22 February 2015

I Am Not a Wahhabi

- and I never want to be!

Written mid February 2015 - (60 lines)


Someone asked: "Are you a Wahhabi?"
To which I replied: "EXCUSE ME?
Do not insult me, Akhi! [Brother]
For I am a moderate Muslim, you see?"

Completely rejecting modernity
Wahhabis cling with obstinacy
To life in Arabia back early
In the seventh century

The essence of their central theme
Is intolerant and extreme -
Not even in my wildest dream
Would I consider joining that team!

Barbaric and primitive
Ignorant and negative
With no historic perspective -
That is NOT the way to live!

Ruling without ANY mandate
In the "Saudi" police state
Wahhabis arrogantly dictate
Preventing civilised debate

Spreading their medieval view
Of Islam worldwide with true
Fanaticism they will do
Almost anything to recruit you

To become a Wahhabi
First you must totally
Surrender your identity
Free will and personality

Now unable to think alone
Welcome another Wahhabi clone
Fresh from some special factory
Where his precious memory -

Was entirely re-programmed
Now it is absolutely crammed
With all things that are radical
Extremist and fanatical -

Did he receive a strange implant
Aided by a special grant?
And was that funny little thing
Funded personally by the "king"?


Are Wahhabis Muslims? Yes indeed
But a tiny reactionary sect, in need
Of being forcefully told to heed
The fact that THEY do not own the creed!

Though that is precisely what they claim
And that is a tragedy and a shame -
Today Wahhabis are mainly to blame
For giving Islam such a bad name

No insignificant minority
Should ever be given priority
And nobody has a monopoly
On faith and truth, obviously

We moderates must therefore explain
Repeating over and over again
That Wahhabis represent NOT the main
Stream of Islam, but a miniscule strain

NO, I am NOT a Wahhabi
Never was and honestly
For what remains of eternity
I do not EVER want to be!


Copyright © 2015 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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