2 September 2007

The War on Terror

- has completely failed!

Written early September 2007 - (242 lines)


"God bless America - the mother of the free!
We believe in freedom and democracy!"
How many times have we heard that before?
Now read my AXIS of EVIL for more!


The War on Terror is a complete fake
And with the safety of us all at stake
I ask no permission now to take
The word, for I need to verbally shake
My fist in anger, my head in disbelief
At the daily news of undiluted grief
Caused by the US commander-in-chief
The planet's undisputed number one thief
Of lives, peace, oil, security
Other crimes fade into obscurity
Compared with those of one evil man
And his evil helpers, those proud American
Arch neo-Cons and ultra Zionists -
Read: criminals, murderers and terrorists!

He was not even elected properly
Back in two thousand, we remember vividly
The antics, fraud and cheating that went on
Without that he clearly would not have won
And our world would have been spared his eight
Years of terror, but they refused to wait
Another four years for they had a plan
The Project for the New American
- to be inaugurated NOW!
Hell-bent on showing the whole world how:

It would be so much easier to implement
If they first could generate public consent
So they thought long and hard with evil intent
About a catastrophic catalysing event
"Like a new Pearl Harbor" for which they longed
Openly and shamelessly - and their many-pronged
Attack on America came shortly afterwards
Catching most observers off-guard

For my thoughts on what happened that day
Read my poem Made in the USA


Based on their evil mass deception scheme
Bush and his neo-Con-Zionist team
Hiding behind the patriotic scream
For revenge were quick to activate their dream
And claiming to be seriously looking for
Osama bin Laden broke down the front door
Of a sovereign nation called Afghanistan
Soon leading to the ouster of the ruling Taliban
Who left in an organised tactical retreat
The "coalition of the willing" did not defeat
Them then and inshallah never will
The tough mountain people will continue to kill
The new Crusaders until they withdraw
Like the Soviets before them - the raw
Reality is bound to dawn on them some day
Thank God it is impossible for them to stay
Forever, and the proud and fierce locals know
The faster they kill them the sooner they will go!

After six years occupation it is a mystery
Why opium is the only growth industry:
All but eradicated by two-thousand-and-one
By the Taliban's harsh methods, it has now gone
To levels way beyond anything seen before
The only thing we know is that next year will be more -
What a wonderful achievement for the Crusader team
Was that also a part of The New World Order dream?
May all of the quality considered the best
End up on the streets of the cities in the West!


Iraq is a broken country today
And I do not care what the experts say -
Remember that common American phrase:
You break it - you fix it! Except in this case
The idiots who could not resist the next phase
Of their neo-colonial plan to control
The Middle East have no positive role
To play whatever may happen next -
Their stupid slogans and obsolete text
Are just as irrelevant and worthless now
As when their war-machine started to plough
Through national borders and international law
In defiance of civilised opinion which saw
The real danger that unilateral
Action might become acceptable
As means to an end in years to come -
Reserved of course only for some!

You break it - you own it! Heaven forbid!
If American might cannot keep a lid
On Iraq then what superpower is this?
Whilst I do not believe that many truly miss
The "good old days" of Saddam Hussein
It is worth repeating again and again
That during his rule the vast majority
Had national pride and stability
Schools, jobs and security
Running water and electricity
Regardless of sect or ethnicity

"Bring 'em on!" that well-known mass murderer said
One more situation disastrously misread:
The insurgents decided to go right ahead!
The war criminal could have scaled back but instead
Ordered a surge which has only led
To more destruction and brutal bloodshed
And that will only get worse and spread
Until the day that you secretly dread
When no longer even the tiniest shred
Of hope hanging by the thinnest thread
Of purpose remains in the hell you fed
With living human beings that you misled
When your state-terrorist-soldiers have bled
Have been killed, driven out or have simply fled -
More body bags please! Keep counting your dead!

Brutalised Iraq will stagger on
Until some internal deal is done
Or, more likely, full-scale civil war
Consumes the country like never before
Maybe Iraq will split into three -
What would that do for stability
Of the whole region? We dread to think -
This could yet take us to the brink

But assistance may be near at hand
In a larger neighbouring friendly land!
Could the fools in Washington not understand
That any intervention in Iraq, once the sand
Had settled, would mainly benefit Iran?

