2 February 2012

Teeth of Gold

- and how many have you sold?

Written early January 2012 - (42 lines)


You may be rich and able to fill
Your mouth with teeth of gold but still
You cannot eat the precious stuff
So wake up now and take the tough
Decision and confess your greed
Then sell one tooth so you can feed
Some of the poor and destitute -
Are you going to be resolute
Or continue to prevaricate
In that same old pitiful state?

Do you not feel it is time to act
On the small inconvenient fact
That you are selfish in all you do?
Will you ever let goodness through
To lead you like a ray of light
On the path to what is right?

As we await your answer to that
Sadly we hear only idle chat
When the pathetic show begins
More empty words and hollow grins
That all end in a golden flash
To signal another mouthful of trash

You may have perfect golden teeth
But there is little or nothing beneath
That fine and expensive thin veneer
To all but yourself it is painfully clear
That your broad smile is cold and a fake
That not in a thousand years will make
You any true and lasting friends
And how the story of your life ends
Is up to YOU and you alone
You know you must give up all you own
So would you agree that a reasonable way
Is sharing a little of it today?

Think about it: before you die
How many more golden teeth will you buy
Instead of meals and clothes for the poor?
"Not one!" you may say - but are you sure?

It is never too late to do the right thing
And as written and promised will always bring
Lasting rewards not only for you
So is it not obvious what to do?


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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