25 July 2009


- a EuroMuslim speaks out

Written mid July 2009 - (295 lines)


Eurabia is a term invented by Islamophobes to scare Europeans
into believing that a) soon their continent will be swamped by Islam
and Muslims, and b) there is a conspiracy between the EU and Arab
nations to form a bloc as a counterweight to America-Israel.
As much as I would personally welcome both of these developments,
they are most unlikely to happen - however, we EuroMuslims are
already many, becoming more and we will not go away!

Newton's Third Law of Motion (1687, still valid) states bluntly:
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The line "Look on our works you mighty and despair!" is taken
from PB Shelley's well-known sonnet Ozymandias (1818), replacing
his "my" with "our". This is the first time, in approx 12,000 lines,
that I have borrowed anything directly from another writer.

A dhimmi (plural: dhimmah) is Arabic for a non-Muslim subject of an
Islamic state, whose basic rights (life, property, freedom of religion/
worship) are protected by the state in return for loyalty to the state
and payment of the jizya tax.
A goy (plural: goyim) is Hebrew for "nation" or "people" but is
generally used to describe any non-Jew, whether individual or nation.
The Torah itself and rabbinic literature make it clear that goyim exist
only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated as Judaism sees fit.


It seems that whatever we Muslims do
We are misunderstood throughout the EU
And of course quite deliberately so -
So what to do and which way to go?


There is a frightening and growing groundswell
Of pure Islamophobia, all is not well
In fact something is rotten to the core
And not just in Denmark, as Hamlet said before

As the stream of daily news relates
Politicians in several EU states
Have chosen confrontation as the way ahead
On the road to nowhere, claiming dialogue is dead
And that may indeed well be the case
But not our fault so do not base
Any false premises on that cornerstone
For we Muslims cannot do all this alone
And if meeting mainly with suspicion and hate
How can we and why should we integrate?

Some seriously propose an outright ban
On our holy book, the noble Quran
And should they come to power it might well be done
Meanwhile, their xenophobic wish-list goes on:
Stop immigration, close Islamic schools
Rewrite old-fashioned democratic rules
To keep Muslims out at any cost
Or the secular way of life will be lost
As for those already here, if possible they will
Send them home and be happy to pay the bill
For they will do absolutely anything at all
To make sure that EuroMuslims never will call
For sharia law to be implemented here
It will never happen, they say that is clear

Most of us are pretty sure that some
Immigrants would still be very welcome:
Any from beloved America
Would be received with: "Hallelujah!"
And Jews all the way from Israel
Would not be told to go to hell

So long as they all were non-Muslim and white
They would surely be considered quite all right
To make their homes in the European house
Their presence here would in no way rouse
Suspicions that they could be up to no good -
The unspoken message is well understood!

Now, if these were just personal rantings of a few
It would not really matter but there is a new
Willingness to vote for such hateful trash
With extreme right wing parties enjoying a rash
Of election successes in recent polls
The leaders make no secret of their simple-minded goals
And surely the overriding point not to miss:
How can intelligent people vote for this?
Has extensive and expensive education been in vain?
Wake up everybody or the demagogues will gain
Not just more seats in parliament
Where only reasonable persons should be sent
But little by little, the notoriety
Will infect mainstream society
And so appear almost respectable
And then be even more electable

It is all part of a huge conspiracy
And there is no room for complacency:

Never forget this, everyone of you
Hitler and his Nazis were elected, too!
The cheap and nasty slogans are the same
Scapegoats invented and mentioned by name
Usually without any proof or shame
Fanning religiously the dangerous flame
Of mindless hatred and intolerance
Hoping to tip the delicate balance
Over the edge, hallelujah, here we go -
The general population is far too slow
To see the signs and translate the text
Of the sinister performance - what next?

Their easy "solutions" to some very difficult
Problems consist of no more than insult
And ridicule, peddled as party politics
Main ingredients: lies and dirty tricks

Sentiments like theirs predictably lead
To a natural adverse reaction, indeed
The accused is not only bound to feel
Unwanted and threatened in a very real
Way, but is likely to seek and find
Support and reinforcement of the best kind
From the closest and most obvious source:
Their own cultural background of course

And as we have already seen more than once
Such talk forces the expected response
Which is no doubt hoped for by those who know
And are carefully orchestrating the entire show
So they can boast and stridently crow:
"Look, Muslims are different, and we told you so!
Vote for us and we will stem the flow!
And those already here, we will make them go!"

YES WE ARE DIFFERENT and thank God for that!
And though we do not like it we may join the tit-for-tat
For it seems we are left with little or no choice
By the hate-filled scare-mongering shrill and stupid voice
Of the neo-nazi-zionist-extremist-radicals
So eagerly ringing the alarmist bells

They must be opposed and it is being done
Look around your neighbourhood and you may know one
Or two or maybe many who are doing that today
Come on out everybody, join the fray!

Let them understand that it does not matter much
That some of us are Danes and some French and Dutch
And German and English and Spanish and so on
For the Muslim Ummah [community], like Allah, is one
And first and foremost that is where we belong
Regardless of other ties, however strong
And deeply rooted those may be
Family or clan or nationality -
Always Muslims first and last
Hopeful for our future and proud of our past

Instead of making such a racket and fuss
They would do well to become more like us!
Which in time they will, like it or not
For we might as well tell them now that we have got
Extensive plans for them, perhaps re-engineer
Their mental make-up to remove the sneer
Forever from their features, bring a smile to the face
So they might be a credit to the human race
And greet their fellow men and women properly:
Now say: "Salaamalaikum!" repeatedly -
Was that really difficult? If so, repeat, repeat
For those are the words we Muslims use to greet
Absolutely anyone we happen to meet
"Peace be upon you" - is it not sweet?


