3 November 2008

Solar Wind

- interstellar cruising

Written early November 2008 - (180 lines)


Maybe we should all prepare
For the possibility
That the well-known world out there
Is not reality

Or, to put it differently
To my readers, should there be any:
It is in all probability
Only one of many


I have reinforced my little ship
Now I will cut it adrift
If you would like to join this trip
Hurry! We have started to shift -

And flying in the face of all we know
Beyond all norms and reason
Regarded not so long ago
As heresy and treason -

Driven by photons we transcend
Accepted facts, and rising
We run before the solar wind
To the last event horizon

No other kind of sunship travels
The way that this one does
Sit back and enjoy, if it all unravels
Who cares about what was!

Already into the great unknown
As familiar dimensions recede
I wonder, has anyone ever flown
This way - and did they succeed?

Any earthly relevance
Diminishes and pales
Into insignificance
Against the cosmic scales

So what if the world as we know it stops
There is always something new!
The well of life might yield a few drops
For the intrepid few!

Time's sole dimension tops the list
For space we have found three
That more than four indeed exist
Is a virtual certainty

Mathematicians claim that it is
Theoretically possible
To calculate fifteen at least - now is this
Not simply incredible?

Should it be possible to reverse
The doughnut of local space
Human beings would no doubt curse
The kind of world we would face

Three dimensions now for time
For space only one!
Read that again (enjoy the rhyme)
My God - what have we done?

Time as in future, present and past?
Maybe all three concurrently?
Better suggestions please, for the last
Sounds so unlikely!

And what kind of space would it be if just one
Wretched dimension?
Living there would not be a whole lot of fun
If that was the intention

It really is difficult to perceive
Actual places like these
And almost impossible to believe -
May I come back now please?

Nevertheless it is interesting
To think and speculate
Whether useful is another thing -
Let us just wait!

Now drop down a wormhole and appear
In another time and place
Head first of course and without fear -
Welcome to my space!

It would be fantastic but hardly fair
Indeed it would be perverse
If I could be both here and there
In a parallel universe

But should I ever get the chance
I would certainly not say no
Hear me shouting across the distance:
"Mein Doppelgaenger - Hallo!"

Tiny men have hopped on the moon
Like the rabbits I used to keep
That is nothing! With luck this might soon
Be the ultimate quantum leap!

To go where no-one yet has been
For some real adventure
If you could choose would you rather be seen
In the past or in the future?

Maybe the future is the past
And so the past the future?
Are they two opposing plaster casts
Of time's true nature?

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
The signals are so mixed
And confusing but we do know
That time is not fixed

For as we approach the speed of light
Time gives up the ghost and shrinks
Regardless of what, on a starry night
Any earthly observer thinks

And if we could go faster still
The clock would stop, then reverse
So time travel must be possible
At least in this universe

With faith we could overcome our fears
And if we could stand the cold
Continue onwards for thousands of years
Without ever growing old

The past and the future do look like twins
It is more than an idle statistic
When one of them loses the other wins
For they are time-symmetric!

Could we be on the way to where we have been
Many times before?
Do we go round in circles not yet seen
Through space-time's revolving door?

There will always be so much to learn!
Do we know precisely
Which way does it really turn?
Maybe if we asked it nicely -

It just might stop and briefly stand still
So we can do the sums
To figure out the purpose and will
At work in all that comes -

Into existence from all that was
And that would go a long way
To explain the underlying cause
Why we are here today

A start when we have understood
All is only rearranged
Nothing disappears for good
It is only changed -

Into something different
According to strict rules
Whose proper meaning and extent
Would be useful tools -

But we cannot grasp them yet
Maybe we never will
It seems the closer that we get
The truth is further still -

Just like the end of the rainbow
When we rush for the pot of gold
And as we bask in a vain glow
The glorious portal is rolled -

Just out of reach again and again
As if by the mighty hand
Of someone who watches the progress of men
And might let us understand -

Sometime in the future what it all is about
But only if we can prove
That we have grown wise beyond reasonable doubt
And if not - please keep it on the move!


Should we turn the telescope around?
Look through it the other way?
Maybe the answers will be found
In ancient texts one day

Assuming of course they were not destroyed
When Christians set to work
All means at their disposal deployed
When the early church went berserk

Hell-bent like some ferocious beast
On setting humanity back
Several thousand years at least
To a time shrouded in black

Back to the days of ignorance
In the name of the Holy Ghost!
The stupefying arrogance
Is what I detest the most!

Back to black for the human race
Black like pestilence
Black like interstellar space
Echoing silence...

Black like destruction, war and death
Exile and despair -
Did you just notice a welcome breath
Of sweetly scented air?

Black like - Oh! Forget the rest!
Listen - there is light ahead:
The Sun is Setting in the West
Remember what I just said!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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