7 December 2008

The Last Crusade

- the War of Terror against Islam

Written early December 2008 - (606 lines)


GMI stands for Greater Middle East Initiative,
which was the overriding strategic aim of the
Bush administration, officially to bring freedom and
democracy to the entire region but in truth to dominate
and control and, failing that, at least achieve compliance
with US, meaning Zionist, interests.


At the end of days
There is nothing to praise
For the Christian West
Has failed every test
It is time to lie
Down and die
In the coffin you made
For the Last Crusade


As prospects fade
For the Last Crusade
Now is the time
To compose a rhyme
About it all
From rise to fall
Plus events in between
Naturally seen
From the point of view
Not of Christian or Jew
But Muslims worldwide
We no longer hide
But openly speak
As we actively seek
To shape affairs
Both ours and theirs!


The Crusader plan
For Afghanistan
And later Iraq
Took the world back
So many years
It now appears
The current stage
Is the middle age
And to change the set
First we must get
Rid once and for all
Of those who call
The shots that kill
For it is their will
They implement
And to circumvent
The rule of law
An excuse for war
Can be easily found
And so clear the ground
For a ready-made
Glorious Crusade

Insatiable greed
And a perverse need
To dominate
Plus a mindless hate
Of the world of Islam
Has caused such harm
It is hard to see
How this century
Would be long enough
To smooth out the rough
Waters that rage
Some try to engage
Well-meaning no doubt
Both sides without
Any progress to date
And it may be too late
For the privilege
To build a bridge
Across the divide
To the other side
For more and more fear
What we deal with here
Is not "live and let live"
But "all take and no give"


Sixty years on
No justice done
Palestinians wait
For their own state
To be given to them
East Jerusalem
Its capital -
No sign Israel
Or any of its friends
Truly comprehends
The dangers here
Yet to most it is clear:

A bomb was primed
Expertly timed
The clock was wound
No answers found
And ticking away
To a terrible day
The fuse was lit
Will we all get hit
When it detonates
How many states
As we burn and choke
Will go up in smoke
Wiped off the map
By the booby trap
Of Zionist dreams
Those evil schemes
Concocted behind
The closed doors we find
In high places where
Sinister groups share
Their sick ideas
The agreement appears
In a protocol
Then forced on us all
We must comply
Submit or die

Aloof and above
The children of
David's Star
Believe they are
God's own elect
Whom He will protect
To the very last day
So what we do and say
Will never redress
The injustice - God bless
The Christian right
Evangelical might
Of America!

Pick any big church
Do a quick search
And you shall find
A special kind
Of gospel there
That the faithful share
Across the States
And it dictates
That every American
Good Christian
Must enlist
As a Zionist
And of course they do -
How about you?
Have you done it yet?
Do not forget!
Or you face the wrath
Of God on your path!
Therefore they pray:
Do it today!

With enraptured eyes
Viewing Paradise
They sing with one voice:
"The obvious choice
IS - RA - EL
Hope for mankind
In you we find
Purpose and strength
To go the length
To Jerusalem
Like Christ our king
We too will bring
Good News to all
Who follow the call
To do what we say
We are the way

And we will assist
Any true Zionist
To conquer in style
Euphrates to the Nile
That being God's will
Pursue it until
An established fact
By the holy pact
First kill and destroy
Then relax and enjoy
Expect the reward
From the good Lord
For His kingdom
Will surely come!"


No doubt many
Thought innocently
That all would be fine
As in Palestine
The elections would be
Under scrutiny
The noble aim
Of observers who came
From near and far
By plane and car
And when over and done
Every single one
Said all was correct
So we did expect
When the figures were in
Whoever would win
The results would be praised
And no fingers raised

Most wanted to try
So turnout was high
Still taking stock
Then came the shock
With the power to stun:

Hamas had won
A majority

In the USA
The very next day
The Christian right
Bid progress goodnight:

"After the vote
We read every quote
We saw the result
Which was an insult
And a direct threat
To Israel you bet
And to all we believe
And try to achieve
In the Middle East
So the very least
We could do was say NO
Jimmy Carter, GO
Home and shut up!
We must put a stop
To this one way
Or the other, so we say:

We will prevent
Our government
Sending any aid
To Gaza, blockade
The coastal strip
Let the people dip
Their bread not in oil
But sewage, spoil
The water supply
Cut it off, let them die
Turn off the last lamp
In the prison camp
Lay siege to the land
They must understand
We mean what we say
And are here to stay
We are in charge
And will enlarge
Every settlement so
Our presence will grow
Throughout the West Bank
Protect with a tank
Every brave pioneer
Palestine stops here!

For Islamists
Are terrorists!

No democracy
With theocracy!

Tell Mahmoud Abbas
To get rid of Hamas!"

And to please and comply
The old man did try
But only the cruel
Divide and rule
So isolate
The ones they hate

But Israel's man
Mohammad Dahlan
The security chief
Like a clumsy thief
Fled in disgrace
Leaving the place
For Hamas to patrol
In total control

So all was in vain
Instead of a gain
The Gaza Strip
Did completely slip
From his weakening grasp
To an audible gasp
From the neighbourhood
Which understood
What it had just seen
Might very well mean
Islam on a roll
For the region as a whole
Where presidents
And kings represent
Just the ruling elite -
Listen to the street!
It is wide awake
And about to take
Its natural right
The political fight
All the way to you
And what will you do
When they all stand there
Shouting: "Free and fair
Elections for all
If you do not call
Them this very day
We will throw you away
And bury you deep
On the rubbish heap
Of history soon
On a Friday afternoon!
For you are the best
Agents of the West!
Your power depends
On Crusader friends!

