23 March 2013

The Advisor

- is instructed by... whom?

Written early January 2013
- (132 lines)


Presidents come and presidents go
Fools still believe HE is running the show
The world's most powerful man in charge
Four or eight years - HA! To enlarge
On this very important theme
Look at some members of his team
And you may agree after reading this
That it does not matter who the president is
For major decisions are made elsewhere
By secret groups and they will not share
Any information for us to see
So keep everything under lock and key

But scratch the surface and you will find
That sinister forces are lurking behind
The elaborate and impressive stage
And from there they constantly wage
Faceless and without identity
War on civilised humanity

These enemies of the human race
Cannot risk showing their face
So they must have a go-between
Someone who freely may be seen
Who can deliver their clever spin
And this is where the advisor comes in

Every president must have a few
And they will suggest just what to do
For as is becoming better known
Presidents have no ideas of their own

While he advises his boss every day
Who tells the advisor what to say?

Combining the roles of informer and spy
But - who recommended him? - and why?

Voters still believe they elect
A strong leader and do not suspect
That their man relies almost totally
On advisors promoted ruthlessly
By very special interest groups
Who hope one day to use the troops
To implement their master plan
Which is almost as old as man

No attempts are made to conceal
The advisor, so we know he is real
Yes, he is visible, we see his face
During the long presidential race
And now and then through the four year term
We know his name so can confirm
Who he is and where he is from
And that is sufficient not just for some
But for the majority of people today
However, this question will NOT go away:

Where DOES the advisor go at night
For the orders he calls advice in daylight?

Before he is called in to consult
He rehearses how to steer the result
To convince the president all is for the best
And of course in the national interest
Reassuring him that security
Is and will remain top priority
The advisor sounds so sincere and nice:
"Mister president, listen, this is my advice
My personal opinion on this matter is
As follows..." - BUT it is not HIS
But that of his instructor, and who is he?
Out of sight so nobody will see
The hideous powers in control
Of the president's actions and his soul...

If you do not believe how bad it is
Wake up right now and listen to this:

Wall Street speculator and multi-millionaire
Bernard Baruch was not known for being fair
And possibly promoted by leading banks
He rose very quickly through the ranks
To trusted advisor on foreign policy
And serving in that capacity
Uninterrupted for THIRTY years
He whispered "solutions" in the ears
And nobody could resist his call
From Wilson to Roosevelt, SIX in all
He persuaded each president
But not exactly with benign intent...

For as late in life he told Ben Hecht
[an American radical-fanatical-extremist Zionist Jew]
Nobody ever had reason to suspect
That "With a long gun in the tall grass"
He was conducting a master class
Of high treason and pure deceit -
And when he resigned was his mission complete?

Now we see the cruel twist
For he was always a Zionist
And most of what he ever did
Was done to assist in the ancient bid
To rule the world from Jerusalem
For Bernard Baruch was indeed one of them

America's entire international view
Corrupted by one extremist Jew
For a whole generation and even today
The policies he shaped are holding sway

And yet those policies were not his own
But those of superiors who are not known
For they are cloaked in obscurity -
What is their faith and nationality?
Their family line, position and name?
We only know that DECEIT is their game
And that lone clue tells us who they are:
The unrepentant followers of the Star
Of David
who three thousand years ago
Were rejected by YAHWEH, and it goes to show
That nothing has really changed since then -

The solution is easy to understand:
Those working for Zionist Central Command
Should first be properly identified
Then removed, charged and tried
For treason against America
And with their last: "Hallelujah!"
To their bloodthirsty so-called god
Put them before a firing squad...

Hopefully we can now agree
That the figurehead we see
In truth is all but powerless
Elected partly to impress
And partly to hide the cruel fact
His job is really to distract
Any and all attention from those
Who are never seen yet are so close
And as they continue to infiltrate
The president continues to obfuscate
To cover up their latest crime -
Waste of money, waste of time:

Save the billions yearly spent
On "government" and "president"
Democracy is long since dead
So give the money to the poor instead!


Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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