8 February 2012

The Jewish Question

- and some answers

Written January 2012 - (538 lines)


A highly controversial poem for which I make no excuses,
for these things must be said and brought to everybody's
attention before the right to do so is taken away from us.
As always I challenge anyone, chief rabbis and the pope
included, to prove me wrong.


The Jewish Question will not go away
As ever it confronts us all every day

Any answers? Come what may
Somehow we MUST find the courage to say
AND to mean it AND follow through
That we have much better things to do
Than getting entangled in the few
Small self-made problems of the Jew


JUDAISM is indeed
A strangely perverse abnormal creed!
Its central message is alien
To Muslim as well as Christian
Foreign to healthy human thought
Which over many millennia brought
Us every other faith we know
And suspicions continue to grow
That maybe it was implanted by
Sinister forces from the sky
A biological experiment
Carried out with evil intent
On one small barbaric tribe -
Lasting effects are hard to describe:

A microscopic minority
Claims that the great majority
More than ninetynine percent
Of mankind is only meant
For its exclusive benefit
So must serve and worship it!

Delusional was once preferred
Hallucinatory is the proper word!

Masked as divine inheritance
The most extreme intolerance
That our world has ever known
Belongs to JUDAISM alone

Its message is pathological hate
And it ensures a permanent state
Of friction, crisis, conflict, war
Our planet cannot take any more...

What civilised people find good and true
Reversed on purpose by the Jew
Every principle stood on its head
Pretending to help us all but instead
Every norm is turned upside down
For he is there to catch the crown!

JUDAH and ZION have now spent
Two and a half thousand years intent
Only on the establishment
Of a Jewish world government

Our world is now so compromised
So Judaised and Zionised
A shadow of its glorious past
How much longer can it last?

The evidence is plain and stark:
Duplicity is their trade mark
And right From Moses to Mossad runs
A chain of events that simply stuns
In its machine-like tenacity
And barbaric ferocity
Plus, and this is where really lies
The key to it all, and it terrifies:
There clearly is a grand design
Which is anything but divine
Of one Holocaust leading straight
To the next, we cannot wait
For they serve MOLOCH then as now -
The world must stop them, no matter how!

Their one enduring legacy:
Destruction, death and misery
For the world AND also for them
The false and fake "descendants" of Shem
[for the proof, see my book ENOUGH! Islamophobia, p.60-63]

The tribe of JUDAHs only claim
To anything like lasting fame
Where normal men seek life and joy
It wants "to utterly destroy"
Not just things but, now as then
Babies, children, women, men
Absolutely anyone
Who dares suggest things could be done
Differently in any way
To what the Torah and Talmud say

Always the major tribal sport
To plunder, burn, rape, kill - in short:
The self-proclaimed enemy
Of civilised humanity!


Their sacred books like a bad dream
Here just one recurrent theme:

Time and again a leading Jew
Tells god himself what he must do
AND a submissive god complies!
Whichever honest way one tries
To look at this one thing is clear:

WHAT? Absent? Seriously?
The test is sheer simplicity:

Read The Five Books of Moses now
Start to finish, then show us how
And where the spirit is addressed -
You will be more than just hard pressed
To find it mentioned anywhere

Is immortality achievable?
No subject matter for Israel!

What about free will and destiny?
Nothing, but lots about mutiny!

Any reference to the soul?
Not one word about any role
It might conceivably have to play
But five whole books of flesh and clay!

In the Mosaic slaughter house
Be very careful not to rouse
The anger or the jealousy
Of the so-called deity

No mention here of eternal life
But in-depth laws for using the knife
At the blood-spattered altar where
The High Priest with the utmost care
Must perform each duty so
That he can come AND safely go
For any totally innocent
Trivial little incident
Will mean that his current breath
Is cut short by instant death
By the fierce and brutal god
Who rules with an iron rod

And in between countless animals
Going up in smoke, some rituals
As if the others would not suffice
Require human sacrifice
As MOLOCH enjoys "the sweet smell"
Drifting all the way down to Hell
LORDing it with each foul breath
Over his Satanic cult of death

A godless faith? IMPOSSIBLE!
It could only happen in Israel!
A noble religion? Excuse us please!
And there are many examples like these
So time to make the wake-up call:
This is not a religion at all!

