3 August 2007

Jesus Crisis

- thoughts on Jesus

Written early August 2007 - (206 lines)


This poem, which is harshly critical of Christianity but
not of Jesus the man, was not written to upset anyone.
Until I became interested in Islam I could not make any
sense of either Jesus or Christianity.
In Islam, Jesus is simply one human prophet out of many
in a very long line, starting with Adam and finishing with
Muhammad - and may peace be upon them all.
Stripped of all the impossible characteristics attributed
to him in the Bible, Islam makes Jesus much more real
and likeable! Equally, of course, if Islam's version of Jesus
is correct, it means that Christianity has grossly distorted
the man and his deeds, and done so quite deliberately.


Ever since I was very young
I confess I have been among
Those who do not know what to do
With Jesus, maybe surprising but true!
I cannot remember how it began
But was never a practising Christian
As I always felt instinctively
That this was not the way for me...

Let us go straight to the central point:
Something is critically out of joint
The Holy Trinity is a logical mess
Undoubtedly fatally flawed, no less
Why still in use is anybody's guess
Retained maybe to confuse or impress?

The official version is outlined below
And it probably deals the death-blow
To the endlessly repeated claim
That Jesus, the only Son of God, came
To save the entire human race -
An expression of God's infinite grace:

The Father is NOT the same as the Son
Nor the same as the Holy Spirit - well done!
So far so good, we can all follow that
But by quickly adding the caveat
That the Father is God and so is the Son
And so is the Spirit, the logic is gone...
They have lost me already, how about you?
My brain needs to rest for a minute or two!

Maybe hoping to get out of the jam
They produce a very nice diagram
To show us all how simple it is
But instead of inducing the desired bliss
It does not make any sense at all
And on this Christianity stands or falls!

More interesting still but not taught in schools
On two occasions they changed the rules!
Oh yes, and all part of the mystery
How One became Two and Two became THREE!

In the beginning (!) there was only ONE
AD-three-two-five they added the Son
At the Nicaean Council, so One became Two
However there still was some work left to do -

And in Constantinople AD-three-eight-one
The Spirit was added and from then on
It was most dangerous heresy
To say One, or Two in One - get it right: THREE!

(Pondering this the idea came to me
That crossing yourself with two or with three
Fingers may have its origins here -
Is the evidence not reasonably clear?)

In short: the astonishing fact remains
No scholar on Earth can fully explain
The central dogma of the Christian creed!
In that case there is no particular need
To take it seriously, that is my view -
What you do is of course up to you!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such confusion in Islam!


And I want you to know although it is hard
To believe but the Catholics do regard
Virtuous Mary as the Mother of God -
Improbability gets the nod

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such nonsense in Islam!


The focus of the Christian marketing machine -
The obsession with suffering - is simply obscene
Deeply offensive and so overused
That on that ground alone I would have refused
To join if I had felt the urge:
There are millions of hideous idols to purge!
Wherever you go, wherever you look
The central character of their holy book
Is shown hanging there half-naked on the cross -
To celebrate that is indecent and gross!
They worship their prophet dying and dead!
Why not resurrection and life instead?
But he suffered and died for us they swear -
A necrophiliac tendency there...

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such obsession in Islam!


Some things they do are no doubt perverse
Enough to earn them a lasting curse:
Drinking his blood, eating his flesh!
Keeping the memory of slaughter fresh!
Ritual cannibalism that will not repent!
Institutionalised murder of an innocent!
Civilised behaviour dragged through the mud
As Christian soldiers proudly plod
Onwards in their quest for fame
For more and still more of the same -
May their reward be eternal shame
Kept warm by the infernal flame!

Some concepts survive the ravages of time
Without primitive thoughts becoming sublime
Stone-age man is alive and well!
A toast to Jesus! Welcome to hell!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such ritual in Islam!


In their various efforts to harvest more souls
They promise before the newcomer enrolls
To be saved all you need to do is BELIEVE
Halleluja - Paradise is easy to achieve!
Come on, surely there is more to it
In order to be considered fit
To join that most exclusive crowd:
Clean living, good works and having bowed
Before your Creator to sincerely pray
Several times every single day!
But no, apparenty to BELIEVE is all
You have to do to receive the call!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such concession in Islam!


