17 February 2012

Not Twelve But Nine

- tribes of Israel

Written mid February 2012 - (94 lines)


Most of The Law of Moses re-states
Rules and laws, decrees and dictates
For social behaviour, punishment and crime
Already existing long before his time


Now Jacob, to be renamed Israel
Was a twin-son of Isaac, not Ishmael (!)
And Isaac was a son of Abraham
The second of eight, if we count all of them

Jacob had twelve little Jacob-sons
With four different wives, and the story runs
On and on and on to describe
How each in time became the leader of a tribe

So far so good - but here the trouble starts
For frequently the storyline departs
From the Law which is the whole basis of the book -
Pity old Moses and all the time he took!

In each of the cases listed below
As cross-referencing The Torah will show
Should you have both inclination and time
The offense committed is a capital crime:

For Reuben had sex with his father's wife
Yet did not have to pay with his life
[Gen.35:22 + Gen.49:4 + Lev.20:11 + Deut.22:22]

Already we are down to ELEVEN
Of Jacob-Israel's fine young men!

And Judah had sex with his daughter-in-law
Yet nothing happened - spot the flaw
[Gen.38 + Lev.20:12]

Progressing nicely, we are down to TEN
Of Jacob-Israel's fine young men!

And Joseph was good at interpreting dreams
Explaining even very complicated themes
[Gen.40:8-12 + Gen.41:16 + Deut.13:5]

Twelve minus three must be NINE then
Of Jacob-Israel's fine young men!

Time now to reflect on history
And think of all the misery
Humanity would have been spared
If those responsible then had cared
To punish according to the law
Which is clear, as we just saw -
And how can it be that they did NOT?
Is it all part of that ancient plot
To conquer the world by any means
Working mainly behind the scenes?
That question is not only valid but good
For the following must be understood:

Judahism in every respect
Is a deviant very dangerous sect
Always ready, lying in wait
To ambush, attack and eradicate
Anyone daring to disagree
Or bold enough to want to be free
Of its intolerable influence
Over the world's affairs, and hence
Draws attention to the facts
Of how Judahism interacts
With rulers almost everywhere
In ways that are anything but fair

And Joseph, the financial genius
Taught the Jews how to steal from us
Everything we have and more
That is what the Goyim are for
Get us hooked and bleed us dry
With usury until we die -
But we, the people, represent
More than ninetynine percent
Of mankind and we refuse
This over-lordship of the Jews
Permanently serving them
Bringing tribute to Jerusalem

This situation cannot last
We MUST break free of the past
So start today and stay on track
To claim your independence back
Default now on every loan
And your life will be your own!

Stop being the one who pays
Never mind what Joseph says
And should his brother shout, just tell
Judah he can go to Hell
As surely he is bound to do
Taking Joseph with him, too

This dreadful mess CAN be resolved
But only if YOU get involved
And all the time keep this in view:
We are many - they are few

But why must WE suffer because
The Jews did not uphold their own laws?
An adequate answer is a fair request -
Now that would put their creed to the test!
For clearly Isaac's family line
Should read: twelve, eleven, ten, NINE

Now, with three already gone
If only we could carry on
Down past zero to minus one
Think of the damage that could be undone...


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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