That line should not be typed so small:

Divine inspiration miserably fails
In these horror stories and fairytales
One continuous nasty surprise
Their books are NOT tickets to Paradise

For clearly stated in many a scroll
World dominion is the goal
It always was and so it remains
We must rise and break the chains
Once and for all to truly deserve
All we hold dear and wish to preserve

As anyone can sense and feel
The mortal danger posed is real
Quite likely the greatest conspiracy
To ever take place in this galaxy

Claims of superiority
By the select minority
Are megalomanic rubbish which
The world must confront and ditch!

For one example, listen to this
Most will laugh but some will hiss:
Some of the scribes of the Talmud wrote
When The Elders speak, YAHWEH takes note -
What stupefying arrogance!
The claim "a divine inheritance"
Is not only truly comical
Paradoxical and nonsensical
But in its own way it says it all:
Every mere Goy is JUDAHs thrall

While Islam and Christianity
Encompass half of humanity
Surely point zero two percent
Is proof this world was never meant
As a heritage for the Jews -
Rejoice now in the real GOOD NEWS!

True back then and true today
Just read what leading rabbis say
About all non-Jews: horrible!
In anywhere but Israel
Instant uproar and arrest
Yet in the compliant West
Nobody is heard to shout
For criticism is filtered out
Till no bad word is coming through -
Hitler would be proud of you!

How can we continue to tolerate
What Jews do to every state
In which they choose to work and live?
In their own words they never give
Anything but always take
And are only there to make
Preparations underground
But are, mysteriously, never found
To be in breach of any law -
Saddest performance we ever saw...


With clever deceit and cunning games
Supported by some outrageous claims
Somehow from a dubious origin
The Torah and Talmud ever spin
Impossible legend and incredible myth
To beat the defective Goyim with
That THEY really ARE The Chosen Ones
And YAHWEHs own beloved sons
The one and only Master Race
So fully entitled to take the place
As rulers of ALL humanity
And of course from Jerusalem, THEIR city

Their problem was always being so few
But it was solved by the devious Jew:
When more were needed to infiltrate
The Elders decided to duplicate
The Khazars were chosen to convert
And what a brilliant way to pervert
The basic command of their curious creed:
"Apart for ever!" - Ha! Indeed!

But WHY was this mass conversion allowed
When every Jew had always been cowed
NEVER to mingle with the mere Goyim?
An excellent question - the answer would seem
To be that The Elders already knew then
That masses of totally non-Jewish men
Now labelled "JEW" would greatly assist
Not only by spreading an obscuring mist
But as ready fodder for the ravenous Beast
And The Elders would not care in the least
If in order to get the vital job done
They had to sacrifice every one
Of "the lesser brethren" as they were called
So that the world, now enthralled
For ever in dreadful guilt and shame
Would look at itself and NEVER blame
The architechts of death and doom
The Pyromaniacs, now sharing their room

So non-Jewish "Jews" from Khazaria
First caused the revolution in Russia
Then invaded Europe and the USA
And we see the tragic results today

By swelling revolutionary ranks
And financed to power by Jewish banks
They caused two world wars in twenty years
(For history is NOT what it appears
And it does seem that we never learn)
Still they managed to deviously turn
Facts to hysterical claims and accuse
The world of always persecuting Jews
So "a national home" was their demand
In Palestine, the Holy Land
To which the non-Jewish Russians went
To start an evil experiment
The ghettos where they used to dwell
Now re-established as Israel
Doomed to failure and eternally cursed
As anyone reasonably well-versed
In The Five Books of Moses knows
And every bit of news from Israel shows!

