2 January 2014

Information Overload

- disinformation overlord

Written November 2013 - (62 lines)


If I ruled the world two of my early actions would
be to close down Hollywood and MTV, for both
represent cultural terrorism of the worst kind.


Entertainment overdose?
The solution is to close
Your computer and TV
Silence soon will set you free
Once your mind begins to clear
Sanity may reappear
Forcing into stark relief
The methods of the crafty thief
Who steals your precious time each day
Until you see the better way
That this is not how you should live
And clearly something has to give
That it is time to make a start
Reclaiming an important part
Of your life and dignity
Reducing addiction significantly

Information overload?
Leave the buzzing high-tech road!
Easy to say but hard to do
When every channel is tempting YOU
To succumb to its powerful spell
To buy whatever it has to sell
Trying its best to make you stay
And if possible make you pay
Knowing precisely what it takes
Frequent clever commercial breaks
Each coded message subliminally
Re-programs YOU subconsciously
Till captured by their magic touch
You continue to listen and watch
Right until the bitter end
For they have ways to make you spend
Some of your remaining cash
On their dreadful plastic trash

No room for any romantic dream
As you absorb the relentless stream
Of crimes and guns and blood and lust
Trampling innocence in the dust

All this, to anyone not yet blind
Is cultural terror of the worst kind
Planned, produced, promoted, designed
To brutalise any healthy mind
Still not considering retreat
Into acceptance of defeat

The purpose of the whole pursuit:
That any compliant new recruit
Is added to the net result
Of their bloodthirsty evil cult

The Disinformation Overlord
Today lets everyone afford
The dirty lies and pure deceit
All carefully thought out to meet
The future goals long since laid down
Promoted by some willing clown
Who hides behind a friendly mask
The cold intentions of the task
That his merciless master craves:
To rule a world where we are slaves

But some of us will never bow
And so we dare to tell you now:
Defiling right to worship wrong?
Now go to Hell where you belong!

Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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