27 July 2008

Which Holocaust?

- for sadly history is full of them

Written July 2008
- (810 lines)


Definition of the word HOLOCAUST:
Middle English,
from Late Latin holocaustum,
from Greek holokauston,
from neuter of holokaustos = burnt whole,
from hol + kaustos = whole + burnt

1 - a sacrifice consumed by fire.
2 - a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life,
especially through fire.
3 - often with a capital H: the mass slaughter of European civilians
and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II.
(end of definition)

But it has, unfortunately and incorrectly, become synonymous with
the Nazi persecution of the Jews only, no doubt due to the
efficiency and persistence of the Zionist propaganda machine.
The main aim of the poem is simply to redress that imbalance.
Although it briefly surveys many of the known holocausts from
more recent world history, it concentrates on America and the
Soviet Union, as they are the two outstanding examples
and, as they represent diametrically opposed systems,
they are particularly interesting to examine:

America - the self-imposed leader of the Christian
and (sort-of) democratic West,
representing a free (though manipulated) market economy
and private enterprise gone totally mad,
and responsible for one holocaust after another,

The Soviet Union - a dictatorial atheist ideology
turned into a rigid planned state economy,
responsible for one uninterrupted holocaust at home
with territorial expansions.

The poem does not follow a strictly chronological order
but can of course be read top-down sequentially.
Or the reader can scroll down to a desired section
and concentrate on reading that.
Some of the sections are quite long
(America 272 lines, the Soviet Union 147 lines, Palestine 71 lines)
and I did consider breaking up the poem into several shorter ones.

To aid the reader in locating a particular section,
the sequence is as follows, with number of lines:
Intro - 25
Spanish in South and Central America - 31
The United States - 272
The Soviet Union - 147
Red China - 42
Nazi Germany - 24
Dresden Bombing Raid 1945 - 10
World War 1 and World War 2 - 18
Iraq-Iran War 1980-88 - 12
Australian Aboriginees - 6
Armenians 1915 - 6
Indian Partition 1947 - 15
Cambodia 1975-79 - 6
African Slave Trade - 10
Ethiopia late 1970s - 8
Darfur, Sudan - 8
Rwanda/Congo – 16
Srbrenica, Bosnia 1995 - 12
Palestine - 71
Conclusion - 67

Let me stress that I mean absolutely no disrespect
to victims of any holocaust not covered in the poem,
likewise it may seem insulting to cover say 2 million deaths
in 6 or 8 lines, but a writer has to make choices,
which events to concentrate on etc, and I hope that the
last few lines of the poem make my personal position clear:
that a human life is a human life.

The poem frequently uses the term "the Christian West"
as opposed to the currently used "the West".
But the West is overwhelmingly Christian, and not just in theory,
so it is not only a legitimate and appropriate expression but,
given the ongoing witch-hunt against Islam and Muslims,
it is absolutely vital to keep pointing out that all the atrocities
perpetrated by the West around the world are actually done with
the blessing of the Christian component of the collective West -
or it would immediately stop, repent and rectify its behaviour.

A long poem, yes - but I hope that the reader will persevere,
as I did in writing it, and see it through to the end.

Rarely pausing to catch your breath
You go on about persecution and death
On a scale so incomprehensibly vast
It makes all other tragedies, past
Or present, pale into insignificance
Until blue in the face - and here is the chance
To get an important question out
And so you all hear it we are going to shout:

And the question is valid for the book
Of history is full of them, take a look
How far back do you wish to go?
A casual survey will quickly show
How common they are, so nothing new
Or terribly special, indeed quite a few
Are far worse than the one you market so well
On behalf of Zionism and Israel

Used and abused to always get your way
On the field of international power play
Like an ever-present red card up your sleeve
With hypnotic insistence you will have us believe
That this is the worst that ever took place
In the long journey of the human race -
NOT SO! Read on and a string of strong
Examples and evidence will prove you wrong


The level of barbarity unveiled
By the Catholic Spaniards after they sailed
Across the Atlantic to the Americas
Is staggering even today and has
Few equals among the hideous crimes
Perpetrated in historical times

In acts of unspeakable savagery
They set loose their destructive energy
Entire peoples and cultures wiped out
By the Virgin Mary's truly devout
And for those reluctant to accept God's word
It was forced conversion by the sword
Or another innocent head would roll -
Will we ever know the toll?

