24 March 2013

No Surrender!

- to The New World Order

Written mid January 2013 - (40 lines)


Masters of the NWO
Who always watch but never show
Before I tell you where to go
Here is something you should know:

Should ever The New World Order send
Their thought-police to demand I attend
Re-education classes and mend
My ways, I shall fight to the bitter end -

Should ever the Jews declare total war
I tell them now that I shall roar
Like an angry lion and just before
They enter my house I shall slam the door -

Should ever some Christian Zionist
Or a similar nasty terrorist
Come to my place shaking his fist
And shout I am now on their wanted list -

Should ever an unmanned drone appear
High in the sky and then come near
Enough to my house to deliver a clear
Message of intimidation and fear -

Should ever some men in black be seen
Moving suspiciously between
Midnight and daybreak, looking mean
As they carry a strange electronic machine -

Should ever a doctor come to my farm
Assuring me there is no cause for alarm
For the small injection will do no harm
Before he reaches for my right arm -

Should ever a law be enacted to stop
Me growing my own healthy living crop
That I must comply at once and drop
It in favour of some sterile GM flop -

Should ever any of this come my way
I am well prepared and though it may
Never happen it could happen today
And if it does I know what to say

Do not expect me to plead or cry
For mercy - NO! - with head held high
Whatever they want my steadfast reply:
"NO SURRENDER!" till the moment I die...


Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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