26 February 2015

Free Palestine

- not tomorrow but today!

Written mid February 2015 - (72 lines)


We are all Palestinians until Palestine is free!


The appalling way that Israel constantly behaves
Cannot be allowed, yet the West always saves
Condemnation for the victims, and gives Israel all it craves
With Christian America proudly leading the willing slaves

Israel plans in secret and then later dictates
American foreign policy, without any debates
And the so-called superpower seldom hesitates
Why? Because the Jews own and control the United States

Free, free Palestine
And not tomorrow but today
Free, free Palestine
For there is no other way

They still have their ancient megalomanic dream
To enslave all non-Jews, we, the mere goyim
But do not expect them to unveil their terror regime
Until the moment they believe they finally rule supreme

Israel is a Rothschild project, and from the start
It was carefully designed to play a central part
And on the New World Order's global progress chart
No doubt it is shown as the black Satanic heart

And this is what everyone must understand
The future headquarters of Zion Central Command
The glorious Third Temple has long ago been planned
For the day when all other nations will be banned

Free, free Palestine
Including of course Jerusalem
Free, free Palestine
For it does not belong to them

Ignoring all reprimands, Israel instead
Day and night relentlessly keeps forging ahead
As illegal settlements continue to spread
A two state solution is long long since dead

And with prospects for justice as ever remote
There is only one solution that we should promote
And it is this, so make it your favourite quote:
One state for all and one person one vote

Free, free Palestine
What happened to democracy?
Free, free Palestine
Enough of this hypocrisy!

Listen, all the immigrants who today occupy
The Holy Land must go, and this is why:
Israel is built on a huge fantastic lie
For most are no more Jewish than you and I

But our Palestine will continue to bleed and burn
Until the world will recognise, accept and learn
There is one thing that no fake Jew could ever earn:
The fundamental Right of Return

Free, free Palestine
And let us tell the world how
Free, free Palestine
Boycott, divest and sanction Israel NOW!

Crimes of war and against humanity
Committed by Israel with impunity
All is tolerated by the world community
Year after year - how CAN this be?

And as more defenceless Palestinians are killed
Precious and sacred human blood is spilled
The bloodlust of Israel will never be stilled
Only in destruction and death is it highly skilled

Free, free Palestine
For it is occupied
Free, free Palestine
Do we know how many have died?

They want it all and should the world one day say: "NO!"
Israel's undeclared nuclear weapons are ready to go
So they can choose the time for their pyromanic show
Leaving everything in ashes and a radioactive glow...

Free, free Palestine
And disarm that terrorist state
Free, free Palestine
Before it is too late...


Copyright © 2015 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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