23 July 2009


- as in usurious

Written mid July 2009 - (176 lines)


Suppose you chose to invest
One hundred Euros today
At seven percent interest
Compounded along the way -

For a two hundred and fifty year term
(The prudent plans ahead!)
And some heir may be there to confirm
The result when you are long dead

Already doubled after just ten years
It never fails to impress
Sweet music to most people's ears
You are on the road to success
[precisely 196.72]

After one hundred years you have arrived
Eightyseven thousand now!
Your small investment grew and thrived
And how! Hallelujah! Wow!
[precisely 86,771.63]

Now then, how much do you think
The final account would show?
The answer will make you more than blink
Ae you sure you want to know?

Hold on to something really strong
Are you sitting comfortably?
The figure, unless my maths are wrong
Is, incredibly:

Two and a quarter BILLION, yes
I know it is hard to believe
It is not an uneducated guess
But the sum you would receive
[precisely 2,217,912,564.99]

Absolutely ridiculous!
How obscene can you get?
And when you claim it, delirious
Can the demand be met?

Now look at it the other way
Turn it all around
And surely it must finally sway
Anyone of sound -

And sober judgment to realise
Just how diabolical
The concept is, seen with reasonable eyes
It is simply criminal

Let us assume you borrowed the same
Hundred mentioned before
From a friendly money-lender who came
Obligingly to your door

And your once innocent little loan
Would soon reduce you to fear
As the interest owed would have massively grown
For that is the whole idea

You can use your own figures, do your own test
But you would probably pay
Instalments on accrued interest
Forever and a day -

Without the initial borrowed sum
Itself being returned
And unable to back out the way you have come
Your bridges have been burned

Tempting people to borrow is foul
And addictive like heroin
Decent people will raise a howl
Of protest across the scene

For surely the message is not lost
And the lesson it should teach:
Avoid usury at any cost
It is like a blood-sucking leech

Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Is a primitive way to live
Like a continuous drunken brawl
And something has to give

With the system completely hollowed out
How long can it survive?
Beyond any reasonable doubt
It is eating itself alive

Imposing it may still look and act
But in truth an empty shell
That is an uncontested fact
To those who observe it well

How to recover from the brink?
Anything left to retrieve?
The answer is not what the "experts" think
Or want us to believe

For we do not need more but less
Paper money, so
Speeding up the printing press
Is not the way to go

As soon as possible, everything made
Anything bought and sold
Local skills, international trade
Should be priced in gold -

Or other selected metals maybe
Anything precious and rare
For as anyone can surely see
Paper is everywhere

And it is worthless in real terms
Indeed it may easily burn
Succumb to rot or be eaten by worms -
Will we ever learn?

The figures printed on each note
And embossed on every coin
Are just that, and the lofty quote
Seen frequently to join -

For that convincing authentic look
That appears almost benign
Impresses by the time they took
On the overall design

The gold meanwhile secured in the vaults
Of those who hold the keys
The system has as many faults
As banks have different fees!

And they have secrets of all sorts
Now here is another catch:
How can we trust official reports
That gold and paper match?

The way the world is currently run
Simply cannot last
And a return to how things were done
In the not too distant past -

Should be a high priority
Maybe top of the list
Or a functioning society
May cease to exist

The worldwide mad scrambling raid
Is more or less on hold
Has it peaked already, will it now fade
And eventually fold?

As global instability grows
Quite likely perhaps
The deepening economic woes
Mean imminent collapse

As the money-go-round is turning cold
A heavy price will be paid
Yet there will be, so I am told
Huge profits to be made

For over The Fairground preside
Immaculately dressed thugs
Who when profitable may decide
To simply pull the plugs

Maybe they will do it soon
Maybe they will wait
When Rothschild whistles the secret tune
They will not hesitate

Papering over the widening cracks
In their miserable golden calf
The ogres and the leading packs
Of The New World Order laugh -

As "useless eaters" are thrown to the wolves
And devoured mercilessly
To the controllers it all revolves
Around insolvency

Enriching the rich, there is no doubt
That the concept of usury
For nations and people already without
Leads them to penury

And when the system is about to break
And the poor stumble and fall
Claiming every vital stake
The winners take it all

Those who already have far too much
Will grab even more
Bringing them further out of touch
Than ever before

Usury is evil, no less
But was not invented by Jews
Though where and when I cannot guess -
However there is good news:

ISLAM is not usurious
Yet interesting to explore -
Has this made you curious
Enough to find out more?

Muslims do things differently
Read, listen and see
Study their methods diligently
And you may well agree -

That in this as in so many other aspects
Of life, if you started today
Soon you would feel the positive effects
Of the Islamic way!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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