20 March 2013


- a stark message to all Christians

Written mid November 2012 - (278 lines)



Such euphoria
Will disappear
In the very near
Future if you
Now read this through:

Next time you dare
Pronounce and share
That ancient phrase
In an outburst of praise
Consider this
In truth it is
A monstrous "god"
Craving human blood
And ritual smoke
That you invoke

That is evident
From The Old Testament

Simply not true?
We have news for you!

We exaggerate?
You just wait!

You think we deceive?
You will soon believe!

No need to trust us
Find Leviticus
[third book of Moses]
Twentyseven, then read
And you only need
Two verses to see
That you must agree
Twentyeight twentynine
Now absorb each line
About "special gifts"
As the subject shifts
So do the demands
For chattels and lands
May all be bought free
By the devotee
But the reader pales
For females and males
The moment assigned
To the Lord your mind
Can NOT be changed
It is wholly deranged
For once so declared
They cannot be spared...

To settle the score
Some taken in war
Must be sent
To the "holy" tent
And the altar where
They soon will stare
Into the flame
Their fate the same
As those now gone
And all this is done
To honour and praise
YAHWEH in ways
So revolting that few
Would defend the Jew
And his grisly show
As the Devil we know
Only too well
Enjoys "the sweet smell"
Of the sacrifice -
Will this now suffice
At last to convince
Christians that since
It is wrong to kill
You must find the will
To admit all along
You were not only wrong
But misguided as well -
Now destined for Hell
Plead on your knees:
"Forgive us, PLEASE!"

This cult of death
Has an evil breath
That sets it apart
And reveals a heart
That is darker than black:

No means to buy back
No way to redeem
Justice will scream
Their blood to be spilled

Most virgins escape
Death for rape
Victor's share
Is never fair
As every one
Is used for fun

And now the Bad News:
Your "King of the Jews"
That self-ordained priest
Two times at least
(So you cannot shake
It off as mistake
Or just a lone fluke)
In Matthew and Luke
[Matthew 5:17-18, Luke 16:17]
Endorses without
Hesitation or doubt
The conclusion is raw
We got you all now
And this is how:

Jesus approves!
And that fact removes
At a single stroke
Like a cruel joke
Any feeble excuse
You Christians might use
In your vain defense
Of your mis-named "prince
Of peace and love" -
Good heavens above!

The excessively proud
Will slip from their cloud
When back on the ground
With an awful sound
A deafening thump
Right in the dump
A crumpled heap
Fallen so deep
Those who can read
Just might concede

No angel sings
With broken wings
But murmuring still
With a fiendish will
And if you can hear
It is painfully clear
It is the old curse
Expressed in verse
Namely those two
That we listed for you

Compassion nil
The high priest will
Make the last call
No mercy at all
Abandon all hope
For the narrow scope
Of this savage tribe
We best describe
In simple terms
That The Torah confirms
Now stated below
So all will know:

Humans must die
To pacify
The insatiable
"God" of Israel

The question is this:
How can you miss
The evil bared
When so bluntly declared?

Unless deaf and blind
How can you find
Anything to applaud
In this primitive fraud?

Unless you refuse
To do good and choose
To walk in the night
Instead of the light -

How can it be
That you cannot see
Such barbarity
With clarity?

No divine spark
Glows there in the dark
For light does not shine
In the Devil's shrine

Worshipping Satan
Every Christian
Is serving blood
Instead of God!

Nobody half sane
Would seek there to gain
An advantage on earth
Or hope for re-birth
Here or elsewhere
So why not prepare
For the task ahead
Right now instead
Of wasting your time
With Satanic rhyme?

You show no concern
For issues but turn
Away from them:
Gaza, West Bank
And to be frank
Your time is not spent
Well at all - REPENT!

No signs of that yet
And it seems a safe bet
You will stumble on
As you always have done
Insisting you all
Follow only the call
Of Jesus himself
And the famous Twelve
Plus the Holy Ghost -
Having reached almost
Heaven by now
In rapture, somehow
We attempt to bring
You down with a swing
Of the verbal axe
Which never lacks
Sharpness and bite
Though seldom polite
It is always precise
So close your eyes
This reality-check
Is aimed at your neck
To disturb your bliss
Will you please answer this:

Christians why do
You support the Jew?
More than strange!
Urgently change
Your wicked ways
Before the last days..

But of course you will not
For you think you have got
The keys to the truth
And eternal youth
So chant again
Your beloved refrain:


You will grow old
Remaining as cold
As frost and ice
And so pay the price
As Lucifer's slave
For errors so grave
They will outlast
Both future and past
No use to pray
Night and day
And piously

Too little too late
Your well-deserved fate
Is Paradise lost
The reasonable cost
That you incurred
Because you preferred
Little Israel
To the Holy Land -
Will you not understand
You back the wrong side?
Now decide
Once and for all
To stand or fall
Still time to accept
And of course to reject...

But first we remind
You: we always find
Good people align

As the moment nears
You repeat, now in tears
Of hysteria:

And that is your choice
But expect your voice
To be drowned out
By the mighty shout
Triumphant and loud
Of the Muslim crowd
And it will not fail
We shall prevail!


Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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