15 January 2015

Boycott Hajj

- until the Sauds and Wahhabis are removed

Written December 2014 - (286 lines)


Dedicated to Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr
This fine and peaceful man was sentenced to death
on 15 October 2014, and beheaded on 2 January 2016,
simply for speaking out against the most repressive
regime on the planet, and calling for reasonable reforms.
This poem was written about a year before his execution.

Dedicated also to every one of the estimated currently
30,000 political prisoners in "Saudi" Arabia.


Those old vandals
In their gold sandals
Are uncontrolled scandals!


Boycott Hajj! All good and true
Muslims should refuse to do
Anything which in any way
Will help the House of Saud to stay
In power for one more second, so
The first step is not to go
Regardless of any incentives tried
For Makkah and Madinah are occupied

Anyone supporting the al-Sauds is a fool
For they never obtained any mandate to rule
And THAT is the basis of legitimacy
While Sauds and Wahhabis rule by forcibly
Clinging to power for as long as they can
So must be removed, as they did in Iran
And THEN ask the people what they wish to see -
Kleptocracy or democracy?

Despite the perfect clear blue skies
Where any reckless pilgrim fries
A massive dark oppressive cloud
Kept in place by the House of Saud
But controlled by Wahhabi hands
Hangs over the burning sands...

The whole peninsula is heating up
The temperature is unlikely to drop
Until it reaches right to the top
Then, inshallah, nothing will stop
The people from tearing the golden cup
Out of the hands of the current crop
Of "royals" and "scholars" and place a strop
Around the neck of each - let them flop!

Boycott Hajj! Cut all links
With the House of Saud for it truly stinks!
Beneath the elegance and opulence
It reeks of corruption and decadence
Billionaire playboys on foreign shores
For exotic rent boys and expensive whores
Private planes and outrageous cars -
In short, a disgusting and ridiculous farce

Though officially a dignified monarchy
It is an illegitimate kleptocracy
Ruled by absolute power and brute force
Sentencing critics to death without remorse
For the most repressive regime on earth
Does not recognise the sacred worth
Of every vibrant woman and man -
We must stop the al-Sauds as soon as we can

If only we could blow them beyond the sun
Not to kingdom come but to kingdom gone!

Its human rights abuses are too many to list
And such a regime has no right to exist
Yet the House of Saud are among the best
Friends of Israel and the West -
Says it all, does it not?
All parties to the same Satanic plot!
Avoid them all for your own sake
For they are three heads of the very same snake!

Boycott Hajj! The time is right
Take to the streets and join the fight

Political prisoners MUST be set free
Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr a priority
Sentenced to death for simply speaking out
And the world has left this brave man to shout
In the desert - we pray it will not be in vain
May our Brother soon be a free man again

Boycott Hajj! And I am one
Whose Islamic duty will NOT be done
Until this important battle is won
And those al-Saud monsters are gone

Oh for the day when the Arabian sun
Decides that it has definitely shone
For the last time on these wicked men
May they never see any light again

Please Allah - let me live to see
The day when Makkah and Madinah are free
And cleansed of every monstrosity
Worshipping material modernity
Built by the House of Saud recently
To celebrate their self-imposed "royalty"

Right here in Islam's historical heart
A mixture of Disney World and Walmart
Where the Prophet lived and was laid to rest
Commercialised like Christmas in the West
Luxury hotels, apartments and boutiques
Jewellery and perfumes, Arabian antiques
Fashion from Paris, London, New York
Anything you want, except possibly pork...
But little or nothing for a pious soul to share
How CAN you make a meaningful pilgrimage there?

McDonalds and Starbucks coming soon -
The ultimate insult to the Crescent Moon!
Spot the mistake - for did you know
They both moved in some years ago...

Change direction without delay
Throw all the plastic trash away
Evict the al-Sauds and deport Mickey Mouse
Restore the surroundings of the Holy House
Everything should be simplified
Clean and decent and dignified
So it once again may be glorified -
As it is, the Prophet would be horrified...

Which brings us neatly and at one stroke
To the other half of this terrible joke:

Decade after decade, how CAN all this
Be tolerated by the leading Wahhabis
Who for nearly three hundred years
Through bloody conquests with swords and spears
And vandalism as an integral part
Of their chosen quest for a "clean" Islamic start
Have shared power with the House of Saud
While keeping the population cowed?

Because it PERFECTLY fits the plan
Of that deeply problematic Wahhabi clan
To eradicate anything standing in the way
Of their narrow reading of how we should pray
And how to work and live and die -
They truly believe only they can fly!

(Something they share with the Jews, by the way
Now save that clue for another day...)

An interesting aspect, not found in the news -
Are they in reality agents of the Jews?
Or crypto-Jews themselves perhaps?
If so, may the House of Saud collapse!
For then this obscene rush to dispense
With old Islamic buildings would at least make sense...

It seems they made a deal to last:
Build what you want but you MUST destroy the past...

In truth they are a reactionary sect
Which the al-Sauds swore to protect
In seventeen-forty by an unholy pact
Which still, to Islam's detriment, is intact

Briefly, the al-Sauds would rule as kings
While spreading Islam, and under their wings
Wahhabis in charge of religious doctrine -
And the disastrous results can be seen
Not only throughout Arabia, no
Wherever those barbarians go
And may they, inshallah, ultimately fail
They leave a highly destructive trail
Which surely any enlightened soul fights -
Soon three hundred years of Arabian Nights!

