7 April 2009

Shame on the World!

- where is Palestine?

Written 5 April 2009 - (152 lines)


SHAME ON THE WORLD! Where is Palestine?
I looked for it yesterday
On the map but found no sign -
Do countries move away?

I was always good at geography
So determined to find out
What on earth this mystery
Could possibly be about

And with magnifying glass in hand
It was possible to tell
A microscopic little land
With the name of Is-ra-el -

Printed boldly right across
It and surrounding states
Leaving the student at a loss
As he quietly meditates

"This cannot be right" I thought to myself
I must have another look
So got down from a little used shelf
An old and dusty book -

Infested with mites and yellow with age
But apart from that it was fine
And THERE, believe me, on centre page
Was a map of Palestine!

Enhanced with some old photographs
Artistic in black and white
And the author had in brief paragraphs
Taken the time to write:

"PALESTINE is an ancient land
On the Mediterranean shore
Where sacred monuments proudly stand
Guard to what was before

A fabled gateway between west and east
And many travellers went
Over the centuries to feast
Their senses on the Orient

Between Damascus and Cairo
Where the Jordan river flows
Where seasonal shepherds come and go
And the olive tree grows

Where Jews and Arabs live side by side
In peace and harmony
With mutual respect and pride
In their shared ancestry

It was maybe in holy Jerusalem
That man was taught to pray
And all three faiths of Abraham
Revere it to this day

The backdrop and the centre stage
For every Crusade
PALESTINE is the front page
Where history was made

With a past and a character all its own
It is easy to understand
Why PALESTINE is also known
As the Holy Land"

So it did exist and now we know where!
And eager to explore
I studied further and did not spare
Any effort to learn more

Important findings should be shared
And this is what went wrong:
Quite recently, sinister groups prepared
For people who did not belong -

In that part of the world at all
To colonise, conquer and kill
Secular Jews, for the rallying call
Was against the Almighty's will

Behaving like the Crusaders before
They simply took over the land
In barbarous fashion, more and more
What I cannot understand -

How can it be that still today
We search and look in vain?
If civilised people had their way
It would soon show up again!

For Palestine has every right to exist
Israel has little or none
But to pacify every Zionist
A terrible wrong was done

If modern Israel was meant
As compensation for
What Hitler did, the Jews should be sent
To Germany, what is more -

Why must innocent Palestinians pay
For what someone else has done?
Grotesque and perverse, most would say
And of course it is, yet goes on

And as if you atoned for one dreadful crime
By committing a hundred new!
But the world bows down at any time
To serve the Zionist Jew

The Palestinians are everywhere
All trying to understand
But however long and hard we stare
We cannot find their land

Their soil and soul remain today
All that is needed is the will
But despite what good people say
That is missing still

Inviting them to come and share
What you have is obviously right
But that is not the point, we must dare
To challenge Zionist might

And with Zionists hell-bent on taking it all
The hatred is bound to grow
Till their backs are against the Wailing Wall
But then, you reap what you sow

Uranium-fertilised cluster bombs
Being their favourite seed
The bumper harvest, when it comes
Will be bitter indeed!

And nothing would be more richly deserved!
Listen every Zionist Jew:
The Holy Land should be reserved
For decent people, not you!

The oh-so-civilised world fast asleep
Sixty years and more
The alarm clock long ago started to beep
It is time to settle the score...

Time for some real democracy
In fact it is long overdue
Instead of the vile hypocrisy
Of the many ruled by the few

The current world order is simply absurd
And MUST be changed somehow
For the will of the masses must be heard
And carried out - and NOW!

An Israel in Palestine
Might have a chance to last
But only if Zionists resign
And disown their violent past

Failing that, dissolve Israel
Resurrect Palestine
In its old borders, and to hell
With the Zionists, let them whine!

One person one vote completes the plan
Is it not reasonable?
After all, I have yet to meet any man
Who says we need Israel!

All Zionists should prepare for a shock:
One morning, inshallah, they will see
On East Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock
A new flag flying free

For the world must either learn or burn
Justice will NOT be ignored
The Palestinians MUST return
Palestine MUST be restored

And should in future anyone be in doubt:
"Palestine is - where?"
Just open the atlas and point it out:
"Palestine is THERE!"


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Unknown said...

As-Salaamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullah Brother Ibraheem. I Hope You Are In The Best of Health & Imaan :)

Brother, I Have Just Read Your Poem On "Shame On The World" Attentively. It Has Been Written Beutifully & Perfectly By You - Maaashaallaah! I ...Love This Poem. It Is In Fact An Awesome & Informative Poem. I Do Expect That Every Supporter of Palestine Will Love This Poem Immensely - Inshaallaah!

I Have Considered This Peom As Outstanding & Remarkable :)

As Far As I Can Understand This Poem Has A Great Force To Open Everyone's Eyes ..... This Poem Really Bears A Significant Message For Everybody :)

Eventually, I'm Thanking You From The Core Corner of My Heart For Writing This Amazing Poem For Us ..... Just Keep It Up!

Jazzak ALLAH Khaiyeer Brother! May Almighty ALLAH Make Everything Easy For You - Aameen!

May ALLAH (the Mighty & All-Wise) Give You Wisdom To Undertake An Extensive & Effective Research On The Rules & Regulations of Islam Properly At All Times - Aameen!

May Exalted ALLAH Give You The Aptitude & Strength To Write More Islamic Articles, Stuffs & Poems For The Benefit of Muslim Ummah In The Future - Aameen!

Have A Blessed & Peaceful Life!

Warm Regards,

Said Bak said...

As-salamu alaikum brother. Wonderful poem!

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