1 November 2008

Quantum Leap

- for mankind!

Written late October 2008 - (201 lines)


The formula "E is equal to M C square" mentioned
is of course Einstein's famous special theory of relativity
published in 1905, since proven correct many times, where
E is the energy, M is the mass and C is the speed of light.


Islam is a fact
Of life so act
With decency
Do not neglect
To show respect
Use common sense
For through the lens
Of time we see
Trying to find
The most suitable kind
Of general rules
For masters and fools
A complete set
Of laws to get
Us safely through
This life and do
Some good on the way
Before we must say
Goodbye and go
With the flow
Of the winding course
Back to the source
From where we came -
If it has a name
Which really does fit

Religions have come
And gone but some
Are here to stay
And will not go away
Whatever is done
In anger or fun
To put them down
By the wisest clown
Or the cleverest fool
From the highest school
Of philosophical thought -
Some faiths were bought
And some were sold
For silver and gold
Expensive or cheap
Traded like sheep
Cattle or grain
Much to the pain
Of the faithful few
Who remained true
To the central call
To one and all:
Seek in humility
The spirituality
Which is not just
Our sacred trust
But the destiny
Of humanity

The best came last
And spread very fast
Expanding still
Soon it will
Become the norm
Take the world by storm
Be the best received
Most widely believed
Faith of all
So follow the call
Of Islam today
And start to pray


Christians, please do take heed:
Should I ever feel the need
To say the words: "Get thee hence"
My reason shall be my defense
The Trinity does NOT make sense
And therefore has no relevance
To my degree of recompense
Or whether I will be saved or not -
To me it sounds like a sinister plot
By kings and other mortal men
Changing the texts again and again
Corrupting the Gospel for their own game
Of geopolitics and, sharing the shame
Carried out by unprincipled scribes
Who loved the world so much they took bribes
To desecrate scriptures entrusted in their care -
Same sad story almost everywhere!

Shooting his chariot down in flames
According to the Bible, Jesus claims
On many occasions that he really is
The Son of God - but surely this
Is incompatible with the call
To prophethood, for they were all
Humble and unassuming men
So what do we believe when
The cold light of logic says
You simply cannot have it both ways?
Please could you make up your mind:
Which is it to be - maybe some kind
Of magic reserved for the truly wise
Vendors of tickets to Paradise?

The road to that place may well be paved
With bricks of gold for those who behaved
For the rest, good intentions will not do
So there will be no rewards for you
Unless you see the light and repent
And grasp this truly heaven-sent
Opportunity with eager hands
And an open heart before it lands
Where it will never be retrieved
At the feet of someone who never believed
But spent his life trying to convince
All of us that ever since
The Big Bang, from nothing before
That single event opened the door
To things like time and matter and space
So to rational members of the human race
The material world is all that exists -
The narrow view of most scientists!

Fellow believers, do not hide
For science itself is on our side!
And almost with the speed of light
I hasten to put matters right:
E is equal to M C square
Everyone agreed? So there!

It follows that matter and energy
Are interchangeable, so you see
All matter can indeed be reduced
To energy if cleverly seduced
To do so, obeying certain laws
And, as the Creator draws
Another bucket of water from
The well of life, we are some
Who feel and dimly understand
Like invited guests in wonderland
The entire physical universe
All forms and shapes, however diverse
From atoms to galaxies and all in between
Your body and mine, all that is seen
And weighed and measured, however hard
Like steel, granite, and the trump card
Diamond, all conforms to this rule:
As drops in the Almighty's sacred pool
They are in truth only energy -
All we need do is to set it free!

Everything constantly oscillates
Between the two opposing states
Of matter and energy - which came first
Into being when with a burst
Of pure and awesome creativity
The Almighty uttered the simple word: "BE!"
Is a good question, but if you ask me
Surely the first was energy

Now you see it, now you don't
Try to trap it but you won't
Succeed without humility
And what is the probability
That we lack the ability
To distinguish between utility
And, you guessed it, futility?
Is it really there at all?
If so, draw it on the wall!
Are illusions all we see?
And confusion our destiny?

Like a felt but unseen ghost in the room
The ever-present quantum vaccuum
Whispers like Satan to your soul:
"Only I can make you whole!"
Maybe it is true, maybe it is not
Will we ever grasp the plot?
Or is this the missing dot
Which will make the picture clear
Once we place that dot without fear
Of activating an ancient curse
And so implode the universe?


Muhammad came to show the way
To those who had knowingly gone astray
And everyone else, the seeing and blind
For, sent as a mercy to all mankind
His brief was simply to restore
The pure faith which existed before
And this he did without compromise
As a man who was humble, shrewd and wise
His progress was sure though sometimes slow
But thanks to him we know where to go
Today and tomorrow and after, and so
The flow of adherents continues to grow

Muhammad cut out the middle man
So every one of us now can
Address our Creator directly
And so pray more effectively

And in doing so much more was won
For props and substitutes are gone
The smoke and mirrors thrown away
And so it remains to this very day

The restored spirituality
Was a quantum leap in quality
Austerity and sincerity
Simplicity and purity

And if only in a fleeting dream
We could see the flashing gleam
Of joy on the face of Ibraheem
As we follow as-Sirat al-Mustaqeem!
[the straight path]


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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