1 September 2007

Made in the USA

- about 11 September 2001

Written late August 2007 - (148 lines)


Cast your mind back as I have just done
To the second half of two-thousand-and-one:
The events that unfolded on eleven-nine -

(Sorry, I refuse to fall into line
And adopt the stupid American ways!
Nine-eleven is not what it says
It is back to front and the wrong way round!
But in my experience I have generally found
That is the American way of doing things -
Room for improvement! See what tomorrow brings!)

Are exceedingly interesting to analyse
And many are the questions which arise
For it soon becomes obvious that not all
Is what it seems - as you will recall
The official version is simple enough:
A group of Islamic militants took off
With four commercial airliners which they
Crashed into buildings, well one went astray
And dropped in a field on the way to somewhere
But three were successful and each made a square
Frontal impact on innocent USA
And not surprisingly since that day
America suspects all Muslims and anything
Islamic, and fights for the whole world to bring
Those evil men to justice and protect everyone
Against the threat of terrorism, and it will be done
In the name of freedom and democracy, no less
Those truly American values - and God bless
The world but most of all of course the US


Now, anyone who believes in the laws
Of physics and the effects they cause
As they manifest themselves on planet Earth
Can only express loud laughter and mirth
At the official conspiracy theory
Whereas it is clear not only to me
That what happened that day at the WTC
Was expertly planned and engineered
Exquisitely executed and brilliantly steered -
For a steel-structured tower has NEVER before
Collapsed due to impact or fire, what is more
All three collapsed at free-fall speed!
How very interesting indeed!
Look at the facts and I hope we are agreed
There cannot be even the slightest doubt
That controlled demolitions took them out!

And WTC-Seven suffered no impact
The fires were small so the structure intact -
Come on every patriot, add your name to the list:
Your president is an evil terrorist!


And where was NORAD on that fateful day?
Told to do nothing, witnesses say!
And where had VP Dick Cheney gone?
To a bunker somewhere to get the job done!

It is simply inconceivable
That four big planes could be invisible
To go walkabout for hours as they pleased
Unless NORAD had deliberately ceased
To monitor them or chosen not to act -
Standard procedure is a well-known fact:
Scramble, intercept, challenge, if no reply
Blow the intruder out of the sky

So what went wrong was made to do so
And someone involved has got to know
Exactly what went on and what was the plan:
Vice-President Cheney is your man!


And what really happened at the Pentagon?
The damage we saw could not have been done
By a large commercial aircraft in a direct hit -
But a single cruise missile would perfectly fit!


Were any bodies from the four planes ever found
In the building rubble or maybe on the ground
And given to their loved ones for burial?
If not, it would be highly unusual!
If not, where could they possibly be?
My guess is: at the bottom of the sea
Along with the carefully scuttled remains
Of all the four hijacked planes!


Normally cleaning up would only start
After all investigation teams had done their part
To find out exactly what happened and why
Here it is obvious they did not even try
In a truly professional manner to get
To the bottom of it all so they could let
America and the world know what took place
Instead it is a case of: watch this space!

If Bush & Co had seriously meant
To find out then a fully independent
Public inquiry would have been set up
With unlimited funds and orders not to stop
Until we all knew the last detail
And the perpetrators brought to justice and jail -
Again it tellingly goes to show
That those in power do not want us to know!

What did so many researchers feel
When almost all the structural steel
Was spirited out of New York town
And shipped to China to be melted down!

Did you know that removing any evidence
From disaster sites is a Federal offence?
But that is precisely what was done
At the Trade Center and the Pentagon!
Federal agencies told to break the law!
Who gave the orders and who oversaw
What actually happened on those two sites?
An intriguing subject which alone ignites
Existing questions as well as many new -
The ones which have been answered are very few!


On the surface it may look plausible but start
To scratch a bit and it all comes apart
The closer you look the less it makes sense
The masters of security and intelligence
Misguiding the nation leading up to that day
Abused in the most abominable way
Doing the opposite of what they say!
Their duty to protect American lives
Not to kill them so the pet project thrives
Blaming others and hyping up the wrath
Helping neo-Cons and Zionists to clear the path
For re-engineering the greater Middle East
So oil-men and weapon-smiths can have a feast
And Israel expand and terrorise more -
Surely what that "catalysing event" was for!

This poem is not the proper place
To list and systematically trace
Known irregularities in that disgrace -
Also, my computer might run out of space!

Accept that those buildings were brought down
Artificially the day disaster came to town
And the official version tumbles, the clown
In the White House can do or say what he likes
But the mass-deception and sheer cruelty strikes
The death-blow to honesty and credibility
And not just for today but for eternity!
False-flag terror is alive and well
As Bush & Co prepares our Earth for hell...


Do not misunderstand me: I would love to believe
That Islamic militants managed to achieve
What America has been begging for so long
And revenge came suddenly with a strong
Carefully prepared and specially reserved
Perfectly delivered and richly deserved
Bloody nose right out of the blue
In the words of Osama: "Your goods returned to you!"
But sadly it was all too good to be true...

And so with sadness and reluctance
I accept the overwhelming evidence:
The tragedy that struck America that day
Was planned by Zion and Made in the USA!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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