstand
With Marxism, Leninism, communism, socialism
Now all consigned to the historic wasteland
Shortly to be followed by capitalism
Where blood mixed with gold nuggets must be panned
The perfect example of the ultimate schism
For greed-before-need, the word is shorthand

I shall be accused of promoting Islamism
And judged a threat to the entire homeland
They might start the antics with fundamentalism
For a friend is dark, though in truth just tanned
If that does not work they could try extremism
Warranting perhaps some kind of reprimand
Or charge me with glorifying terrorism
And possibly detain me on indefinite remand
But one thing works every time: anti-Semitism
And I do fear my writings may soon be banned!


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