21 March 2013

No Entry

- unless you bribe the sentry

Written mid November 2012 - (78 lines)


Having now almost
Reached the sentry post
You make a brief pause
Then remember the cause
And the work to be done
So keep moving on...

As you get near
Control your fear
STOP and observe
Keep your nerve
For here is no mine
Just a simple sign
That glows in the dark
And the message is stark:

Strictly NO ENTRY

But giving the sentry
A bribe or two
Will quickly do
The ancient trick
With that little click
That opens the gates
And whoever waits
In shame or pride
On the other side
Will come to meet
Politely greet
But not shake hands
For each understands
That discretion pays
So nobody says
More than he needs
To accomplish the deeds
The procedure is brief
Whether king or thief
And once the word
Is uttered and heard
Formalities end
For foe or friend -
If you know the spin
He will let you in

Like those before
You are just one more
Treading the fine
Invisible line
Between right and wrong
It is very long
But thin as a hair -
You may have been there
So recognise
That walls have eyes
As well as ears
And bitter tears
May well result
If you catapult
Your ego too high -
Better not try!

If you remain grey
By night and day
He will overlook
The biggest crook
Or terrorist
On the wanted list
Seeking the loot
In a business suit
So just do as told
When the gate has rolled
Slip in and away
At once - do not stay

Then quick as a flash
Be it jewels or cash
Collect your reward
You now can afford
A Ferrari at last
Forget the past
The future not here
The present is sheer
Bliss for the few -
Any more work to do?


Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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