31 August 2007

Hands Off Iran!

- the title says it all

Written late August 2007 - (253 lines)


What IS the problem with Iran?
Personally I do not see any!
But according to the American
Administration there are many!


That biased and exclusively hostile view
Sadly finds an echo in the EU
And in other important places too -
What do they really want Iran to do?

"Iran is trying to get the nuclear bomb!"
They shout hysterically as they beat the drum
Of mindless propaganda, hate and war -
Now where did we hear all that before?
The real danger the world must confront
Is brutal America and its latest cowboy stunt
Trotting out again to make us believe
Their lies and assertions, meant to deceive
The masses, for if they twist the facts
Long enough maybe their evil acts
Now being planned may be carried out -
What is surely beyond any reasonable doubt
You bet your last Euro, they would love to invade
But after the ghastly bloody mess they have made
Of Iraq and Afghanistan, two sovereign states
Which were no threat to the West, Iran waits
Prepared but nervously for the next move
Hopefully they realise that Iran would prove
A formidable opponent for those stupid enough
To risk action after years of huff and puff and bluff


Not only arrogant, Americans seem to know
Nothing about the world, so in order to show
The extent of their folly should they decide
On direct intervention, the following facts provide
The basic statistics which might enlighten those
Who determine America's friends or foes -
Iran compared with Iraq will surprise:
The country is nearly four times the size
Population more than two-and-a-half -
Pass those details to the chiefs-of-staff!

Much of Iran is mountainous terrain
And history proves no foreigner will gain
Supremacy over the locals there
Look at Afghanistan and you will stare
At another unwinnable Western war -
And still the cowboys clamour for more!

Superpower America? Ha! Another myth!
Invade Iran? Excuse me - what with?
Most of their soldiers are bogged down next door
So no easy repetitions of "Shock and Awe"

Their boots already stretched thin on the ground
Can any more recruits possibly be found
In poor neighbourhoods back in the USA?
Cheap lives, like those they destroy every day...


As for access to nuclear technology
As a signed-up member of the NPT
That is Iran's inalienable right
Preposterous that it has to fight
For what it is legally entitled to do
Read Article Four and it will tell you
All you need to know in that regard

Iran could also play the ultimate card
Give three months notice and simply withdraw
From the treaty altogether, and, as we saw
With North Korea, just do what it wants
While the government ridicules and taunts
That elusive "international community"
Which gives Israel-America immunity
From all the barbaric acts they commit -
Every civilised person is sick of it!

Not only is it legal for Iran to pursue
Technology by itself, but four point two
States clearly other members of the NPT
In the interests and spirit of solidarity
Undertake to help and willingly share
Their own technology to assist in the fair
Development and progress and generally
Use their best endeavours to see
That whoever wishes to have it as well
Will get it as soon as possible

In recent years Argentina and Brazil
Both started enrichment to fulfill
Aspirations fuelled by common sense
Maybe to reduce inter-dependence

Egypt and Turkey have expressed an interest
In nuclear power, is that OK with the West?
And every one of the six member states
Of the Gulf Cooperation Council now deliberates!
That is eight more Muslim nations in line -
Will the transfer of technology to them be just fine?

Try to understand it if you can:
Why IS it such a problem with Iran?

As President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
More than once has so eloquently said:
"Nuclear apartheid is unacceptable"
So ignore the protests from America-Israel
Get on with your work, press on regardless
We are many who wish you every success!


India, Pakistan and Israel -
Conclusive proof that all is not well!
Three nuclear WEAPONS states
And sadly nothing there indicates
They are about to sign the NPT
Open up and come clean, on the contrary
That situation is unlikely to change
Anytime soon - is it not strange
That nobody sets off the alarm bell
Over India, Pakistan and Israel?

As we see all over the media
America wants to reward India
For illegal behaviour over many years
Adding to legitimate regional fears
That, should the deal be ratified
India will get what it has been denied
So long for refusing to sign the NPT -
American two-faced insanity!

Currently a military dictatorship
Pakistan could in the near future tip
This way or that way or upside down
Amid clear signs in every major town
Of American meddling to bribe and coerce
As usual making bad situations worse
Still obstinately refusing to learn:
In truth all the international concern
Should not be directed at stable Iran
But rapidly disintegrating Pakistan

And last but not least there is Israel -
From the evidence as far as I can tell
The mixed signals that are frequently sent
The Western powers are obviously content
That the Jewish state is in possesion of the bomb
Is the only conclusion to which you can come!
That is surely the greatest folly of all time
Setting the stage for the final Zionist crime...


