9 February 2012

The Sign of the Beast

- is unmistakable

Written late January 2012 - (56 lines)


Seemingly the world does not care in the least
Learning how to recognise The Sign of the Beast
But that is the essential first step on the way
To understanding the evil here at play

That sign may not be everywhere yet
But no-one should ignore it or try to forget
Or claim the sign is not to be believed -
There follows a list of some recently received:

Hamburg and Dresden in Germany
In Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

From Deir Yassin to Ahmad Yassin
Leads the trail of the monstrous assassin

To Baghdad and Fallujah, leaving its stamp
To Gaza, the largest ever concentration camp

To south Lebanon and south Beirut
As always assisted by its Christian prostitute

And Grozny in Chechnya in the Caucasus
Thirty thousand children were just part of the loss...

Sign after sign to everyone
Meanwhile, the Beast continues to have fun
For, UNLESS PREVENTED, why should it stop?
Addicted to that delicious daily cup
Of baby blood diluted with mothers' tears
Flavoured with fathers' frightful fears
The Beast will crave its regular fix
Of this Satanic intoxicating mix...

The only way to stem the flow
Is for everybody to stand up and say: "NO!"

Now eager to provoke its American
Servants into attacking Iran

Always trying to arrange another feast
Is an unmistakable sign of the Beast

One of its many dreadful signatures
Will affect our world for millions of years:
Depleted uranium, now commonly used -
Has life itself ever before been so abused?

The Beast's existence is routinely denied
Yet it is easily identified
And those who can see it are terrified
But most people never even tried
Too late for all the innocent who cried
In vain for mercy when their blood has dried
And they are now among the numbers fried
Will they even be added to those who died?
The horrible message is clearly implied:
MOLOCH will never be satisfied

Politicians and intellectual "lights"
Blah-blah-blah about human rights
As the Beast is on its long and slow
March to domination, they help it grow

There, in its heavily fortified den
Created for it by misguided men
Is the snarling Beast for all to see
So we can describe it accurately
And names that are fully interchangeable
Are MOLOCH, Yahweh, Zion, Israel


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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