Al-Wahhab presumably proud of his catch
But it was not exactly a perfect match
For as any astute observer can tell
That marriage was made somewhere close to hell...

Should we rename the whole peninsula
NO! Never! A much better way:
Dump all Sauds and Wahhabis today!

One thing that most already know:
Despite the outward elaborate show  
Petro-Islam is austere and extreme
With absolute basics its central theme
A major export for decades now
Funded by one hundred billion dollars - wow!

As pilgrims circle the Kaaba square
Sauds and Wahhabis are meeting somewhere
Trying to square the circle, in vain
So they will have to meet again
As no doubt they do regularly
To continue to agree to disagree

Though opulence and austerity
Can be discussed for eternity
They simply cannot be reconciled
So Islam's holiest places are defiled
Project by project, year after year
An enormous conflict is brewing here
And one day it surely must blow up
We hope and pray it will not stop
Until every child, woman and man
In Arabia is free  - look to Iran!

Thanks to al-Saud's monumental mistake
Islam's physical past is at stake
For only benighted barbarians employ
Machines and concrete to deliberately destroy
Their own unique heritage and history -
It was not debated until recently
Why this is so, but now we can see
What drives this rampant insanity:
WAHHABISM and its ridiculous fear
That Muslim believers might go near
The graves and shrines to bow their head
And possibly also ask the dead
For help in any conceivable way
Or simply go there to sincerely pray

And so what if they actually do?
Nothing at all to do with you!
For Islam is exclusively
Forever between my Creator and me -
All the rest is superficial
Argument and intellectual
Scoring points and small talk
Of no use to anyone as we all walk
In a greater cosmic harmony
Towards our appointed destiny

But why be afraid of ancient stones
A few inscriptions and some old bones?
That is as primitive as you can get!
The dark ages are not over yet!
Superstition is alive and well!
Relocate the House of Saud to hell
For that is where it truly belongs
And only there will the unspeakable wrongs
Committed by those criminals until this day
Be corrected and punished in an adequate way

The time has come to say it loud:
We must demolish the House of Saud!
And as a matter of great urgency
Before the supreme act of lunacy

For there are rumours that the Prophet's grave
Is listed for destruction - now, who gave
The order for such a monstrous act?
We have a right to know every fact!
Inshallah, there is still time to stall
Such a hideous project - for to call
For his grave's desecration is a ghastly deed
Which no sane or decent person would heed

Before we consider what to do
We need and want to know: is it true?

The tomb of Muhammad should be defined
A World Heritage Site, and enshrined
Both in law and hearts combined
For it belongs to all mankind
It is one more wonderful way to bind
Us all together, intertwined
As human beings - and we must find
A way to stop the deaf and blind
Before the order to destroy is signed
For the fanatic's stunted mind
Well educated, yet unrefined
Sadly is clearly so inclined...

And after all that, what might be next?
Any old building or ancient text?

And at the end of their frenzied feast
Of wanton destruction to please the Beast
Plus quite likely some looting and theft
We wonder if anything of value will be left?

Pity the common Arabians
For nothing is sacred to those hooligans...

"The Stewards of the Two Holy Places" - they call
Themselves, obscenely - Excuse us all!
Inshallah, that title will stick in their throat
Until they all choke on it - then we shall gloat!

Boycott Hajj! Until the day
When Sauds and Wahhabis are thrown away
Whether they plead or curse or pray
No matter how much they offer to pay
Simply ignore whatever they say
For they were only installed to betray
Islam and Muslims come what may
And sadly it seems both are easy prey
With the wicked al-Saud's still holding sway
But the inner circle are all old and grey
A poorly concealed embarrassing display
Of rapidly increasing disarray
And we sense and smell the deep decay -
How much longer will we let them stay?
All good people should without delay
Denounce them and refuse to obey!

Take to the streets anyone who can
Revolution NOW, like the one in Iran!

Thirtyfive years and still going strong
Iran proven right and the world proven wrong!
For oppressed populations with so much to do
Iran is the model to be aspired to:

Independent nations interacting willingly
Warmly, brotherly and respectfully
No threats or pressures, just common interest
Mutual benefit and all that serves them best
Accepting differences while finding things to share -
The way ahead for civilised nations everywhere

And the best example currently known to man:
Christian Venezuela and Islamic Iran

Long live all such nations, may they remain proud
And free, and unaffected by the evil House of Saud

Boycott Hajj! Right until the hour
Those Sauds and Wahhabis are removed from power
Then, like Iran, Arabia shall flower
Like the barren desert after a shower!

Then, and only then, and without fanfare
And, inshallah, no public stare
Shall I pack my rucksack, and obviously spare
No effort to spiritually prepare
To show my Creator how much I care
About my faith, which I long to share
With fellow Muslims from everywhere
But until that moment I WILL NOT GO THERE...


Copyright © 2014 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Anonymous said...

oh follower of ABUZAR and MEYSAM may Allah bless you and protect you and may everyone have the taufeeq to understand the dark truth you have tried to bring to light in a rather beautful way that exposes the ugliness of tyranny.

Ibraheem oh follower of Ibraheem the destroyer of idols, may the lord of Ibraheem and his pure progeny (peace be upon them)increase your eloquence, courage and fame.

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