16 February 2012

Not Iran

- but Israel

Written mid February 2012 - (80 lines)


The Middle East has long been known
As a troubled and volatile zone
And tragic events have frequently shown
Whenever one deadly storm has blown
Itself out, it did not come alone -
Belligerent tension has recently grown
From toxic seeds carefully sown
For this did not arise on its own:
The problem, as anyone can tell
Is not Iran - but Israel

And how can anyone be surprised?
Yet most have still not realised
Our Judaised and Zionised
World is AGAIN being hypnotised
In the usual ways, long monopolised
Improved upon and now standardised -
This MUST immediately be revised
And we the Goyim, the reviled and despised
Must WAKE UP NOW and break the spell
It is not Iran - but Israel

Illegal agreements secretly signed
No act of high treason declined
A direct consequence of the blind
Obedience of that special kind
The wisest doctors can only find
Between master and slave, and behind
The officially independent mind
Wait cowardice and weakness combined
To serve the devil we know so well
No, not Iran - but Israel

Wearing its characteristic sneer
The Monster is busy building fear
Impatiently, year after year
As it deviously tries to steer
Our world to ruin while it stays clear -
May its arrogance in the near
Future finally cost it dear
And should it completely disappear
That would indeed be terrible
Not for Iran - but Israel

The nuclear issue is just a ruse
An obvious and pathetic excuse
And if that was solved they would soon choose
Another deceitful cover to use
In their obsession once more to let loose
The forces of evil - the world MUST refuse
To suffer their constant dreadful abuse
And make those responsible pay their dues
For The Pyromaniacs from Hell
Are not in Iran - but Israel

Given only unwillingly
By those evil powers that be
"One last chance for diplomacy" -
Enough of your vile hypocrisy!
What happened to decency, honesty
And the rule of law? Tenaciously
MOLOCH clings with obstinacy
To destruction, death and misery
His position as ever untenable
He is not from Iran - but Israel

Technically this could be sorted out
In a day or maybe two without
More than the occasional shout
But that is not what this is about -
And if determined not to halt
An already planned massive assault
With special toys from their doomsday vault
The world at large will be at fault
And who directly responsible?
Not Iran - but Israel

The Countdown has already begun
Nowhere to hide for those who run
No forgiveness for those who shun
Responsibility, for this must be done:
Civilised nations, to the last one
Declaring that it is not for fun
Now turn every available gun
On that certain state in the sun
Which makes our lives intolerable
Long live Iran - down with Israel!


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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