1 February 2012


- is my kingdom

Written early January 2012 - (78 lines)


VIKINGDOM is not a proper word but
a contraction of VIKING and KINGDOM.


Is my kingdom
And I post these lines to make it clear
To all who come
Regardless where from
Not everybody is welcome here

In Christian robes
Now hobbling home from The Last Crusade
As your Jewish boss
Gloats over your loss
Do not repeat the error just made!

Meaning Zionists
And anyone supporting Israel
Pass quickly by
Do not even try
To steal a glimpse or ring my bell

For I will close
My gates to those
Now planning the next evil design
But will decide
To open them wide
For every true friend of Palestine

Be in no doubt
That I shall set out
Exactly where the borders are
Complete with flags
And flashing tags
So you can see them from afar

And I tell you now
Should you enter somehow
Without any urgent life-threatening need
How reckless to make
Such a basic mistake
For your safety will not be guaranteed

Judgement is swift:
Move on now! SHIFT!
Or become the next easy prey
The hunter is quick
And knows every trick -
There has never been a better day!

Get off my land
And do understand
Trespassers may be shot on sight
The price to pay
Whether by day
Or as shadows moving in the dead of night

For I can track
You from the back
And spring a big unpleasant surprise
Whenever I choose
It is yours to lose -
Game over before sunrise!

Moving around
Nose to the ground
No problem picking up your scent
And I can tell
By your foul smell
Exactly which way you went

Believe you me
When I say I can see
With the naked eye what others cannot
Without any strain
I always obtain
A picture perfect to the last pixel dot

No clever stealth
Will save your health
You might as well wear a bright orange vest!
For I will spot
You on the trot -
Make my day! Be my guest!

To maim or kill
Is ugly - but still
Sometimes a better solution than fines
And if later in pain
Do not complain
For ignoring the warning in these lines!


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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