Importantly the NPT goes on to state
That the weapons powers should not wait
But in good faith sincerely negotiate
To scrap all nuclear bombs and so create
At the very earliest achievable date
A world where no-one can dictate
To others with the threat of the terrible fate
Of Hiroshima as part of a one-sided debate...

Hypocritically that is forgotten now
And never even mentioned in the Iranian row!
But the text is there for all to see:
Article six of the NPT


Strikes on each nuclear facility
Remain of course a possibility
By Israel itself or its American slaves
And judging by the way the Jewish state behaves
It would be no surprise were it to go ahead
But Iran is clever and has deliberately spread
The sites around and knows what must be done
It has learnt from Osiraq nineteen-eightyone
The most important sites are not to be found
On the surface but buried deep underground
So will not be easy to disable or destroy
Even if Israel were to cowardly deploy
The latest American "bunker-buster" bombs
On a day the world hopes and prays never comes...


Also, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
Specifically issued a solemn decree
Stating that Iran would NOT seek the bomb
But clearly this is not enough for some

Ask yourself: if it came to the push
Who would YOU believe - the Ayatollah or Bush?

Come on! No contest! That is an easy choice!
Any day or night I would believe the voice
Of a senior Muslim cleric as opposed
To a compulsive liar who has overdosed
On deception, connivance, blatant misuse
And abuse of his powers without any excuse
Ever since elected, no from before!
A disgusting little cowboy - nothing more!

Being human the cleric is not infallible
But he holds himself accountable
To a higher power than mere mortal men
Easily misguided and manipulated when
Elections are at stake or maybe the seal
Is about to be put on a major business deal
Whilst the cleric is concerned that all may be well
With himself in the hereafter - Paradise or Hell


But on the other hand, if Iran wants the bomb
Surely that could not possibly come
As a surprise for those with eyes and ears:
Every Iranian must have real fears
That the brutal idiotic West soon strikes
More or less where and whenever it likes -
Were I an Iranian I would not just be glad
To vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I would also plead with him to proceed
With the nuclear programme with all speed -
Who knows, maybe that is the only way
To keep those rabid Western wolves at bay!
Justifiable with one simple sentence:
Urgently required for self-defence!


I also believe the hostility
Towards Iran has in reality
Little or maybe nothing to do
With nuclear matters, more likely it is due
To one single issue in a wider range:
Iran's plans for a new oil exchange
Trading not in Dollars but Euros - Hooray!
Ahmadinejad, we are with you all the way!
Why should oil be priced in Dollars? Please explain!
An unfair arrangement causing grief and pain
In many ways and places - except the USA!
Abolish it now - if possible today!
And step by step the Dollar would drop
Grow weaker until too late to stop
The decline, which would be good for most
Might also over time reduce the boast
Of EX-superpower America
May it happen soon - inshallah!


America has never recovered from
And psychologically overcome
The deep humiliation it had to endure
During the heady days when the pure
Revolution took place back in seventynine
And the Islamic Republic became a sign
That political Islam is more than a dream
And one day inshallah it will reign supreme -
The siege of the embassy in Tehran
Was a nightmare for every American!
Still smarting from that to this very day!
Richly deserved and may those memories stay!


As regards the wish to "wipe Israel off the map"
It was mis-translated and there is not a scrap
Of evidence that Iran has any plans to do
Anything like that, but the hysterical view
Of every devious and belligerent Jew
Is to try to convince us all that it is true

Still, if in the future Iran is in control
It would most certainly not be the sole
Nation to seek for itself that role -
We are many who think it is a reasonable goal!

And while Israel squeals over "threats" from Iran
The Zionists keep building as fast as they can
To consolidate more of Greater Israel
Making a functioning and viable
Future state of Palestine impossible!

So who is wiping whom off the map?
Only fools fall into that semantic trap!


When Israel's new president Shimon Peres spoke
About Ahmadinejad and called him a joke
Who loves the nuclear bomb much more than Allah
There were no protestations from America
Nor from any other quarter as far as I recall -
I found it totally unacceptable


And as we wait for tomorrow's news
And the latest pathetic ridiculous excuse
As justification for another war
Is desperately sought, like twice before
We say to America, the Great Satan:
Keep your bloody Hands Off Iran!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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