18 July 2007

The Future of Palestine

- depends on whom?

Written mid July 2007 - (237 lines)

Dedicated to HAMAS


Ever since early two-thousand-and-six
One story regularly flicks
Across the busy TV screen
Almost daily we have seen
How the West chose to respond
In curious ways well beyond
Accepted norms of diplomacy
And void of common decency

Supervised and inspected
Democratically elected
Universally rejected
Internationally subjected
To isolation, famine and fear
We were all told not to go near
Those dangerous misguided Muslims out there
Honest people wept in despair
Politics reduced to an evil art -
Hamas must regret they ever took part!

Fortyfour percent of the vote!
Absolute majority! We note
With the greatest interest
That few if any in the West
(Not to mention Israel
Where it would be unattainable!)
Ever achieve results like this
And still all you did was hiss
And boo and ask: what now?
We MUST prevent this - but how?

No problem at all: that ill-tuned Quartet
Made some weird noises, then played a set
Variations on a Common Theme
Composed to prop up that useless regime
Not far from where the vote took place
And with no sense of shame and a straight face
It came up with some very strange demands
That no self-respecting man
Conducting the business of his people could
Possibly accept, so bravely withstood
The immense pressure. On that note
The music stopped, and whoever wrote
That piece, void of reason and rhyme
Is clearly out of step and time -
Members of The Quartet go home
And adjust your metronome!

The many outrageous conditions imposed
On elected Hamas have again exposed
The poorly hidden agenda of the West
Here failing its own most basic test
(And not only just but miserably!)
Out in the open for us all to see:
Serving Zionism whatever the cost!
All decency and credibility lost!
Instead of well-wishing euphoria
Pure Islamophobia!

Let us look at those conditions then
And I do assure you all that when
The examination has been done
The demands rejected one by one
Everybody will be able to see
Clearly the reasonable party
Was and remains Hamas, who shows
More statesmanship than all of those
Troubleshooters sent out there -

The latest, God help us, is Tony Blair
That well-known mass murderering war criminal
Who is ALWAYS there for Israel
Remember last Summer in Lebanon?
Refusing to do what he knew should be done
To shorten that barbaric war!
Plus Iraq, Afghanistan - need I say more?
Put simply, the perfect man for the task
But still I would sincerely ask
All those who avoid him like the plague
Catch him if you can and send him to the Hague!


"Hamas must renounce all forms of violence"

Do you realise what kind of message this sends?

Israel is using excessive force
Every single day which you endorse!
And armed resistance is a basic right
For anyone brave enough to fight
An illegal occupation of his land
If that is impossible for you to understand
Then go and read some international law
It is legitimate - and there is more:

Most of the nations in existence today
Were founded through violence in some way
And without trying to be unkind
A state named Israel first springs to mind!

The Palestinians want their land back
The suggestion that they might attack
Beyond that is simply hysteria
Fed by the Zionist mass-media

And far from being radical
What could be more reasonable?


"Hamas must recognise Israel
And its right to exist" - very well!

But we cannot answer this without
Defining which Israel we are talking about:
The possibly legal fiftyfive percent
Of Palestine which were originally meant
To constitute Israel? Or the seventyeight
Which no law allows to be kept by the state
Which grabbed that land? Or the post-Six-Day-War
Lines of control? It gets even more
Confusing if we add the extra eight
Stolen behind that wall of hate

Consider this extraordinary fact:
Israel still has only one intact
And well-defined border - can you tell me?
Yes, the Mediterranean Sea!

Recognise Israel - my God, where have you been?
To make that demand is quite simply obscene
When the world is waiting for ANY little sign
That Israel has recognised Palestine!

Besides: Yasser Arafat and the PLO
DID recognise Israel but had nothing to show
For their efforts and good faith many years on -
A pact between two must benefit more than one!


"Hamas must honour all agreements from the past"

But if those now elected must continue like the last
Government, why hold elections at all?
Nowhere else is that practiced, and to call
For it here is just another desperate ploy
To undermine and if possible destroy
The outcome of elections that were free and fair
Just because the people who won do not share
Your world view and that of your Zionist friends -
That is where the problem begins and ends!

