24 August 2010

The Two Missing Letters

- an ancient mystery solved

Written mid August 2010 - (458 lines)


This poem makes no claims to historical accuracy.


Hello again
Christian men
And women, look
In your holy book
That fairy tale
Long grown stale
Have a good read
Examine your creed
For amazing grace
Is not keeping pace
With the world today
And allow us to say
The one sent to save
Did not behave
As we might expect
From one so select

The rambling plot
Leaves an awful lot
To be desired
He was not inspired
By almighty God
As the lightning rod
For all mankind
Instead we find
The so-called I AM
Sacrificial Lamb
(From animal
To cannibal!)
Is a horrible scam
He does not give a damn
About you or me
But only that we
Keep his memory
For eternity

He will not accept
That we reject
His message, no
He says if so
He hopes we will die
Horribly fry
Be completely lost
In a holocaust -
Sounds pretty grim
NOT nice of him!

It makes you wince
So much for the Prince
Of Peace - why mince
Words to convince
Mankind ever since
That he took our sins?
No evidence
In a word: nonsense


If you cannot believe
It is time to retrieve
Your investment now
No matter how
Find somewhere secure
So it will endure
The passage of time
Repel any crime
Maybe multiply
Before you die
Assuming you do
What is good and true
But still be there
The day your share
We hope esteemed
Must be redeemed

For those reading this
The Good News is:
Watch this space -
We know such a place


And by the way
Jesus does say
Loud and clear
For all to hear
That he was sent
His message meant
Only for those
His Father chose -
So in truth the Good News


Another thing
We wish to bring
Into general view
For all of you
If you are quick
Is the final trick
The Pope to deceive
Has kept up his sleeve
For two thousand years
But now it appears
The entire show
Could with one blow
Be swept aside
By a rising tide
Of questions and doubt
Which are not without
Foundation at all
It may breach the wall
Of secrecy built
To shield the guilt
Of the Vatican
From the eyes of man -
Force open the crypt
Reveal the script
The secret code
That was bestowed
The clearly heard
Most sacred WORD
The Creator spoke
And none can revoke
Entrusted to the few
Who vowed to be true
And get the job done
Pass the message on
Desired since when
By mortal men -
Intercepted by those
Who refuse to disclose
But concerned they might
Forget it outright
They made a sketch
And proceeded to etch
The vital clue
On a piece of blue
Sapphire so fine
It would sparkle and shine
In the darkest night
Without any light -
The important point is
They did it like this
After killing a ram:
I (space, space) AM

Later a priest
Came from the East
Posed as a nun
With a loaded gun
Acted alone
Demanded the stone
Which he got
Without a shot -
Then made his way
To Rome to say
To the head of the clan
In the Vatican
He expected his dues
For the real Good News
He had risked so much
To be able to touch
So money changed hands -
No-one understands
Hence the row:
Where is the stone now?

Well, it seems
That many schemes
Were talked about
Most no doubt
Meant to deceive -
There is reason to believe
That in the end
Advised by a friend
It was placed by a Pope
In an envelope
Wrapped, it is said
In sheets of lead
Then velvet cloth
Untouched by moth
Secured in a box
With many locks
Exquisitely made
From silver and jade -
As the box was not full
They added some wool
Three precious stones
And a few old bones
Shards of stained glass
Framed in brass
Last a crucifix
An interesting mix -
The holy men
Placed the box then
Inside a trunk
Once owned by a monk
Who knew St Paul
Before his Call -
Squeezed into a hold
Lined with gold
Walled up and sealed
Not to be revealed
So well designed
That no-one will find
But in the event
No warning is sent
For curses protect
From theft and neglect
And Angels defend
Till the Times of the End


The Son of God
Himself once trod
This earth they claim
His lasting fame
Alive and well
From Heaven to Hell
And in between
As readily seen
In Christian states
Where it dictates
And so defines
Architectural lines
The Cross looks down
On every town
From central square
And thoroughfare
To market place
And public space

At intervals
To the sound of bells
The faithful throng
In prayer and song
For the holy word
Is most eagerly heard
When it rings out in church
From the preacher's perch
Chapter and verse
Blessing and curse
The New Testament
Makes them all repent


Noah in the Old
Testament is told
By Yahweh in a voice
Leaving no room for choice
Just after the Flood:
"You must NEVER eat blood!"
So Communion decreed
By Jesus is a deed
Outlawed then as now
And a mystery how
It was ever allowed
For Christians bowed
In highest awe
Before the Law
Of Moses and it states
Who participates
Beware that each time
Is a capital crime!