Yet you are not strong
So move along
Your time is up
See sense and drop
Your weapons and run
And when you are gone
We will restore
What was before
And build a state
To resonate
From desert to coast
With the wishes of most
Plus rights for the few
Such as Christian and Jew

When at last free to choose
We will put to best use
Our talents to the full
And what will pull
Us out of the murk?
Islam at work!"


And what was done
In Lebanon
Later that year
Still brings a tear
To the weary eye
As some of us try
To look through the smog
Of the demagogue

Little Israel
Thought all would go well
Smash Hizbollah
Strangle Gaza
Two problems endured
So long would be cured
At a stroke, with one slap
Wiped off the map

But waves of attacks
Stopped in their tracks
Reversal of roles
Gaping holes
In Merkava tanks
Retreating ranks
Of Israel's best
Cheered on by the West
Collected their dead
As they fled

Halted by a few
Thousand who knew
South Lebanon
And how to take on
The invaders who came
With the single aim
To pave the way
For Crusader-USA
There they go, Syria
Is next in line
As they redefine
The Middle East
For The Sign of the Beast
Must be stamped on all
And the last port of call
In the sinister plan
Was Islamic Iran

But the Crusader team
And its rotten dream
Became exposed
And decomposed
In South Lebanon
When Hizbollah won

We are with you today
Every step of the way
To further success

Girls and boys
Clutching toys
In hospital beds
Bandaged heads
Missing arms and legs
The question it begs
For every one:
What had they done?

If you lost a hand
You would understand
What they now feel
We MUST all appeal
To ban cluster bombs
For whoever comes
Too near to those
Might lose the nose
Or a whole lot more
As the terror war
Ignores all norms
And civilised forms
Of behaviour for the goal
Of worldwide control


In Gaza meanwhile
In Crusader style
The strangling grip
Is choking the Strip:

Savage and cruel
The vital fuel
Turned off and on
A new kind of fun

When somebody dies
For lack of supplies
In a hospital bed
Shake your head -
In the Western press
Covered less and less
If mentioned at all
It is printed small
Or trivialised -

Dependent on aid
Conditions are made
Progressively worse
Small wonder they curse
The Crusader-West
And most of the rest -
As regards Israel?
Just go to Hell!

To all you out there
Know that we care!
And we will not let
You down or forget!

And if all we can do
Is to suffer with you
Then so we will
Waiting until...

But we CAN do more
To free your shore
End the blockade
So normal trade
Can flow again
Ease the pain
Transforming pity
Into dignity
Which is your right
For which you fight
And despite all they do
To get rid of you
They never will -
You are breathing still!

Listen Mahmoud Abbas:


The torn flag sways
As a bugle plays
The very last post
For the holy ghost
Is going home
Maybe to Rome
Or further west
To take some rest

In painful defeat
The Crusaders retreat
In disarray
Back all the way
They recklessly came
Their strategic aim
Dead in the dust
As they work out the cost
Of their latest mistake
Which is bound to make
All the others seem small
But you lie as you fall!

Always destined to die
Twitching but still
With the power to kill
Will soon be gone
There is much to be done
To repair what it broke
But the threat of the yoke
Of slavery somehow
Has receded for now

The Crusader might
Is a pitiful sight
Already, and before
Long expect more
Interesting news
To change people's views
To conclude: if the past
Was bad then the Last
Crusade was the worst -
With the bubble now burst
Can the world look ahead
To a time without dread
Of destruction today
Or tomorrow? No way -
At least not yet:

First we must get
The Crusader beast
And the Middle East
Under control
Then inshallah the soul
Of most will be
Feeling so free
That it expands
And makes demands
For a new lease
Of outer peace
And inner calm -
Known as Islam!


Accountants are still
Preparing the bill
For their callous boss
The material loss
Of staggering size
To roll your eyes
Yet all this waste
Just could be a taste
Of worse to come
Unless there is some
Dramatic change
Across a wide range
Of issues in flames -
The Crusader still blames
Islam, but we know
What you do and so
(And is it not true?)

The good and wise
Now theorise
Comparing notes
And learned quotes
What went wrong
Estimate how long
It might take to redeem
The loss of esteem
At home and abroad
And before God
But reach no firm
Figure of the long-term
Price to be paid
For the Last Crusade...


Now some news for you
And we will get through:

Towering arrogance
Abysmal ignorance -

Scriptures misread
Confused in your head -

Christians and Jews
With radical views -

Every Zionist
Is an extremist -

Militant minds
Planning wars of all kinds -

Arch neo-Cons fight
To prove might is right -

The War on Terror
Your most serious error
For the terror is yours
And only this cures:

Mind your own
Business alone

Do not interfere
In the Muslim sphere

Political Islam
Wishes you no harm
But Crusaders go home
For we claim the Dome
Of the Rock as our own -
Do not take one stone!

Now has all the pain
And suffering been in vain
Or will you learn from this?
The point not to miss:

A new age has dawned -


All those who prayed
For the Last Crusade
So fervently
Should immediately
Be charged and tried
For genocide

Long overdue
A Nuremberg Two
Should be set up
And told not to stop
Till the ghastly crimes
Of recent times
Have been addressed
The guilt assessed
Of the evil men
Who were leading then
The Crusader games
We know their names
And how they look
So bring them to book!

There is a mass
Of evidence to pass
Every known test
Now do the rest!

And if sentenced to death
As they draw their last breath
Rest assured there will be
No tears from me

And if not put to sleep
At the very least keep
Them under lock and key
For eternity

Let justice be done:


And still no sign
Of a free Palestine...


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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