3 February 2012


- is NOT in the Garden of Eden

Written early January 2012 - (174 lines)


According to The First Book of Moses, Genesis 35:23,
Judah was the 4th of Jacob=Israel's 12 sons,
Judah's mother was Israel's first formal wife Leah.


He started out so eagerly
On his self-fulfilling prophecy
The worst example we can find:
JUDAHs plot against mankind


What JUDAH liked was to imitate
(Say those few who have intimate
Knowledge of these matters) so
In order to make anything grow
On his own plot he looked around
And, being lazy, quickly found
A suitable seed in his brother's field
Which he hoped with luck might yield
Just what he was looking for
So, to be safe, he stole some more

From these he produced a perfect clone
But this was to be for his clan alone
For ever and all eternity
So with some ingenuity
He modified the seed somewhat
And eager to test the result he got
He put it in the dusty dry soil
Then got the idea that he could spoil
His brother's land AND peace of mind
By a cunning trick of the dirty kind
So to provoke and irritate
He channeled his waters to irrigate

From this tiny toxic seed
Grew a uniquely destructive weed
At once it started to germinate
And soon it was able to penetrate
The soil to greet the life-giving light
For one brief moment a pleasant sight
But next, to help it on the way
JUDAH would breathe on it and say
Literally to fertilise
Words of magic, hate and lies
And when the fog of words had cleared
A monstruous vision slowly appeared
Which neither could be approached nor tamed
For it was MOLOCH simply renamed
And though eventually it did fade
JUDAHs decision had been made

Ever since those leaves unfurled
A shadow hangs over the world...

From these beginnings grew the plant
Assisted by the occasional chant
While blood and corpses fed its roots
Until it started producing fruits

And JUDAH continued to cultivate
Storing a few for a later date
The bad ones he would propagate
The good he saw fit to eradicate

The bad were then distributed
By middle-men who contributed
Perhaps unwittingly - but most
Who absorbed the ghastly ghost
Were transformed into slaves
Now re-programmed each behaves
As if their entire personal
And indeed all national
Future welfare and interest
Must be judged by the single test:
Will it benefit JUDAH in some way?
And always eager to betray
Whenever it will they go ahead
If it will not they chant instead:
"Waiting for your next command!
See you in the Holy Land!"

Wherever these willing slaves are from
Their handsome reward is bound to come
But after the harvest they will find
Return on investment of a different kind
Earned every day in the here and now
For they will be pulling JUDAHs plough

Millions of hopeful pilgrims took
A fateful leaf from a foreign book
But in their hunger did not heed
Warning labels so forgot to read
First, the plain text dispassionately
Then, perhaps more ominously
Between the lines, so therefore swear
By not only what is good and fair
But all that is holy that it is their creed -
And all because of JUDAHs weed!

Long on the list of prohibited goods
Somehow smuggled and added to foods
Of innocent people around the globe
Frequently hidden inside the white robe
Of the travelling Pope, may he burn in Hell
For perpetrating what he knew well
To be the single most serious crime
For a Christian regardless of place or time:
Spreading the deadly cancerous germ
Of the anti-Christ, a tiny worm
Which, with the hideous form it took
Was carefully hidden in a holy book
That, free of charge, was forcibly sent
To those for whom it was never meant
By its central character, anyhow
The staple diet of so many now
Almost two billion infected today
Who all uncritically hope and pray
For Israel and Jerusalem -
Only because JUDAH poisoned them!

The secret ingredient in this stew
Was added by the wandering Jew
Apparently harmless so never a threat
His mission was always to aid and abet
Acceptance of JUDAHs exclusive design
Now marketed everywhere as benign:

Worldwide availability
Total sustainability
Satisfaction guaranteed
Customer is King, our creed
The certified original
Made just for you in Israel

(Signed: for and on behalf
Of JUDAH and the golden calf)

Worn as a badge of honour by those
Who trust that it will bring them close
To salvation on the last day
When it will be too late to pray

STOP! Examine that trade mark well:
It is of Satan and of Hell!
World rule to be assumed
When the consumer is consumed
By the worm found everywhere:
The Snake of Zion - so beware!
Look ahead but watch your back
And prepare for the next attack
Likely to come when you least expect -
May these few lines make you reflect...

The masses beg for another cup
While the clever ones promptly throw up
This worthless and sickening substitute
And feeling much better and resolute
Look elsewhere for the answers to
The questions of life and what to do
In order to live in a dignified way
Not now and then but every day

Meanwhile, invoking holy names
JUDAH brags as he still claims
The right to rule over everyone
Clearly something must be done
Urgently to check his role
And bring him under full control
For he threatens the human race
With many dangers we now face
Therefore join the collective shout:
"His toxic weed must be rooted out!"

No time for sitting on the fence
We have a right to self-defense

But - where exactly is JUDAHs plot?
We only know where it is NOT:
Inside the garden of Paradise
As always insisted by the good and wise
And sadly history proves them right
For the plot of JUDAH the parasite
Lies as far as it possibly can
From the aspirations of normal man

There is of course much more to say
But that is not for the present day
Writing that sombre and heavy tome
Must wait until the cows come home
And the chickens return to roost
Then justice will be given a boost
By the total failure of
JUDAHs hate against the love
Of civilised people everywhere
Who are willing to give and share
The future, present and the past
For the good of us all and finally cast
Out of the Garden to live alone
JUDAH - for ever on his own


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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