We are told that Jesus had no father - so what?
Does that make him special? Maybe you forgot
That Adam had no parents at all, so there!
The Creator's signs are everywhere!
To make things materialise all that He
Needs to do is pronounce the word: "BE!"
And it will be as planned and designed
Expertly crafted and exquisitely refined
ALL human ingenuity combined
Could not replicate the miracles enshrined
In one humble majestic living cell -
The mounting evidence must surely compel
The doubters to finally give up the fight!
One day inshallah they will see the light!

And they tell us that Jesus rose from the dead
But persistent rumours claim that instead
He was not killed but simply disappeared
Like Enoch and Elijah before him he steered
His steps to be in place on the appointed day
And when the hour came "God took him away"

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such uncertainty in Islam!


Straight to the next item on my list:
Jesus was an ignorant eco-terrorist!
No I did not say that just for fun -
Read Mark eleven, twelve to twentyone:
Jesus sees a fig tree but when he gets near
It has no figs at all - wrong time of year!
So he promptly curses the innocent tree
For some of his followers to hear and see
And the very next morning it is withered and dead!
Why did he not bless it to bear fruit instead?
If truly the Son of Almighty God
Is it not exceedingly odd
That he knew so little and he got so mad
For no real reason? Very sad!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such contradiction in Islam!


Was that all the bad news? No, there is more!
What follows is Matthew ten thirtyfour:
"Do not think that I came to bring peace
on Earth. I did not come to bring peace
but a sword" (and here ends the quote)
And if these are words that Matthew really wrote
And if these are words that Jesus really said
Then the image of the prince of peace is dead!

I have the following picture sketched:
There he stands with arms outstretched
But not to embrace us, no, to block our way!
From a safe distance you can hear him say:
"The only way to the Father is through ME!"
What happened to humility?
Not prophet-like at all and too late to take back -
Sounds like a megalomaniac!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such obstacle in Islam!


Anyway, if you already knew the plan
It would not be impossible for a mortal man
To monitor events and carefully choose
His words and actions to fit the known clues
Making ordinary folks believe he was the real
Messiah enjoying his last proper meal
Knowing that betrayal would lead to success
The disgrace was crowned with that well-known kiss
Hell-bent on fulfilling the prophecy
To assure his own immortality!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
There is no such personality in Islam!


Look at Jesus the man without
The attributes which are in doubt
And the picture will soon appear
That what we are dealing with here
Is a major prophet but only one
Of many who have come and gone
Some with scripture, some with word
All demanding to be heard
For the good of humanity
Some paid for it with their sanity
Some with their lives, but all were good
Sadly frequently misunderstood
Human beings who brought the same
Eternal message in the name
Of the ONE who created all
Asking mankind to heed the call
To freely submit to the programme
Of the ONE who says: "I AM!" -
The messengers all used the greeting: "Salam!"
And all invited us to embrace Islam!
For the word Islam means nothing more
Than submission to the will of the Creator
Of all there is, will be or has been -
Al-Hamdu-Lillah! Rabbi al-Alameen!

Peace to the world! Shalom! Salam!
This is Jesus according to Islam!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

This is not islam as islam is a cult

Anonymous said...

Im a muslim and I can tell the more you read islam the more you are inspired. Each fact you get from islam , it makes you think deep. It guides to a state of strong spiritual place that summarice the true conclusion.
muslims need also to learn more and more and understand how important to " undertstand Quraan" as it really provokes mind and soul as you do more effort to understand. It tells you this is the conclusion and do your homework and you will find this the true word from God. Congratulations for you and for all real beleivers.

Anonymous said...

Jesus son of Mary was the humble servant of God and the sincer christian should follow the pure monotheism that Jesus himself followed !

Wassila Temani !

Anonymous said...

The true love for Jesus (pbuh) is to protect him from any exageration such he is a God !!!!
Thanks Ibraheem Johansen

Wassila TEMANI !!!!!!

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