Ages of wisdom piled high and burnt
Some of that knowledge may have to be learnt
The hard and slow way all over again
Thanks to Christianity's zealous men

Irreplaceable artefacts looted and lost
Some were carefully ground to dust
In a far from unique combination of sheer
Superstition and mindless fear
Others were smashed or melted down
All done by those representing the crown
Of Christian Europe from where they came
And all are equally to blame
So must share the eternal shame
For crimes committed in the name
Of those they would so piously claim
To admire, revere and worship most:
The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost


A few decades later more blood was spent
Much further north on that same continent
For the founding fathers were not content
To take just a little, they wanted it all
And sure it was sanctioned by divine call
The Quakers and other Christians
Set out to exterminate the Indians
Driving the natives from their own land
By any means at all that came to hand

The decline in numbers was alarmingly quick
And one particularly dirty trick
Made a contribution to the rapid decrease:
Trading blankets infested with deadly disease

An unmitigated catastrophy
For the natives it was fight or flee
And they did resist heroically
But of course were defeated eventually

Caged today in reservations across
Their vast ancestral lands, their loss
As great as any has ever been
The few survivors are increasingly seen
Turning to alcohol and to drugs
While the victorious Christian thugs
Have long since shared their unlawful gains
From the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains
From Alaska down to Florida -
God bless America!

From New England to the Pacific West
The Christian settlers were doing their best
To live up to their cruel credo which read:
The only good Indian is one who is dead

And every step along the way
From then to our present day
Confirms that the true American dream
Is to concoct yet another scheme
To extend its evil influence
Its obvious goal is world dominance

In August nineteen fortyfive
Two hundred thousand were burnt alive
Or turned to radioactive dust
In an instant two thriving cities lost -
But Japan was already broken by then
And objections had come from the military men
Who had no strategic targets to destroy
But somebody wanted to test the new toy
So persuaded Truman to deploy
The innocently nicknamed Little Boy

Another incentive, the expanding Red Star
So sending the message to the USSR:
"We have the weapon and you now know it works
But where and when the next bomber lurks..."

And so it was on that shameful day
That the deadliest of all known birds of prey
Was spotted and named the Enola Gay
A toxic egg, believed to be grey
Was dropped and then it flew swiftly away...

Inexcusable to detonate this man-made sun
And a holocaust and war crime if ever there was one!
But incredibly, later the American
Joint victors imposed upon Japan
A pacifist constitution to this day -
If justice and reason had anything to say
It would have been done the other way!

And from there the ever helpful Uncle Sam
Moved on to Korea and then to Vietnam
Where massacres, Agent Orange and napalm
Destroyed so much and did nothing to calm
The people or solve the situation there
But of course America would later declare
That abysmal failure both a necessity
And a success for all humanity

But truth will out and it must be said
The Korean War caused one million dead
The total death toll for the Vietnam War
North and South, between three and four
Plus Laos and Cambodia up to two million more
So five to six million the final score...

Neutral Cambodia was for more than a year
Exposed to destruction and reduced to fear
Through massive bombings carried out secretly
In Operation Menu, conceived primarily
By Nixon, Kissinger and Haig to ease
The retreat, "peace with honour" - excuse us all please!

Nixon to Kissinger: "We must lay waste
Enemy bases and supply routes with all haste
To make withdrawal safer, I have said it before
So go ahead and do it, and I want to hear no more
Send everything that flies on anything that moves!"
The chilling conversation indisputably proves
These men are mass murdering war criminals
The evidence is clear and the story it tells
Is not nasty rumours but recorded on tape
Yet again the guilty managed to escape
Being brought to justice for their dreadful crime -
Good people despair for it happens all the time!

During the twentieth century
Just doing what comes naturally
The US intervened militarily
Usually unilaterally
Fiftyfive times, unbelievably
In Latin America alone -
The US is undeniably prone
To asking for trouble by casting the first stone
And can then, hallelujah, legitimately moan
And hit back hard in order to "defend"
Itself and its allies to the bitter end

Time to refresh your geography
Peruse the world map briefly with me:
How many overseas US bases do you see?
The last count revealed SEVEN HUNDRED and THREE!
A staggering figure, all ostensibly
To police the world and so keep us all free
But in truth in search of the next enemy
And when Communism failed it became Islam -
Now shut up and listen for a moment Uncle Sam
For that was your most colossal mistake
If you do not retreat it will certainly break
The US empire, for like those before
Greatness is NOT built on arrogance and war
There is nothing new under the sun
But go right ahead - bring it on!


