3 January 2015


- is destructive

Written December 2014 - (186 lines)


Fanaticism is out of touch
With reality, and as such
A clear and present danger to
Humanity, including YOU!


Fanaticism of ANY kind
Is deliberately deaf and blind
Resistant to reason and argument
And every external sentiment
Which dares to contradict its own
For seeds of doubt must never be sown
So dismiss the diverging thought
Before it even can be brought
Into contact with the ruled
Who might then realise they were fooled
For generations or thousands of years
And THAT is what the fanatic fears
Most of all: to lose control
Or the power to console
The restless masses who all crave
Some sense of purpose before the grave

Therefore censor all that might shake
The fixed worldview, or even break
It down completely, and so create
A dangerously fertile state
Perhaps in as little as a few days
For new ideas, concepts and ways
Which if they grow and become strong
Are likely to prove the masters wrong
So, to protect the enslaved devout
Outlaw it, ban it, shut it all out
Keeping their minds mesmerised
With every rule being memorised
Repeated a thousand times at least
And eased by the occasional feast

Also, the fear of the unknown
Must be repressed and never shown
To influence in any way
What they think and do and say
So clinging to some perfect ideal
Which of course can never be real
In the world in which we live
They dare not stop for a moment to give
Such little matters any thought
Instead any free thinking is brought
Before the relevant authority
Which demands instant conformity...

What drives fanaticism? Well
More than just a fear of hell!
Though many would claim it is purity
The answer is surely: INSECURITY!

We all need a framework for our lives
To ensure that sanity survives
The ups and downs constantly thrown
At us, whether caused by our own
Incompetence or others, still
There is a need for us to fill
So moral rules are used to guide
And keep us away from our dark side
Where nasty little demons hide
Without shame but excessive pride...

Fanaticism is inflexible
And totally non-negotiable
Some brands carved in tablets of stone
Others spread by mouth alone
But all are perversions of the true
Light and guidance available through
Tuning in to the cosmic breath
While contemplating life and death
To any sincerely inquiring mind
So search and YOU might also find
The way to inner peace and bliss
And outer calm and happiness

Fanaticism is destructive, yet
Nobody wants to consider it
Unless of course Islam is involved
Then the issue MUST be resolved
Immediately and at any cost
Or all our "freedoms" will soon be lost
For a totalitarian state
Marketed as the Caliphate
With Islam's Flag of War unfurled
Will spread like fire around the world
Spelling the end of civilised man
Stop it! STOP IT! We must and we can!
So, as demanded by Israel
A new Crusade is essential
Once more the Christian West will do
The dirty work for the cowardly Jew -
How often has this already been done?
In truth there is nothing new under the sun!
But this time there seems nowhere to turn -
The West must either learn or burn...

Fanaticism is ignorant
And stupefyingly arrogant
For the two go hand in hand
Not only in The Holy Land
But many other places on Earth
Religions, though not really worth
That label, mainly exist to destroy
What others worship and enjoy
Certain that only they know best
And so failing the obvious test
As they wade through innocent blood:
All true religion leads to God

And God is God, and only ONE
No parents, no wife, no daughter, no son
The ever-living, the first and the last
Creating the future, like present and past

It is the Creator that makes you whole
For God is the energy of your soul

And without God in your heart and your head
In truth you might as well be dead...

Fanaticism has no place
In a civilised human race
Fitting perhaps for a local clan
But not at all for global man
And that is what we are today
Whether or not we like it that way

Fanaticism rules by fear
But fails to see that to get near
The love of our Creator we
Must necessarily be free
To choose for ourselves the way
To think and reflect, worship and pray

My freedom of religious choice
Is NOT subject to the voice
Of some fanatic preacher who
Cannot find anything better to do
With his time on this planet than lecturing me
About the truth and what I should be -
None of your business, you ignorant fool!
Leave me alone and go back to school!
Or I shall defend with all my might
My universal human right!

Fanaticism pays no respect
To intelligence and intellect
But both indisputably do have a role
In matters of life and death and the soul
So should be included as useful tools
To tell wise words from those of fools
As we attempt to make some sense
Of the entire experience
From birth to death and, inshallah, beyond
All held by some mysterious bond
Between Creator and creation, so
Use all your faculties as you go
Always striving to improve your state
And may you safely navigate
Your chosen path wherever it leads
So long as it serves your personal needs

Having searched for many years
With open mind, heart, eyes and ears
I wanted increasingly to become
A Muslim, maybe strange to some
But only a natural progression of
My growing awareness and deepening love
Of my Creator, so chose to submit
And do I regret it? Not one bit!

But I am not a fanatic, NO!
For that is NOT the way to go
Not for me, nor for anyone
Just think of the harm that they have done!

And, while we are at it, this must be said
For it seldom leaves my head:
Sunni fanatics, do not tell me
That Shias are not and never will be
Good Muslims, or Muslims at all, for the call
For cohesion and tolerance said it all:
The Amman Message
coming up next
A highly recommended text
In plain and lucid language and
We hope even YOU may understand!
Happy reading as they say
And may you find a better way!

Are you a fanatic? If so do take
The decision to change, for your own sake
And that of the world - but I hope you are not!
And to those who are, I trust that you got
My message above, for it is sincere:
FANATICS, all of you, stay clear
Of me and my home and my writings too
For there is no help I can offer you...

Except the promise that every day
I shall always remember to pray
That our Creator will show you the way
For some wicked human led you astray...


Copyright © 2014 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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