Right thinking people might here say: "STOP!"
And refuse to believe it - reply: "WAKE UP!"
Look at the facts and then decide
If the claimed attempted genocide
Of "the Jews" was engineered
By evil Elders who laughed and cheered
When the results of their enterprise
Were laid bare before the world's eyes
So gifting the Jews an eternal red card
Always raised when times are hard
Or justice finally might close in
To declare a rare triumphant win
Over mass murdering terrorists
Known to the world as Zionists

But waste no time trying to look
For the following in your history book:

Hoping the old world order would crack
ZION started a two-pronged attack
World revolution from the bottom up
While Zionism would destroy from the top
To wipe out religion and the nation state
Their absolute tyranny deciding the fate
Of everybody - and woe to the one
Suggesting that things could be done
Differently to the party line
And its exclusive right to define
Right and wrong as it saw fit
All mere Goyim would have to submit

One week in late nineteen-seventeen
Two fateful events allowed the keen
Observer to confirm an outline plan
So horrible it seemed inconceivable by man
Yet long suspected but well concealed
The signature of ZION clearly revealed:

The October Revolution in Russia
The Balfour Declaration in Britannia

Neither coincidence nor accident
But proof of what JUDAISM always meant

Can everybody now see the deceit?
The plan would look like this when complete:
The nation state a thing of the past
Yet having created one new state to last
Till the end of time, forever and a day
Officially their refuge, to live in, work and pray
BUT from there to control and rule
The entire world in the most cruel
Despotic manners imaginable -
The Temple, Jerusalem, Israel

A schizophrenic project indeed
That we must not allow to succeed
The word diabolical best describes
That which the fourth of the twelve tribes
Wishes to do with the rest of mankind
For only Satan could have designed
In some psychotic and violent dream
Such a monstrous and barbaric scheme

The world revolution came to an end
When local uprisings started a trend
That quickly spread to overwhelm
The whole Judaic Communist realm

That battle is over and it was won
But the war itself is still going on
And whether we like it or not we still
Urgently need to confront Israel...

Ignore it and surely your turn will come
For they will not be content with just some
Of the Goyim, they must have us all
As clearly stated in their "holy" call
So will come knocking on your door -
What more is the world waiting for?


During more than two thousand years
Spreading false flag terror and fears
They have always been quick to complain
That any restriction on the free rein
Of their essentially inhuman Law
Was yet another attempt to draw
Them away from God and so dilute
Their noble faith, that to persecute
Them for no reason was not fair -
Now heard daily everywhere
That word PERSECUTION is just a ruse
By a "people" and "nation" that will refuse
Until the end of time to conform
For its Law must become the norm
Of everybody - or else!
Still no alarms, only church bells...

Sworn to destroy Christianity
It is an absolute mystery
Why the Bible still includes
The Torah, for it excludes
Any other point of view
Than the perfect one of the Jew
As almost every verse confirms
In clear and terrifying terms:
Anything found to deviate
Is another target to eradicate

Examples are easy enough to find
A certain prophet springs to mind
Who, when claiming The Elders were wrong
To re-write the Law as man-made song
Soon found out where power lay
For eager as always to betray
Before the mob was asked to choose
The outcome decided: he would lose

Yet Christians still support the Jews!
HOW CAN THAT BE? May The Good News
Of facts, figures, transparency
Open debate and honesty
Plus youthful energy recently let
Loose worldwide by the Internet
Replace the collective amnesia
Most urgently in America
Long since the unofficial HQ
Of the busy International Jew


‎The world fast asleep in troubled bliss
The biggest mystery clearly is this:
How do they get away with it all
When nothing is too big to fall
And the Jews are just a tiny sect?
Will anyone be allowed to inspect
Minutes of meetings secretly held
Receipts for bribes that suddenly swelled
The coffers of those democratically
Elected by us, yet miserably
Played the willing prostitute
For strangers who were resolute
In buying up the land and soul
In order later to eat them whole?

Or maybe they use direct threats
Exposure of private life or debts?
Or dark hints of a terrible fate
If they back out or are ever late?

Do specially developed drugs
Turn decent people into thugs
For ZIONs work with servile haste
After just one curious taste?

Are techniques like mind control
Used to make sensible persons enrol
Like thoughtless programmed cold robots
In ZIONs endless terror plots?