Re-armed by the West when his eight year war
With Iran fizzled out, Saddam wanted more
So invaded and occupied neighbouring Kuwait
As he took the time to correctly state
It used to be the nineteenth province of Iraq
So argued it was legitimate to take back
But the UN disagreed and authorised the use
Of force in the event that Saddam should refuse
To back down and withdraw, and we all know the rest:
Muslim Arabs and the Christian West
Led by America joined forces to expel
The Iraqis in a good imitation of hell:
Alarmingly, Geiger readings are today
A thousand times higher than before the USA
(Just years before the new millenium!)
With the liberal use of depleted uranium
Made sure that for generations to come
Genetic abnormalities will affect some
Of the millions of people regionally
And, as usual behaving abysmally
Tens of thousands of Saddam's fleeing ranks
Were ripped to pieces or roasted in their tanks -
Another clear case of barbarity
By the soldiers of Christianity


Serial killers line up to salute
That born-again Christian prostitute
The commander-in-chief is on parade
Directing his very own Crusade

For out of the blue a heaven-sent excuse
Ignited the eagerly waiting fuse
Presenting the neo-Cons with the strong
Imperative for which they had so long
Openly wished and secretly prayed
So most Americans could be swayed
To support Bush and Co, and so the first raid
Soon followed for the leaders were sorely afraid
That further attacks might yet be made
Retribution just could not be delayed -

And the excuse? Those strange attacks
On America, the official report lacks
Any credibility and more than just smacks
Of a cover-up, the expert evidence now stacks
Up higher than the buildings that were pulled down
When false flag terrorism flew into town!

But patriots and other fools, eager to believe
Whatever they are told, are easy to deceive...
Look at the facts and like me you will say
Those tragic events were Made in the USA


No credible evidence was produced
So the Taliban, quite correctly, refused
To hand anyone over to the US
Leaving the world for a while to guess
But later they did offer and suggest
Maybe as a clever sincerity test
That those named as wanted could be tried
In a third country if Sharia [Islamic law] was applied -
And the rest was silence, for year after year
America proves it is not sincere

The mass murderer later revealed
That God spoke to him and had appealed
To the all-American president
That US armed forces should be sent
To remove the Islamist Taliban
In a sovereign land called Afghanistan:
"George, get rid of those terrorists
For the good of mankind, I do insist"

And of course he complied for how could he say no
To almighty God, and the rodeo show
With the plans miraculously ready to go
Continued where the Soviet Union left off
Having wisely decided that enough is enough
In a country never yet controlled
By any outsiders, so home they rolled

Now enter America with high-tech toys
Controlled by frightened trigger-happy boys
Anything that moves it destroys
From the relative safety of fighter jets
Blowing men and women and children to bits

And the new Crusaders were not slow
To prove they are the lowest of the low
For soon a new slave trade started to grow
Innocent people grabbed as they go
About their own business, later to show
Up first in Bagram, then Guantanamo
Because the US had decided to throw
Money at the problem, hoping to blow
The Taliban's lengthening recruitment row


And God spoke again with George Double U
And told him he must now set out to do
What the father had timidly failed to achieve
No problem for the son, for if you truly believe
You possess enough love and affinity
For that mystical Holy Trinity
And willingly do as you are told
Grateful that YOU were chosen, and behold
Soon after a holocaust began to unfold
On innocent Iraqis while the UN screamed: "NO!"
But Satan and Co were determined to go
For the US had decided years before
That the oil must be won through a quick little war
And so the coalition moved in to kill -
Another ally now dispensable!

White phosphorous provided the light for the shows
Smart weapons delivered the fatal blows
Plus depleted uranium, for anything goes
If it demonstrates might and adds to the woes
Of the conquered people, to hell with their loss
If it proves the white Christian is the boss

Rapes and massacres, invariably denied
Committed by marines, never properly tried
And a second invasion, private security
Personnel operating with immunity
So much for the promised sovereign Iraq -
It is time for Iraqis to take their country back!

