24 February 2015


- is heavy and crude

Written mid February 2015 - (76 lines)


Petro-Islam is the term given to the
Saudi-Wahhabi medieval interpretation of Islam
that is not only being forced upon the Arabian
population without any mandate to do so,
but is also being promoted and "marketed"
worldwide at great cost, estimated to be

at least 100 billion USD by now...

Petro-Islam is heavy and crude
And sticky, keeping the people glued
To a system they can neither escape
Nor in any meaningful way can shape

Petro-Islam is not only unkind
To humanity, it is deaf and blind
To the changes constantly taking place
It is outdated and a total disgrace

Petro-Islam is unrefined
And specifically was designed
To fully reflect medieval ways
So is quite unsuitable for our days

Weep for the people who daily must drink
This coarse replacement - what do they think?
The barrel of anger is full to the brim
Still prospects for any progress are grim

If out in the desert on your own
The utmost caution should be shown
Or you could easily lose your way
For Petro-Islam is out to betray

Do not risk even the smallest swig
Should you come thirsty to an unmanned rig
For without laboratory control
Petro-Islam will poison your soul

And then, frankly speaking, what will you do?
Who is now who, and who are you?
Too late, for it has damaged your brain
Now closed with a well-oiled lock and chain...

Take the time now to explore
And soon you will discover more
Surprising and unpleasant facts
About how Petro-Islam interacts -

With other branches of Islam
Branding every one haram [bad]
For theirs alone is the original
And Wahhabi certified as halal [good]

Though Petro-Islam is far behind
The times, yet it attempts to bind
All Muslims to the common goal
Of staring down the same black hole

But drill a bit deeper and that should dispel
Lingering doubts that all is not well
Though it may take you some time to get
Right to the very bottom of it...

Petro-Islam is offered free
But comes without any guarantee
That you will ever be the same
So beware of the fanatic flame

Though toxic and highly flammable
It carries not one warning label
And is exported around the world
Where frequently burning samples are hurled -

At innocent children, women and men
This lunacy must be stopped - but when?
Before the next catastrophic mishap
We must find a way to turn off the tap...

Long ignored and then misnamed
The Empty Quarter has been claimed
And there are not many dry holes there
But will common Arabians get their share?

For every new and important find
Of the black liquid gold so eagerly mined
Volume is estimated and
The well is then capped and covered with sand

The co-ordinates kept safely by those
Whom the Arabians never chose
But still in their megalomania
Insist they rule Arabia

So if the people decides to rise
It will be in for a nasty surprise 
For the new administration will then
Have to do all the work again...

Petro-Islam is heavy and crude
And keeps the population subdued
Not exactly a cheerful sight
It is black as the darkest Arabian Night


Copyright © 2015 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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