25 June 2007

Muslims of the World UNITE

- and the sooner the better!

Written mid June 2007 - (70 lines)


Their master plan is to divide and rule
That ancient evil imperialist tool
Pressed into service so many times
To facilitate Crusader-Zionist crimes

Arab nationalism - excuse us please?
It is nothing but a deadly disease
Foreign to the region, introduced from outside
With a courteous smile in order to hide
The real intentions of those long-fingered thieves
Whose arrogance and brutality leaves
You speechless or wanting to scream with rage
Is there any point at all in trying to engage
With such benighted nations and men?
If they said something useful, tell us when!

They speak of moderation but what they really mean
Is we should all agree with the world view seen
By them, for they are selectively blind
To any opinion except one which finds
A ready echo in their own sick minds
So refuse to sign up to ANYthing which binds
Us to them, do not go anywhere near
For what they want from us is abundantly clear
From all they have said and all they have done:
The only good Muslim is a compliant one

But we WILL not go along with the evil plans
Of those radical extremist Americans
And their Zionist masters, for they are the real
Terrorists who should be made to feel
Themselves what they do to us around the globe
If you have not already it is high time you probe
The facts of what is happening today
Use all means available to repel or slay
The monster of The New World Order, reject
Their ridiculous and devious attempts to subject
Us to their way of thinking, so primitive and crude
Our message is simple: we will NOT be subdued!

The civilised world is a term often used
By Western politicians to get us confused
But we are not fooled, we look through their lies
We see the dishonesty in their eyes
Hear it in their voices which start alarm bells
When they say one thing and do something else
All in all we can more or less assume
That the verbal elephants in the room
Say the opposite of what they mean
For time and again that is heard and seen
To be the case, yes, it is a shame
That we do not believe them - but who is to blame?

If they cannot or will not leave us alone
They will live to regret it but the first stone
Was picked up by them and deliberately hurled
For maximum impact in the Muslim world

Islam has NOTHING to apologise for
And we WILL not be demonised anymore
Proclaim the faith proudly, hold your heads high
Standing on firm ground, reaching for the sky
Let us send them a message, loud and clear
The one they least of all wish to hear
But hear it they shall and may their ears burn
One way or the other we will make them learn

Brothers and Sisters, this is how
Take a deep breath, all together now
Listen to this America:
La ilaha il-allaah!

Work for peace but if forced to fight
Resist the foes with all your might
For they are wrong and we are right
Always keep the goal in sight
Islam is the guiding light
Muslims of the World UNITE!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. What a beautiful poem. You are truly inspired...Alhammdollilah

Sister Parvin

Jehan said...

May you be in the right path always inshaAllah.

Anonymous said...

Great poem and a beautiful composition!

If only Muslims could wake up again and hold the flag of Islam up in the sky! Jazaka Allahu khairan

Anonymous said...

Muslims of the World, UNITE!

Teach them a lesson, it is perfectly alright
Boot them, on humanity they are a blight
Hitler’s holocaust is welcome, history we cite
Don’t compromise, blow them with dynamite
Defeating them is what delights and excite
Fight them, bite them, let them take flight
Make Jews, Christians, Hindus graves with granite
Enemies of Islam take violence to new height
Killing Muslims, hatred dictators incite
Occupiers and oppressors, they are juncite
Show them, we are Islam’s brave knight
Their atrocities against Muslims come to light
Muslim warriors, prove to them our might
Kashmir, Bosnia, Gaza sees only grieved night
Israel, US, India – thrash them outright
Make it all a MUSLIMSTAN to their plight
Raise your voice, don’t remain quiet
Quran desecrated in GTMO, jihad is our right
Iraq, Afghanistan pain – before our sight
Rise above infidels, suppress them tight
O heroic Muslims of the world, UNITE!
Against disbelievers, be one as vitrite
Destroy their evil plans, hack their website
End their terror, act as xenoparasite
Let them die, let them inhale yperite
Be one, together, united as a zeolite

DonOfTheWorld said...

Beautiful Poem. May ALLAH bless you.

You are doing good work.

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah brother, thought provoking poetry. This poetry should be shared.

Here are a few links to sites of interest.
Bother Perry L(muslim):
Bother kevin Barret (muslim):
Mark Glenn (christian):
By the way Jesse Ventura made a documentary on "2012" for his series on Conspiracy theories:

Yemen said...

such a beautiful poem it describes our real problem that we as muslims are so divided and not united under the one concept ISLAM, i think as we are away from knowing our religion it is easy for our enemies to destruct us . thank you brother Ibraheem for your alarming bells poem we are so in need for such beautiful art to awake us.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful message this poem has. Islam is a religion of justice. It's implementing justice is what your poem calls for ,being just to each other, and being one and fighting against the evil and injustice. Thank you for this beautiful poem

Al Maha

aisha said...

Fantastic work brother- decribes accurately the state we are in.

halimah ceesay said...

Beautiful Poem! I pray that Allah bless the believers with firmness and steadfastness. May He increase us in faith and taqwa. May He take away our fears and bless us with strength and determination to stand united because if we remain silent,careless, fearful, and ignorant to the fact that shaitan is mustering up all his might to prove us unworthy... we will stand before Allah one day and the judgment will be much worst than what happens in dunya. Shukran brother Ibraheem.

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