12 January 2015

Black Flag of Islam

- welcome the CIA-liphate!

Written mid December 2014 - (138 lines)


All those brave mercenaries from ISIS
Will soon solve any international crisis!

Headquartered in Arizona, USA
Yes, really! Look it up today!
Do it right now, follow the link
And on reflection, what do YOU think?
Can this be just a coincidence?
Do not insult our intelligence!
(Though recently the leading "I"
Was dropped, nobody can deny
This is ISIS renamed SIS -
A fact that you simply cannot miss)

Still in Arizona, we meet again
That old traitor, John McCain
Member of the Knesset of the Jew-S-A -
That horrible man should be thrown away!


Prominently in the news of late
The flag of Islam and the Caliphate
Preaching totalitarian hate
And about to seal our fate
We are already doomed - but wait!
Let us first investigate:

As always, read the smallest print
And though your eyes may have to squint
The effort is worth it, as we shall see...
Sitting comfortably? Follow me!

Flags of Islam are very few
In actual fact there are only two:

Black cloth for the flag of war
With white letters, and just one more
White cloth for the flag of peace
With black letters - only these

Now, study the fabric close enough
And you will find the texture rough

Examine the flag's material
And you see: "Made in Israel" - !

First find all unusual spots
Then connect related dots
And the words will soon appear -
Try it, and it will be clear

Yes, the elaborate exclusive design
Is by the usurpers of Palestine

Every fibre is pure deceit
To make sure the flag will meet
The operational requirements
Of organisations and governments

The hand-made wool is carefully spun
So that maximum harm is done
For part of every twisted thread
Is to deviously spread
Disinformation about Islam
But ignore it all, stay calm

For every knot that Israel ties
In this fantastic web of lies
Is done in the calculated hope
That it will look more like a rope
Something the masses can easily grasp
But when they do they will shortly gasp
For this in truth is a hangman's noose
Manufactured by the Jews
To utilise in their ancient quest
To rule the world - so be their guest!

You walk right into the open trap
If you believe their absolute crap!

For Israel did craftily weave
Every yarn to make the daft leave
Their homes to heed the hysteria
And willingly head for Syria
To fight and die for Israel
And so earn their rightful place in hell

So what if millions more will die
All part of the plan, the monstrous lie

Any astute observer who
Is capable of looking through
The propaganda of today
Can see, compared with the NAZI way
In terms of both style and content
And the way the news is bent
Joseph Goebbles was an innocent
Beginner, and thoroughly incompetent!

The poorly hidden Jewish hand
That added evil to every strand
Using modern technology
Mixed with pseudo theology
Is out in the open for all to see
Look for yourselves, do not trust me

And this is what you must understand
The prospects not only for The Holy Land
But most of the planet are bleak indeed
Chaos is coming soon, so heed
The warnings here and elsewhere
And below are some slogans to share:

"Design: Mossad and the CIA"
For deceit has always been their way

"External Consultants: MI6"
Specialising in dirty tricks

"Styled and Produced by Hollywood"
As usual up to nothing good

"Starring: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi"
Who claims he is NOT from Ramadi
But anyway, would it surprise you
To hear that he is an Iraqi Jew
Whose real name is: Shimon Elliot?
All part of the Satanic plot!

"Endorsed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi"
Whose many years as a crypto-Qatari
Must have damaged his excellent brain -
Egypt should never let him in again!

"Copyright: The Elders of Zion"
Who as usual are getting high on
The blood of babies just sacrificed
To YAHWEH who never is satisfied

"Distributed by: The MSM"
[Main Stream Media]
As directed from Jerusalem

"Funded by: Windsor, Bush and Saud"
Nothing there to make any human proud!

"Special guest: Barack Obama"
Last-minute replacement for a certain Osama

This whole ghastly Satanic lie
Is very proudly presented by:
"The NEW WORLD ORDER - World Rights Reserved"
But this is NOT what humanity deserved!


And as the daily lies are fed
Drummed into every head
Those alert all fear and dread
The eventual number of the dead
Resulting from current bloodshed
As the barbarians behead
A woman or child dragged from the bed...

So-called believers grossly misled
By demagogues they have heard or read
Trusting it all without seeking one shred
Of evidence of truth - it is pure-bred
Satanic evil, and it must be said:
If this is Islam, its flag should be red -
Oh for a Persian carpet instead!

And a magic one please, to fly away
From the benighted "believers" of today...


Copyright © 2014 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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