2 November 2008

The Digital Bard

- the virtual Wordsmith

Written late October 2008 - (264 lines)


The free anti-virus software mentioned is

Avast! Home Edition -
highly recommended, with thanks.

The www.MYSPEAK.info mentioned
is my former domain name.


On interconnected planet Earth
There is a special place
Neither near poles nor equatorial girth
But somewhere in cyberspace

That place belongs to the Digital Bard
Also known as the Wordsmith
It is a mixture of the old punched card
Plus the punch to make the holes with -

And the very latest state of the art
Information highway kit
I cannot even think where to start
Trying to describe it

Having gone from low-tech initially
Which was very labour intensive
Today all is done digitally
And surprisingly inexpensive

My words now streaming towards you almost
At the speed of light
Could keep up with the swiftest ghost
In full midnight flight

"And where do we find your smithy then
In this big confusing world?"
No problem, follow the trail to my den
Here proudly unfurled:

Double-u double-u double-u dot
MYSPEAK dot info
OK my friends, that is the lot
Now off you go!

Always welcome, drop in at your ease
On me, the Digital Bard
Visit any time you please
The road here is not hard

No turns or numbers to forget
No complicated directions
Just find a computer on the net
Then make the connection

No need for any difficult hike
And my site is not concealed
Visit any time you like
And all shall be revealed

No need to slither like a snail
Just think of the time it would take
To crawl the full electronic trail -
Could anyone stay awake?

No need to swim like a darting fish
You might drown for heaven's sake
Visit any time you wish
Leaving only a digital wake

No need to fly like a soaring hawk
To get to my busy nest
Leave a comment if you need to talk
Electrons will do the rest

Instead of doing things the old way
Technology lets us do it today

Homing pigeons are out of date
They are far too slow
So flew out the windows in ninetyeight
When the winds of change did blow

For the progress of technology
Is in leaps and bounds
So to hell with ornithology
And its chirpy little sounds

Our feathered friends eat too much corn
That fact is well-known, right?
Now they sit looking all forlorn -
There'll be pigeon pie tonight!


Quiet as a computer mouse
Do enter my little black hole
And at your leisure feel free to browse
Every original scroll -

Now digitised for eternity
That people may study and learn
You may not like all that you see
And though these files would burn -

I tell you now, do not waste your time
They are more than the physical form
So reconsider your fantasy crime
There are better ways to keep warm!

A vast number of your viruses
Pose unacceptable risks
To every piece of data there is
On my vulnerable disks

But none of it will get anywhere
Near my beloved code
Thanks to magnificent software
Which was a free download

My files could be deleted, true
By devious unscrupulous hands
And in order to guard against people like you
In locations across different lands -

Back-up copies are on the shelf
In bunkers that nobody sees
And I have several copies myself
On little magic keys -

Plus a copy that cannot be reached at all
So nobody will get
By force or stealth or a crystal ball
But - that is a secret...

So should all the world's computers crash
In a mighty solar flare
I can resurrect my works in a flash
For my instinct is to share

Or they may be timed to die at night
In the cold light of the moon
By The New World Order - but I will fight
It online again soon!

Given a worst-case scenario
In the not too distant future
I could simply pack my rucksack and go
All the way back to nature -

And tell my stories to those I meet
On the road to God knows where
Reading aloud from a crumpled sheet
To anyone who might care -

To listen and maybe even give thanks
For lines devoid of lies
As I recite from the memory banks
Of the PC behind my eyes

Thank your Creator if not a fool
For that wonderful awesome brain
The only indispensable tool
For starting all over again

But, for the time being, we can receive
On a tiny magnetic card
Yes I know it is hard to believe
The complete Digital Bard!

So connect with me wherever you are
On planet Earth or beyond
Orbiting maybe a neighbouring star
In the local galactic pond

Are you navigating the Magellanic Clouds
As they condense or disperse?
Or another dimension which still shrouds
Some obscure multiverse?

Come as you are! There is room for all
Whether you are fat or thin
Really tiny or extremely tall
I promise to fit you in -

For my virtual auditorium
Expands to accommodate
All students as they go and come
And never shuts the gate

It includes an on-site cafeteria
Which really must be seen
I chased out the last bacteria
So is spotlessly clean

Deny yourself nothing, have your fill
Choose your delight
Go on! Surely there is room for still
Another megabyte -

Of letters, syllables and words
With unique flavour and style
The ingredients all carefully stirred
And served with a smile

Every exotic dish that I bring
Is prepared just for YOU
Hoping you all will find something
To thoughtfully chew

So take a look in all my trays
And remember, if in doubt
Or if you fear choking, well you can always
Simply spit it out!


You may emerge a little more wise
Like many who came before
Skeptics at first but to their surprise
They keep coming back for more -

To my futuristic Aladdin's cave
Of all kinds of good things
Who knows what tomorrow the brave
E-postman brings

So use my poetic library
In your digital corner shop
Select if you wish arbitrarily
But read until you drop!

Everyone is welcome here
In the global wi-fi store
Your local branch is always near

As the number of pages steadily grows
In my electronic book
The user friendly index shows
My guests where to look

The quality is guaranteed
Beware of imitation!
It is safeguarded against greed
And exploitation

For this is all unique to me
And you may have to squint
Before your eyes can really see
My digital fingerprint

Attempts to copy it will fail
So do not even try
All will be to no avail
Even if you think you can fly


Hampered only now and then
By a minor technical glitch
The waiting is finally over when
With a perfect inner pitch -

I fine-tune my precious digital harp
And then go on to play
Poetic notes that are raw and sharp
Yet eloquently say -

That the lies and deceit of our times
The empty vanity
The ghastly and horrendous crimes
Against humanity -

Are all for nothing and in the end
The punishment will be severe
Lovers of death will find no friend
It is LIFE we should revere -

And as I continue to pluck and sing
Until the end of the flow
Like so many pearls on a single string
My words are put on show -

Preparing to save my priceless pile
The sheer creative bliss
Is interrupted once in a while
By a low static hiss -

And looking for any possible shortcuts
To extract just one more pearl
Before the elusive oyster shuts
And disappears in a whirl -

I take the greatest care not to miss
Anything which might yet fall
Into my tray, hopeful that this
Will be the best of them all


The presence that is felt everywhere
By all plus you and me
The one thing that we all do share
The cosmic energy -

Manifests itself in so many ways
To humble humanity:
Someone must have had busy days
Of pure creativity!


My world of words is very close
So no excuses I say
It is, as the current jargon goes
Only a few clicks away

So go on, let me tempt you now
To enter my realm today
Entry is risk-free anyhow
And you do not have to stay -

The first time you come for very long
Simply say: "Hello!"
And may the attraction be so strong
That you return tomorrow!

I hope that soon I will see signs
Of traffic which was new
In the charts and graphs and bottom lines
I hope to find YOU!

Seek the words I wrote for you
They are all intentional
Finally the world is truly

So can you think of a reason why
It is that so far you forgot
To take the time to visit my
Universal hotspot?

With this my invitation ends
Choose your time and pace
Read your eyes out and tell all your friends


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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