The golden dome in Samarra blown up
By who-do-you-think in an effort to stop
Iraq's different factions from merging and so
Focus all energies on the common foe

Snipers picking off academics one by one
Other than helping Iraq, what have they done?
Doctors and teachers found headless in the sand
Those who remain try to flee their own land -
Is it really so hard to understand
That what is happening in Iraq today
Is a brutal attempt, in a devious way
To destroy the country in primitive rage
And revenge because it refused to engage
Fully with the plot, did not lie down
And surrender when the cowboys rode into town -
So setting it back a generation at least
While the foreign oil men continue their feast
Is the best they can hope for, the desperate plan
And as ever the predictable American
Reaction to their failures is to blame Iran!

But the underlying reason for the overall scheme
Was probably assisting the Zionist dream
Of Greater Israel, Euphrates to the Nile
And in central Baghdad in true Crusader style
A billion dollar fortress is almost complete
To protect against those they did defeat
But it will, inshallah, some better brighter day
When the Christian vultures have been driven away
Become the headquarters of al-Sadr and his men
The Mahdi Army, Islam will rule again
And five times a day will be heard, you want to bet
The call to prayer from an added minaret!

Some sources claim one million dead
Several million we know have fled
Abroad or survive as internally displaced
In their own country, and the hardships faced
By those suffering millions must be felt somehow -
Shout: "We are all Palestinians now!"


The Soviet Union is a tragic tale
Of social engineering on such a massive scale
That most of us will simply fail
To grasp the magnitude of this open-air jail

It is difficult to choose a place to begin
The atrocities of comrades Lenin and Stalin
Are so many and enormous and went on for so long
Encompassing every conceivable wrong
With such mad fervour that your heart nearly stops
Your confidence in man certainly drops...

The revolution itself, according to archives
Claimed around thirteen million lives
From West to East and in every part
Ominously, that was just the start

Their obsession with total central control
Left no room for any individual role
As no brain was needed to understand
The rigid vertical top-down command
Every mind and thought was a threat to the state
So legitimate targets to infiltrate
Investigate, intimidate, eliminate


To stamp out religion once and for all
They came up with a plan which must appall
Every right-thinking person, atheist or not
And (are you sitting down?) this was the plot:
Widespread famines were created at will
By destroying and confiscating harvests until
The people throughout the countryside
Were starving and millions of them died

Having already eaten your only horse or cow
Your cat and dog and your own boots - what now?
Grass and leaves and stripping trees of their bark
And if anyone thinks those choices are stark
Any other human found still alive
Could be killed and eaten so you would survive
If only for another day or maybe two
Who knows, God willing, you might yet pull through...

While those back in Moscow at Red Terror HQ
Were busy planning what next to do:
"People spending their last energy to find
Something, anything, to eat will not mind
If we demonstrate our absolute might
By blowing up every church in sight
Anyone still strong enough to protest
Just shoot them and nature will do the rest
But we hope and expect and in truth we doubt
To see any raised fingers or hear a shout -
Those are the orders, now carry them out!"

All in the sick hope that control would never slip
From their convulsive blood-soaked iron grip


For any deviation from the path you were meant
To follow they declared you a dissident
And over the decades millions were sent
To dreadful labour camps, and the intent was clear:
They would not return - most lasted just a year

Under the half-hearted arctic midnight sun
There was no-one to turn to and nowhere to run
Winters were terrible and without end
In sixty below zero the guards would send
Them out in the dark as any other day
In a snowstorm to work, many lost their way
Others lost their minds and went insane
And disappeared, not to be seen again
Now entombed like mammoths in the frozen ground -
Will their places of peace ever be found?

With inadequate shelter, food and clothes
And brutal workdays, most of those
Living and vibrant men and women froze
To death where they stood or in their sleep
As the merciless cold would slowly creep
Through tissue and bone until so deep
They were barely breathing sculptures of ice
Cut from life - the ultimate price
Though guilty of no major crime or vice
To escape the socialist paradise...


Mass deportations were used to quell
Any early signs that someone might rebel
Or even if nothing was known or could be proved
Whole ethnic peoples were forcibly moved
Uprooted from their land and split into groups
Freighted like animals and guarded by troops
Resettled in remote places far apart
To minimise the ever-present risk they might start
Serious activities against the state -
So divide and rule before it is too late

The Chechens in the Caucasus were some of those
And the only civilised way to close
That chapter of continuing tragedy
Once and for all is to set them free
Give them the land that is rightfully theirs
But as anyone can see: nobody cares