Besides: I remind you that America withdrew
Halfway through two-thousand-and-two
From the ABM Treaty unilaterally
Despite it being universally
Regarded as the most important ever signed
But after thirty years it was recklessly consigned
To history by George W Bush with a grin
Another "darn piece of paper" heading for the bin!

And why did he do it? In short to forge ahead
With the Missile Defence Shield - which we all hoped was dead!


With that I trust we are now all agreed
That those three conditions are indeed
Not just unreasonable, dishonest and unheard
Of in civilised society, they are simply absurd
And only insisted on to ensure the success
Of creating yet another ghastly mess!


Will the world please put its hand on its heart
And listen honestly - now we start:

How many times did Hamas suggest
That a long-term truce might be the best
Way forward at the present time?
That fine and principled man, Prime
Minister Ismail Haniyeh, mentioned ten
To thirty years again and again
While you covered your burning ears
And kept repeating your ridiculous fears
Like brain-dead parrots, told what to say
By those dark powers that sadly hold sway
In this world of ours which aches to be free
Of your hideous injustice and savagery!

Why did you not simply call Hamas' bluff
And say: "All right, enough is enough
We do not trust you yet but let us give it a try
If it means that from now on fewer will die
It must be good news for all parties involved
And the final agreement can surely be resolved
Some time in the future when we all have moved on
The next generation may be wiser than this one!
We accept your offer and thank you very much
Welcome to our world, let us now stay in touch" - ?

And do remember, in return for that truce
All that was asked of the Zionist-Jews
Was for them to finally completely withdraw
To the borders that existed in the days before
The unprovoked aggression of the Six-Day-War
So you see, Hamas demanded no more
Than that Israel comply with international law!

But that is precisely the problem we face
Israel does NOT intend to replace
State-terrorism with civilised ways!
Its chosen behaviour is evil and says
All we need to know about what
Is the true essence of the Zionist plot
So easy for anyone to understand:
Fewer Palestinians and a lot more land!

So who are the obstinate and the terrorists?
Neither Hamas nor the other Islamists!

Therefore, we should all sincerely applaud
Engage, encourage and reward
Hamas for being able to persuade
Their people that politics were also made
For them and worth participating in
Remember, nobody expected them to win!
It must have been difficult after all
The poor examples that no doubt they recall
From their immediate neighbourhood -
It seems only Hamas understood
The real significance of their change of heart -
Do they now regret that they took part?

All good people will hope that they do not
And may the next elections prove that they got
Even more votes than first time, and everyone
Must accept the results of a job well done
And deal with the winners, whoever they may be -
Is Ahmad Yassin nodding approvingly?


"The old will die and the young will forget" -
David Ben-Gurion would probably regret
That unfortunate remark were he alive to see
The Islamic revival - HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE!


Abandoned by the world for playing by the rules!
The actions of the West most definitely fuels
The hatred of itself and all it tries to do
In the name of everybody but in truth just for the few
And Hamas was unjustly made to feel
The full effects of that secret deal
Known as The New World Order, that band
Of Western corporate totalitarians and
Their Zionist masters who pull the strings
Of most of the really important things -
"WE'LL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!" thundered the voice
Again and again, leaving Hamas no choice
But non-cooperation, to the delight
Of the criminals who run our world, while the plight
Of the Palestinians worsens every day
Half their MPs have been dragged away
To prisons in Israel for reasons unknown -
No wonder that Hamas relies on its own!


The future of Palestine does NOT depend
On bribes of cash that the West might send
Nor on how much exactly it is willing to spend
On weapons, or how many "advisors" to lend
In a deadly cocktail which Israel will blend
Especially for its new-found friend
Already honoured with the kiss of death
Intoxicated by the Zionist breath
And a moment or two before it all rips
The toast will be raised to the compliant lips
Of that irrelevant Mahmoud Abbas -
NO! The future of Palestine depends on Hamas!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Ruqayya N. Aldridge said...

What can I say - you said it all! Very, very good.

Yemen said...

"Hamas must recognise Israel
And its right to exist" - very well!
not even in their dreams
hamas and hizb allah are true mujaheden heroes
thank you brother for your beautiful expressing poem, it's so wonderful!

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