It was always obvious that would be the case
All that remains is to ruthlessly chase
Those stupid illegal Americans out
And the Iraq-Iran friendship will sprout
Like a seed planted in the desert enjoys
The rain after the summer destroys
And scorches everything on the ground -
Better days surely will come round


The War on Terror is against the law!
The Coalition of the Killing must withdraw
Right now from Iraq and Afghanistan
Everybody out, to the very last man!

America still refuses to show
The world what goes on in Guantanamo
Holding so many for years without charge
While the terrorists who grabbed them are all at large!

Legally untenable and a hideous affront
To civilised behaviour, the world must confront
This evil manifestation of the new USA
Bluntly tell the president: "Close it today!
Or there will be consequences, ask for the list!
Your behaviour is worse than that of a terrorist!"

Totally innocent but seized to be sold
For personal gain, the new slave-traders told
The world about it so assume it is a fact -
Has nobody got the courage to act?

Re-labelled "dangerous enemy combatant"
Proud of the most barbaric and flagrant
Abuse of the most basic human rights
The Great Satan unilaterally rewrites
What is acceptable and what is not -
Indefinite detention, left to rot

The detainees may not know where they are
Moved around frequently, today maybe far
From yesterday's location which was - where?
At a moment's notice without time to prepare
On an extraordinary rendition flight
Blindfolded so it could be day or night
They will fly them at their time and pace
To a secret prison in an unknown place
In a country coerced to co-operate
With America's Crusade of mindless hate
Of Islam and Muslims, but we have news for you:
Honest to Allah - WE HATE YOU TOO!

And where was the international uproar
When like pirates you were lying offshore
Somalia launching missile attacks
Because the Muslim population backs
Islamists to sort out the nation's mess -
If I were a local who do you guess
I would prefer to take control?
Not you morons who steamroll
Over noble conventions and human rights
I would support the faction which fights
For self-determination and so to be free
Of America's so-called liberty!


The War on Terror is a complete mess!
Many governments are under duress
To comply with America so they repress
Their own good people and in the process
Are busy building up an explosive stress -
A tragic situation for all but I guess
That is what Americans call progress!

Of course America leaves you free to express
Whatever you want - so long as you say YES!

Your sinister meddling is on the rise
Forever peddling your obscene lies!
Freedom and democracy you cannot even spell!
And as for spreading them everywhere, well
Just look at the dictators you sponsor and support
We should make a list of them for memories are short!
America is only ever out for number one
And the worldwide damage that is being done
By those three hundred million, just five percent
Of humanity, is horrendous, high time we sent
Them back where they came from, we should not bluff:
The civilised world has had enough!

This world also belongs to me
And today I am less secure and less free
As a direct result of your Crusade
Against Islam and Muslims whom you made
Pay the price for your incompetence
Ignorance and arrogance

Nobody feels truly safe anymore
It was not at all like this before
You unleashed your monster on us all
May your brutal adventures lead to the fall
Of America the superpower, and soon
Deflate your stupid Mickey Mouse balloon!

And if I ruled the world I would sign a decree
Requiring you Americans to immediately
Return to the US where you would stay
Until you behave in an acceptable way:
Twenty years at least before a review!
You had your golden chance - which you blew!


The War on Terror has completely failed:

The grand strategy initially hailed
As the cure for all problems with its detailed
Approach and wide scope lies derailed
Time has passed and blood is trailed

Civil liberties have been assailed
Revoked or seriously curtailed
All part of what the plan entailed

International relations blackmailed
The corpse of diplomacy impaled
Without a trial and brutally nailed
To the Cross where fainting hope has paled

The heights of folly successfully scaled
Insanity and injustice prevailed
A total failure proudly unveiled
The architechts should now be tried and jailed!


So much for freedom and human rights!
We should salute anyone who fights
Such a cruel and backward nation to free
Us from its obnoxius tyranny!


The pathological killer lurks
We know his habits and little quirks
His over-reactions are knee-jerk
And before that lunatic goes berserk
On Iran, try impeachment - it really does work!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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