And have they forgotten that we taught them before?
Must we remind them until voices are sore?

Have they maybe heard of the Renaissance?
The word itself is borrowed from France
And translated it simply means "born again"
Now, professors of history, distinguished men
Of learning, all agree at least on this:
The irresistible impetus
For Europe's rebirth came from Muslim Spain -
Islamophobes, read that again and again!
Fundamentally improving Europe's state
Thanks directly to The Caliphate!

And soon the future was looking bright
From the Dark Ages into the light:
The sciences advanced in leaps and bounds
Across the spectrum, all that surrounds
The human condition in its totality
Body, mind and spirit holistically -
Now will they admit that we showed the way
To a better life for everyone today!

With no need to trek all around the globe
We challenge every Islamophobe:
Travel to al-Andalus, visit Cordoba
Continue to al-Hambra at Granada
Then journey to Istanbul and see the big mosques there -
Look on our works you mighty and despair!

Islamic architecture is simply wonderful
Rationally proportioned and serenely beautiful

With local variations, it is international
And we also designed and built the Taj Mahal


Honestly now, hands upon all hearts
When such supremacist nonsense restarts
We are living in very dangerous times
So prepare yourselves for waves of crimes:
False flag operations is the favourite tool
Of The New World Order terrorism school
And has already been used to such effect
That any Muslim now is a prime suspect
After each new disaster, even more
Disturbing, in truth we are suspects before


The future Europe will not just be
A white Christian-Zionist club, you see
Regardless what they all do and say
We are far too many and will not go away
Now that is a most comforting thought
And if we refuse to be bribed and bought
This will surely come to pass:
When numbers have reached critical mass
Then we can no longer be ignored
And our dignity will be restored

Enough is enough and I herewith suggest
The following course of action as the best:

Let us take it over, not violently
But little by little and silently
Revolutions are no longer the way
In the Europe of the present day
(And those in France and Russia, did you know
Were the efforts of The Elders of Zion road show)

So, influence the economy
Infiltrate every university

From local groups in every library
To a vocal public affairs committee

It is your right to participate
So elect your own magistrate

Run for local government
Right through to national parliament

And to young men still outside the EU
With no chance of ever being let through:
Smuggle yourself in any way you can
There is room for many more here in Eurostan
Once here and working, please do send some
Money home so the rest can also come
For why should the family be kept apart
Think of your mother's loving heart
Your father's pride in his pioneering son -
And like Allah and the Ummah, the family is one

And to their sisters let me say this:
Your eyes are so beautiful, it would be bliss
To have you all here in Euroland
To brighten up what is boringly bland
Maybe you wear a colourful hijab [headscarf]?
Or do you prefer the full niqab [face veil]?
With flowing fashions for your female form
Modesty will again become the norm -
So join dating websites, get on Facebook
I am confident that the way you look
It will not be long before someone
Proposes and a match is done
If not in heaven then Europe will do
Securing an entry for you too
Should he not be a Muslim yet, so what
After conversion reveal the plot
Seal the deal with a private kiss
Then teach your husband what Islam is
And do not forget, for each convert scored
You will have earned a big reward!

Play their game by their own rules
And we shall see who are the fools
Change the system from inside
So thoroughly they cannot hide
Move here, marry and multiply
Massively, so when you die
Your children will be earning praise
For their own efforts as they raise
Population figures, potentially
Increasing exponentially

Your genes and more important still
Your culture and religion will
Expand and spread and visibly grow
But this is not a cancer, no
It is not a dreadful disease that kills
But a wonderful cure for many ills

Biological warfare from within
Slowly changes the colour of their skin
Until the day they realise
Who was stupid and who was wise -
Islam has always been colour blind
For there is only one humankind
And Islam reflects a universal set
Of vaues which all will be met


The choice will turn out to be clear and stark:
On one side the sinister and cruel and dark
Western corporate totalitarian
New World Order, the enemy of man
International Zionism has many names
And The Elders of Zion many deadly games

The world is sleepwalking determinedly
Into the orchestrated World War Three
Which was avoided but only just
When Communism collapsed to dust
After splitting the world into east and west
For so many years, well you know the rest
But the script was written and the stage was set
And The New World Order now wants to get
The death and destruction denied it then
The only question seems to be when

All forces for good must wake up NOW
To prevent the forces of evil somehow
From blowing up our planet once more
As you know they have done it twice before
Both times relatively recently
They are scheming again, intently...

On the other side is Islam, where you will find
Almost twentyfive percent of mankind
And as the true Axis of Evil yearns
For total disaster and deviously turns
The camps against each other with a horrible hiss -
You are either with us or against us on this!

This will be very bad news for some:
Roll on Eurabia, your time has come!
And when we are in charge we shall prove
Reasonable, though we may move
To close MTV and take your favourite toy
But you are always better off a dhimmi than a goy

Listen Islamophobes, can you take more of this?
Is there anything I said you can easily dismiss?
Feel free to rant and rave and rail
But whatever happens - WE SHALL PREVAIL!

Honest to Allah, we wish you no harm
But accept that The Future Belongs to Islam

Soon we may see Islamophobia
Dying out or turning to EUphoria
As our new Caliphate Eurabia
Becomes established and leads the way
Meanwhile we loudly and proudly say:
All EuroMuslims herewith invite
Muslims of the World UNITE!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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