A Satanic feast
Without the least
Spiritual link
Followers must drink
His blood, eat his flesh -
Surely all a flash
Back to pagan days
And savage ways
Where life must die
To pacify
Forces in control
Of your world and soul
And it still runs deep:
What you wish to keep
You must lose or destroy
As they say - ENJOY!


The Trinity
That monstrosity
Is to many of us
Just ridiculous
And blasphemous

Laid down by the Church
After thorough research
And thoughtful debate
So consensus was late
Then swiftly endorsed
And strictly enforced:
If you disagreed
With the Holy Creed
For that small mistake
Burnt at the stake

This pathetic mess
Is believed nonetheless
By bright and dim
Who follow Him -
But who is He?
Not one but THREE!

Some time well spent
Means the argument
Feared lost is won
Though Father and Son
And Holy Ghost
Still fool maybe most
But not everyone
For some have done
Their homework and found
The story unsound
Not only in part
For once you start
To check and compare
There is not a lot there
Which makes sense at all -
The fortress will fall
With a mighty crash
As a lightning flash
Lights up the sky
The Saviour will cry
For help in vain
As we pray for rain
To make the grass grow
So we don't have to sow
To feed all the sheep
Who have woken from sleep
They are hungry now
And restless, look how
Both young and old
Are leaving the fold
They used to be strong
But starved so long
They are skin and bones
With undertones
Of serious disease:
"God help us all please!"
The leading one bleats
As the Shepherd retreats
To God knows where
The sheep do not care
And neither do we
For now we can see
That the Shepherd admits
Defeat and quits
The fertile field
Leaving his shield
Armour and sword -
Maybe he got bored

Then, white as death
He draws a deep breath
And, saying nothing
Takes to the wing
Gives the Sign of the Beast
Before heading East

So we grab his spear
And without any fear
March right on
In the Setting Sun
More to be done
War to be won

And very soon
The Crescent Moon
Will rise and shine
To redefine
The world we know
Relentlessly grow
Swell and expand
In every land
To claim top spot -
We nearly forgot:
To those who do not
Like it, so what?

And what will you do
When it comes to you?
And sit the exam?
Or resist at all cost
Until all is lost?


Nature's way
The state of play
Compare and compete
Slowly defeat
What fails the test
Preserving the best


Serving the Lord
The Catholic horde
Planning always the same
Voyaged and came
To kill and maim
In the Most Holy name
Control and loot
With heavy boot
To dominate
Decide the fate
Yet another group
Wiped out by the troop
Hail Mary hail!
They did not fail
To convert by force
Without any remorse

The Last Crusade
Now being played
Is the final act
The full impact
May not be clear
For another year
Or possibly five -
If we survive
Hope and pray
You will see the day
When justice rules
And the arrogant fools
Those brainless brutes
And their many recruits
Are defeated and
The Holy Land
Is free once more
Of Zion's war


No need to be
A prophet to see
The signs are clear
That a new age is here
For a faith many dread
Continues to spread
Gaining ground and pace
Regardless of race
Or colour of skin
For it grows within
And emerges to say:

The attraction is strong
So in poem and song
We sincerely write
Proclaim and recite
Not only to praise
The Creator but raise
Awareness around
The world that we found
What was missing till then
So women and men
May listen and look
Perhaps read the BOOK
And later decide
With humble pride
And dignity:
This is also for me!

Allah knows best
But maybe in jest
Or perhaps as a clue
Someone dropped two
Parts of the WORD
Originally heard
That vibrant tone
Later set in stone
And instead of three
It really should be
A total of five
To come alive

To be sure you all get
The point now let
Us spell it out
To avoid any doubt:

Instead of: I--AM
It was always: ISLAM

Mystery solved!
Now get involved:
All Christians and Jews
Help spread the GOOD NEWS!


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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