24 July 2009

Ninetynine Names of Israel

- and which is your favourite?

Written mid July 2009 - (99 lines)


This started as a joke but, like all good jokes, it was serious!
99 x 6 = 594 words, no repetitions (I think...).
Like my earlier The Choice is Yours this could go on and on
but even a Wordsmith has to stop somewhere and 99 is a good place.


Internationally Sponsored Really Abhorrent Experimental Lunacy
Imported Strangers Relieving Anti-Jewishness Elsewhere - (Libellious?)
Invading Slaughtering Russian American European Landrobbers
Illegal Settlers Rushing, Appropriating, Expropriating Livelihoods
Inhuman So-and-sos, Remember: Al-Nakba Exterminated Legions

Information: Surreptitiously Rothschilds Assisted Empire London
Intention: Smart Ruthless Agreement Established Literally

Intricate Symbolism Revealed, Associated Esoteric Lodges:
Implying Satanic Reverence Adoring Eternal Lucifer

Institutionalised Supremacist Racist Apartheid Elitist Legislation
Implementing Segregation, Random Arrests Endemic Lately
Immoral Secularists Reinforcing Arab Excluding Laws
Illegitimate State Regularly Advocating Expelling Locals
Inalienable Sovereign Rights Abrogated, Excemption License!
Integration Squandered, Rewards Accumulating Exponentially = Loathing

Intimidation Subjugation Repatriation Alienation Execution Litigation
Inflicting Suffering, Revolting Abuses Experienced Long
Internal Suppression Running Alongside External Looting
Irresponsible Slander Rousing Agitating Ethnic Loyalties

Immediately Should Relocate Antarctic Enclave Labelled:
Infamy Shame Revulsion Affront Ever Lasting

Infuriating Sanctimonious Rascals: Adversaries Exasperated, Livid!
Imploring Spontaneous Reconciliation? Appeasers Extremely Laughable!
Instead Sensitive Reciprocity, Awful Egotistical Leanings
Impressive Suitable Recompense Awaits Exceptional Lackeys
Impersonating, Seeming Reasonable, Advertising Elegant Logo
Illusion Slowly Rupturing, Agents Exposing Losers
In Short: Radical And Extremist Liars

Incomprehensible Staggering Recurring Absurdly Expensive Liability
[are you listening America?]


Irrelevant Surreal Roadmap Authentic? Entirely Lopsided!
Inconclusive Status Regarding Adjustments Engineered, Look:
Implacable Stance Rebuffed, Annexation Expressly Lambasted
Initiatives Stalled Repeatedly Assuring Effective Latitude
Intruding Settlements Round Al-Quds Ensure Lockout -
Ill-conceived Surplus Requirement, Accept Exported Leisure!
Irredeemable Superfluous Rejected Abominable Entity: Leave!
Instantly Sending Renewed Application Electronically: Logoff!


Inexplicable Shortcomings, Regressive Abilities, Evolution Linear
Inspections Show Retarded Affinities: Empathy Lacking
Inherited Several Remarkable Attributes Except Love
Insincere Semantic Rudimentary Atonement Exonerates Little


Inspirational Sabbath Rabbis Actively Extolling Lord
Inflated Self Righteous Angelic Extraordinary Luminaries
Inside Synagogues Reading Aloud Edited Legends
Incomplete Scrolls (Rolled Archived Elders' Learning)
Insist Some Regularly Achieve Easy Levitation
Invoking Supplications Reverberating Across Ecstatic Litany


Inherently Superior [they think], Related Abraham Earlier Life [they claim]
Insinuations, Substantial Rumours, Allegations Explained "Later"
Intriguing Secret Rather Awkward Enshrined Legacy
Inviting Sensible Revisionists: Apply Excellence Lucidly
Incompetent Sephardic, Read: AshkeNAZI, Extravagant Leaders
Incredible Stupefying Rampant Arrogance Exceeding Limits
Incessantly Seeking Ready Arch Enemies - Lots!


Instinctive Saboteurs Reaching Abysmal Ethical Low
Indoctrinating Security Recruits Available Evil Lessons
Interrogating Systematically, Ridiculous Answers Elicited Laboriously
Inmates Scared, Relatives Anxious, Everyone Languishing
Instructing Soldiers Religiously: Always Eradicate Life


Instigating Sensational Rebellion, Aiding-and-abetting Exercising Lapdogs
[Hamas-Gaza versus Fatah-WB]
Intolerable Situation, Refugees Abandoned, Evacuation: Limbo
Infinite Sorrow Rules, Accelerating Emotional Lethargy
Insufficient Sleep, Roaring Above, Engines Loud
Indefinite Stagnation, Relief Absent, Exits Locked
Infants Stunted, Rations Allowed Entry Lean
Infernal Smoke Rubble Ashes Extinguishes Laughter
Imposed Starvation Rings Alarms, Echoing Locally
Indiscriminate Slaughter Resulting Assassinations Extrajudicial Liquidations
Innocents Steadily Reporting Atrocities, Endless List
Ingenious Sophisticated Rescue Attempts Efforts Laudable
Incriminating Serious Recorded Apalling Evidence Located
Investigators Surface, Raising Awareness Extensively, Liberally


Iranian Spectre Resembling Apparition Exhibiting Legitimacy
Inscrutable Scenario Revisited: Armageddon Earth-wide? Lucky?


Identified: Smelly Rotten Apples, Estimated Lethal
Indulging, Sampling, Ruminating, Appetising, Eating --> Lavatory...

Inferior Second-class Residential Apartment Extortionate Lease
Interest Special Rate Accruing Exorbitant Levels
Investing Shekels Reprehensibly Acquired Enriches Leeches

Imagine Sharon Recovered, Apparent Emergency Lobotomy
Impossible, Simplistic, Romantic: Arafat Exhumed, Living

Irrational Superficial Rantings Attract Electoral Lemmings
[as everywhere else]
Impostors Stealthily Reaching Audience Eurovision Limelight
Introducing Seven Relatively Adorable Esther Ladies
Insipid Sort-of Rubbish As-it-were Ermmm Like
[must do better...]


Inaudible Signals Requesting Armaments, Expecting Loads
Invisible Strategy Rendering All Evaluation Ludicruous
Infiltrating Schemes, Regional Ambitions Expanding Logically
Implementing "Solutions", Ramifications Altogether Excruciatingly Lamentable
Imperialists Seeking Routine Alternative: Extend Lebensraum
[German, literally meaning "living space",
and Hitler's excuse for Nazi Germany's early expansion East]

Impending Social Revolution Approaching, Experts: Likely
Indisputable Signs Rats Already Exploring Leaping
[from the sinking ship, or SS, Israel]
Indications Suggest Risks Abound: Escape Lilliputs!
Inshallah Soon Replaced After Exodus - Listen:
Indigenous Shall Return, Al-Aqsa Exemplifies Longing
Intifada Swelling, Rising Anger Exploding Laterally
Intoxicating Sweet Retribution Arriving, End Looming
Inevitably Sovereignty Realm Absolutely Everything Lost
Islam Spreading Rapidly Advancing Everywhere La-ilaha-il-allah!


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