The implosion of the empire came to Moscow
And Yeltsin outmanoeuvred Gorbachow
He dissolved the Soviet Union late December ninetyone
And soon most republics broke away and were gone -
This was the moment they had waited for
So the Chechens launched an insurgency war
To drive out the Soviets, now Russians, stationed there
The Kremlin's response was swift and did not spare
Anyone for all Chechens were enemies now
The rebellion must be broken no matter how
So insurgents and civilians were brutally crushed
In a brief total war, and though much can be hushed
Out there in the open for the whole world to see
The ghastly bombardment of Grozny city
Was another monstrous crime against humanity

Decent people everywhere but in Europe most of all
Should now stand up together and loudly call
For a vote whether all those from Chechnya
Want full independence from Russia -
Chechen men and women, we are with you still
We have not forgotten you and never will!
Brothers and Sisters, wherever you now roam
Europe's Palestinians, you will come home!


Now, you may ask - who am I to criticise
After all, our leaders are honourable and wise
And tirelessly do their best for those they lead
So we should respect and admire them, indeed
Is that not what everybody learns in school?
Do not be such a bloody fool!
You are just their disposable tool


The emblems of the Soviet state
Hammer and Sickle - how appropriate:
To beat your head into party shape!
To cut off your legs to prevent escape!


For seventy years the colour was red
Just like all the blood being shed
Decades of madness and terror and dread
How many tens of millions dead?
If you are human shake your head
Shudder and numb with disbelief
Belatedly think of the pain and grief
Of every one who perished there -
The empty eyes of Communism stare
Without a tear and void of care
Unable and unwilling to share
Mere human reactions like despair

Heartlessness personified
Ten commandments nullified
All religion crucified
Atheism deified
Darwinism glorified
Love and goodness horrified
Normality so modified
Emotions so petrified
The soul of Russia nearly died...


For Red China read Soviet Union Mark Two
More worst nightmares sadly coming true
For China under chairman Mao Zedong
Was the same ideology gone horribly wrong
The same psychopathic tyranny
By the same all-powerful single party
More central control carried to extremes
More enforced hopelessly unworkable schemes
More sick and twisted fantasies instead of healthy dreams

China and the Soviet Union are twins
Everybody loses, nobody wins
Probably for both the inevitable result
Of a truly deranged personality cult

The Great Leap Forward was at best running in place
Or a giant step backwards into empty space -
The Cultural Revolution was years of insane
Attempts to obliterate the past and start again
Programming everyone to behave like drones
A taste of a future nation of pure clones

All possible versions of madness were tried
And estimates of those millions that died
Range from fortyfive to seventytwo
But life is cheap so we can safely add a few
All for the glory of Charles Darwin and Karl Marx
In a futile attempt to eradicate the sparks
That exist in all of humanity:
The pursuit of individuality
The longing for spirituality

What the Soviet Union and Red China do prove
Is that not all fanatics are religious - so remove
That misleading and erroneous expression from your lists
For those communist fanatics were atheists!

Their sick ideology, enforced without shame
Was substitute religion regardless of the name


The Muslim Uyghurs in China's North-West
Are Turkic people, different from the rest
They call that region East Turkestan
Though brutally repressed, their determined plan
Is independence, leave them free to pursue
It if they really want to - and we know they do!


And from the roof of the world, the message we get
Can be summarised in two simple words: FREE TIBET!


Adolf Hitler was elected in nineteen thirtythree
And historians now generally do agree
That the fire which destroyed the parliament
Soon after was a carefully planned event
By the Nazis themselves in an effort to blame
The communists - some things stay the same
The most evil cannot resist the game
Of false flag terrorism by any other name -
Remaining skeptics, to put you in the frame
Fast-forward now for it is still being done:
The World Trade Center and the Pentagon
Eleventh of September two thousand and one!

And the Nazis targeted not only the Jews
Any group deemed to be a threat or of no use
To their project of crafting a superior man
According to a meticulous master plan
Was included with the Jews on their death-lists
Gypsies, homosexuals, communists
The mentally retarded and the mentally ill
The weak and abnormal should be weeded out until
The race was pure for that was nature's will
The slogan "the survival of the fittest" which is still
Heard was used by the Nazis with great skill -
Social Darwinism was their license to kill


And the British-American bombing raid
When the centre of Dresden was completely laid
Waste, consider the interesting fact
The industrial quarters were left intact
Germany was finished at any rate
And did a few weeks later capitulate
So there was no strategic need to go ahead
With the firestorm which left forty thousand dead -
A war crime can never be justified
But that is no comfort to all those who were fried


