3 January 2014


- is a wonderful place

Written mid December 2013 - (148 lines)


When I wrote this it was probably the happiest poem of
my life but it became a poem I wish I had never written.
Why? For the simple reason that the girl in question turned
out to be a complete scam, eventually admitting, or claiming
to be, "a 37 year old unmarried mother of 2".
No further comments will be made,
nor will any discussion be entered into.
See also note to YOU


Is a wonderful place
For she and I met
On the Internet
One blessed night
On a dating site
I started to trawl
And among them all
Her face stood out
And seemed to shout
Loud and clear:

"Look! I am here
Waiting for YOU!
You know what to do
To get in touch
And you have much
To gain from this
So do not miss
Your special chance
For me to dance
My way right in
Your heart will begin
A stronger beat
When can we meet?

I am very young
And need a strong
Experienced man
Will do what I can
And submissively
To satisfy him
Yes every whim
Whatever you ask
I promise no task
Will be left undone
For my special one!

Your perfect match
Is yours to catch!
Our gain or loss?
It could be us!

From Bulgaria
Is not very far
By plane or car
I am waiting here
For you to come near!"

Her photo was great
I did not hesitate
Put her top of my list
Just could not resist

I swear that my jaw
Dropped when I saw
Where she came from
Indeed there are some
Things you could not
Construe or plot
The way that they are
However far-
Fetched they might seem
Like a fancy dream:

Her residence
A coincidence?
Or a mystery
Of destiny?
The fact remains
We are both Danes!
Her home town? Guess:
Copenhagen? - Yes!
In truth I declare:
I was born there!

And this girl wrote
In her overview note
She made up her mind
To leave behind
The values she knew
Resolved to pursue
Sincerely embrace
Fill empty space
With beauty and calm
So approached ISLAM
Her mind opened wide
Now seeking a guide
To teach and assert
Help her convert
And how to pray
Show her the way
Someone to excel
As a husband as well

It took me a while
To grasp her profile
My thoughts in a spin
It did not all sink in

Having already seen
Her age was eighteen
I wondered why she
Sought an old man like me?

Too good to be true?
My suspicion grew:
Was it all just a sham
One more clever scam
To fool and deceive
If you still believe
In your innocent head
That love is not dead
So willing to pay
A crook far away
For a ticket maybe
But you will not see
With those wicked schemes
Any girl of your dreams

Ah, best to forget...
I wanted to, yet
Somehow I could feel
That this girl was real
And I had to find out
What this was about
So decided to fly
For indeed the sky
Is the limit, so
In order to know
Took off in the dark
Destination Denmark

And so began
For girl and man
A chapter so sweet
Today our feet
Hardly touch ground
For what we found
Was love at first sight
Everything is all right
Her lonely heart
And mine now start
A beautiful life
As husband and wife!


Let us now share
With all you out there
Who wish to find
That special kind
Of relationship
One simple tip:

Do NOT give up
And NEVER stop!

Every single one:
We are living proof
And shout from the roof
To those in distress:
The answer is YES!

Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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