Are irresistible promises
Made to reduce her or his
Resistance to a level so low
That it is managed and put on show
Crass enough to make you scream?
But, after all, who does not dream
Of a special plaque made just for them
Displayed in The New Jerusalem?
Surely an offer no-one could turn down
Just think of the eternal renown!

(Those stupid enough to fall for this trick
Would not even have their names on a brick
In an unlit basement - and should they attempt
The only response would be utter contempt)

And if none of these, WHAT IS IT THEN
That intelligent educated men
AND women clearly cannot resist?
This question must and will persist
Until it is fully answered, so
We listen eagerly - HELLO?
Is there anybody there
Who is brave enough to dare
To take us through those secret notes
Whatever it may cost in votes?

No surprises there: the rest
Was silence - for ZION knows best!

Traitors every one of those
Who accepted an overdose
Of Zionism to calm the nerves
And from that day only serves
A foreign hidden master - SHAME
On you all! YOU are to blame!

How can ZION continue to hold
Our world to ransom? NOW must be told
The truth and this time nothing but
And ZION, keep your big mouth shut

The civilised world has a right to know
And everyone of us should now go
To camp outside our government halls
And stay until the day it falls
Or confesses the sad way it is
In plain language and not like some quiz


Inshallah, in due course we shall see
That what the Jews claimed as prophecy
Recited by truly inspired bards
Was ZIONs magic deck of cards
Revealed and exposed just in time
To prevent the ultimate crime
Being triggered by those evil men
The Elders of Zion - if and when
They get the chance they surely will
For all they know is to maim and kill
Having left a trail of innocent blood
Reaching almost back to the Flood -
If they cannot wait another year
The New World Order starts right here!

So legislate to segregate
Their arrogance and mindless hate
Out of every country NOW
The means are there and also how
Yet no-one dares touch the Jews
For then all Hell would be let loose
Not only wicked smear campaigns
But veiled threats of nuclear rains
Posturing and boasting still
What is lacking is the will
Finally to take them on
Banish every single one
Having cut them down to size
To their Satanic Paradise

Isolate them all somewhere
Leave them to protest and swear
They will soon enough grow hoarse
And when time has run its course
Surely everyone will see
The massive fraud and forgery
The crudest man-made pack of lies
For no true faith ever denies
Fellow man his basic right
Though he may live by another light
Than the one that shines for you -
The sole exception is the Jew

Some of their crimes we cannot forgive
Yet we should certainly let them live
Except perhaps for the leadership
Then, when free of its devilish grip
Watch them closely, forever apart
And maybe those who do have a heart
Will slowly come round to a human view
Of this world - instead that of the Jew

In the meantime hope and pray
You live to see the happy day
When this cancer has been cured
And our world no longer lured
From one Holocaust to the next
All because an ancient text
Claimed to be oh-so divine
But clearly showing every sign
Of godly inability
Plus human fallibility
Gave one sect authority
Over all humanity
To do as it alone sees fit -

Fortunes are hard to tell
But many are the signs that spell
That time is near for cutting out
This foreign body, if in doubt
Look around and listen too
And in everything you do
Remember that a proper Jew
Is duty-bound to mislead you...

The Masters of the Universe
Carry still their heavy curse
Which will last until the day
The world wakes up and makes them pay
For every single thing they took
According to their "holy" book
Plus of course twenty percent
(Moses set that precedent!)
AND promise not to interfere
Ever again in the human sphere

Anyone saying we ask too much
Is clearly completely out of touch
With the times and dangers we face
So for the sake of the human race
Now take the time to educate
Yourself just a little, then join the debate
And when you return you will probably soon
Agree that the dark side of the Moon
Is the most suitable permanent camp
To be found for those bearing the stamp
Of ZION on their brow and heart
There to be finally fully apart
Separate from humanity
Just as they always insisted to be!

With news of their departure received
Good people would be greatly relieved
Future leaders no longer deceived
Peace on Earth might at last be achieved

No conflict between the Crescent and Cross
The Torah and Talmud soon covered in moss
Progress for all without any loss
For we do not need them: THEY need US!


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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