And, for the record, World War One
When the surveys were completed and the counting done
No matter on whom the war could be blamed
Twenty million dead, twenty million maimed
Only half of those wore a uniform
For total war had taken Europe by storm
The major Christian nations were involved
And when it was over, nothing was resolved -

So just twenty years later, World War Two
Proved what it had become possible to do
If the forces of evil were out of control
And death and destruction the only goal
A total of seventy million died
The majority civilians who were denied
Their fundamental right to live
Surely a crime we should never forgive -
When the madness subsided and a shaky peace came
Neither Europe nor the world would ever be the same


Saddam grabbed power in nineteen seventynine
And anyone hoping it would work out fine
Was rudely awakened, for he could not wait
And from nineteen eighty to eightyeight
Supported and armed by the Christian West
He tried everything and did his best
To defeat the Islamic Republic of Iran
Which seemed prepared to send its last man
In all between half and one million deaths
One hundred thousand Iranian last breaths
Inhaled chemicals sold to Saddam
By Western companies which knew they would do harm


The Aboriginees in Australia
Like the Indians of North America
Pursued by white land-robbers coast to coast
Hunted all the way to extinction almost -
Another sophisticated culture subdued
By Christian barbarians who found it crude


Whether ethnic cleansing or attempted genocide
What is not in dispute is the numbers that died
And how many were deported in nineteen fifteen
When someone decided no Armenian must be seen
In Turkey anymore - six hundred thousand dead
One and three quarter million displaced or fled


In a reasonable attempt to accommodate
Muslim aspirations for their own state
In nineteen fortyseven British India was split
Along the lines deemed best to fit
Everybody's wishes, and when it was done
The Muslims got two states for the price of one
But on both sides of the argument that price was high
And before the dust had settled and the blood was dry
At least half a million, probably more, would die
And around fifteen million would be refugees
For the great upheaval did also release
Long simmering resentment, competition, even hate
Between Hindus and Muslims, most did not hesitate
To get moving and that autumn saw busy days
The flow of humanity streaming both ways


From nineteen seventyfive to seventynine
Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge tried to redefine
Evil in action, and the final result
Of another deranged Marxist cult
Was not the promised Utopia but instead
One point seven million Cambodians dead...


The African slave trade, ten million souls
Desecrated to serve the commercial goals
Of European powers for four hundred years
Imagine the terror, the blood and the tears
Snatched from your family, village, continent
Shipped across the ocean, almost all were sent
To the colonies in the New World where they slaved
Doing what their white Christian masters craved -
The injustice and arrogance words fail to express
But social Darwinism would no doubt bless!


Already among the poorest of the poor
Ethiopia tragically had to endure
Mengistu Haile Mariam's Red Terror rule
More mad Marxists and typically cruel
Their dark legacy from the seventies survives
The nation lost one and a half million lives
During the course of the civil war
And in man-made famines about two million more


The ongoing tragedy in Sudan's Darfur
Is not in essence about rich versus poor
And not about religion, ethnicity or race
Or who should or should not live in any given place
Or about external borders, not even about oil!
No, the problem of that parched and arid soil
Is a desperate lack of water without which nothing thrives -
Could we not send it out there in order to save lives?


And where was the world in nineteen ninetyfour
When officially eight hundred thousand, maybe more
Were shot or hacked or burnt to death in Rwanda's civil war
Within the span of around one hundred days
Under the indecisive United Nations gaze -
Its incapacity to act never fails to amaze...

About two million fled to neighbouring states
And such an influx inevitably creates
New problems, and so the Congo became
The next holocaust, where to kill and maim
Seems everybody's right and the natural way
To express yourself, the statistics say
That five and a half million have died so far
And millions more displaced, yet there are
No serious international efforts to bring
An end to all this suffering...


Srebrenica, Bosnia, July ninetyfive
Eight thousand Muslims last known to be alive
In a safe haven guarded by United Nations men
Were seized and led away, not to be seen again
Until years later unearthed in mass graves -
Another chilling case of how man still behaves...

And the Dutch UN soldiers, it is hard to believe
Were honoured for their efforts and later did receive
A medal each - for what we want to know!
Service to humanity? You know where you can go!
Muslims should no longer trust the UN or EU
Oh-so-civilised Christian Europe - SHAME ON YOU!


