4 February 2012

The Countdown

- was started long ago...

Written mid January 2012 - (96 lines)


Is an evil
And intolerable terrorist state
Unlawfully built
From unwarranted guilt
Unlimited arrogance and hate

Born to deceive
They will have us believe
That they have a special right to rule
Pure nonsense
Without evidence
And if you accept that you are a fool!

Whatever their aims
Such ridiculous claims
Should neither be given time nor space
Still they delude
Themselves to conclude
That they are God's chosen and the Master Race

Substitute Jews
With their perverse views
Are desecrating the Holy Land
To redefine
Our Palestine
By anything but divine command

They should look
In their holy book
Not casually but properly read
Get on with it
And then admit
That only a few of them follow their creed

Which does in fact say
They ought to stay
Wherever they formerly happened to live
Heaven will quake
For they may not take
But must patiently wait for YAHWEH to give

They are taking still
Against YAHWEHs will!
May the Devil take all their "holy" stuff!
We long for the day
When it all goes away
Divine retribution cannot come soon enough!

Their Law is clear
And yet we hear
Objections from only a faithful few
Almost no state
Permits proper debate
As the whole world's nightmare is coming true

For in Israel
All is not well
The understatement of the age
No matter how
The time is NOW
For the rest of the world to disengage

We hesitate
To calculate
The total treasure and goodwill spent
By all those who
Help the fake Jew
In this failed idiotic experiment

As the blood flows
God only knows
How many innocent persons have died
Yet we shall endure
Though one thing is sure:
MOLOCH will never be satisfied

This cannot go on
Something must be done
We are rapidly reaching the end of the road
So act with all haste
There is no time to waste
For ZIONs bomb is timed to explode...

Land-grabbing "Jews"
Ignited the fuse
Demanding the mere Goyim do as told
But when justice wins
And a new age begins
That land will not be a joy to behold

ZION to blame
For the fatal flame
If this one day, maybe soon, comes to pass:
No sign of life
So at last no more strife
Israel reduced to a desert of glass

The world would then
Say: "Never again!"
Until next time, as usual
The question here
Should it disappear:
Do you know anyone who would miss Israel?

But think of the rich
Priceless heritage
And this is what everyone must understand:
The world that connived
Now for ever deprived
Of Palestine, the Holy Land...


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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