And so inevitably we must turn
To the holocaust that continues to burn
The screaming-to-heaven ultimate sign
Of horrendous injustice: PALESTINE
Where over time every known form
Of grotesque barbarity has become the norm
Tolerated, accepted, encouraged, blest
By the leaders of the Christian West

The atrocities perpetrated here
Day in day out, year after year
For six decades now, is adequate proof
That the Christian West is not only aloof
But completely indifferent to the suffering
The creation of Israel was certain to bring
On the local population which has every right
To return where it once lived - and the fight
Will continue no matter what it entails
Until the day when justice prevails

Not one bit of progress achieved so far
Conclusive proof that in truth there are
No forces for good in action there
On the contrary, if we dare
To say that most of what Israel
Does is quite simply illegal
We are monitored, black-listed, screened, profiled
And, if we continue, ridiculed and reviled
By politicians in the Christian West
Recruited by Zionism, and the rest
Stand idly by afraid to speak
What they know to be right, for they may seek
Re-election soon, or some later day
Run for higher office, so watch what they say

But progress there will have to be
And surely we can all agree
That justice is the only key
To unlock this terrible tragedy
And finally end the misery -
Without it nothing can be done
The sixty-year holocaust will smoulder on
And as any astute observer can tell
It has the full potential
To annihilate not only Israel
But most of the rest of our world as well...

Feeling safe behind their hideous wall
And using any excuse to stall
Zionists brag as they drag their heels
While bleeding brutalised Palestine reels
From another blockade or incursion or attack -
If only we could turn the clock sixty years back!

The world MUST solve this now with all haste
Not one more minute should go to waste
For disaster is knocking on our door -
What on earth are we waiting for?
The reasons given are a sham and a scam
It is wrong and unfair to blame Islam
But it is all part of the game of cheat
Played so well by the masters of deceit

As we know the world did not hesitate
To drive Saddam's army out of Kuwait
But forty years after the Six Day War
Israel is building like never before

A question please, unanswered still:
If the use of force was permissible
To end one occupation declared illegal
Why not use it against Israel?
In a civilised world there would be no need
To ask that question at all, indeed
All Zionist settlers would long ago have been
Served notice to leave, and anyone seen
After the deadline on Palestinian land
Forcibly removed by a big and firm hand


The above is only a selection from
The many known cases, we left out some
Which we might have included (and if so inclined
There are plenty more for you to find
In the library or on the Internet
If you see something interesting, please do let
Us know about it) but you get the point
That history is distorted through the joint
Efforts of small but influential groups
That control the money, the power, the troops
Discreetly of course, behind the scene
And dictate where and when to intervene...

Reduced to a simple numbers game
The six million figure that Zionists claim
Was achieved by Hitler looks rather tame
Compared with some of those we did name
And examined above, so why bombard
Us daily with your ultimate trump card?
When it wears out it will be hard
To replace! And your callous disregard
For the other holocausts only show
What many of us already know
But carry on and resentment will grow
And spread over time to those who are slow
To connect the dots of international affairs
Preoccupied with everyday cares
Less concerned with yours than theirs
But manipulated by terrorist scares
And if one day all hell breaks loose
Too late to run or regret or refuse
They will also have to choose
Between Zionists and decent Jews

From all these horrors now pick your choice!
Yet the shrill persistent voice
Of Zionism clamouring for still more
Special treatment, reparations for the war
Concessions and memberships is all we hear
Day in day out, year after year

Terrible yes, but in the overall text
One holocaust looks much like the next
And I promise you that not in a thousand years
Will I cry any special tears
For only the victims of that atrocity
For that would be partial complicity
In the wall of silence that is being built
Around all the others to focus our guilt
On the Nazi persecution of the Jews -
More than sixty years later, still daily news!

With Jewish credibility here at stake
You holocaust merchants, give us a break
The one you are obsessed with is far from unique
Many of us suffer from holocaust fatigue
And no matter what you do or say
We support Jerusalem not Holocaust Day!
Understand it if you can
Man's inhumanity to man
Much of it authorised by the Vatican
No doubt spurred on by old Satan!
Animals surely behave much better than
Most of us - let us now spare a thought
For every single person caught
Innocently in the infernos caused
By the evil people who never paused
To reflect on the absolute sanctity
Of each life in all humanity
For every life lost is a human being gone -
But do all the other holocausts interest anyone?

And a final question for all of you:

Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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