10 February 2012

Useless Eaters

- the New World Order is out to get us

Written late January 2012 - (64 lines)


Useless Eaters - what do you mean?
Unacceptable and obscene
To classify fellow humans in terms
Like that - but its use confirms
There is indeed a master plan
By evil groups to do all they can
Not to completely eradicate
Humanity but to decimate
The world's population drastically
And they work systematically
On their common black project, so
Instead of continuing to grow
At an "alarming" rate as now
It would stabilise - here is how:

Most of us who are now alive
As a rough figure at least five
BILLION humans would be killed
In various ways which could be billed
As wars, diseases, famines, who knows
When it comes to deceit, anything goes

A horrible vision and a terrible task
And all civilised persons must ask:
Who is going to decide
Who perishes in the genocide
And who is found to be fit to live?
Be sure the Creator will never forgive
Anyone even thinking like this
And as for those who deliver the kiss
Of death to anyone innocent
Even if they know the word "repent"
It will then surely be far too late
To save themselves from their own hate

The "surplus population" must give up
Its right to life as the sterile crop
Of Monsanto is forced down the throat
Of the world's poor, while the rich gloat

It is Feast or Famine all over again
But only because some heartless men
Are working overtime fanning flames
And pure evil has many names:

The Illuminati, still going strong
The New World Order planned so long
Kissinger Associates
With anyone who truly hates
The Anglo-Saxon Mission
The Trilateral Commission
The Committee of Three Hundred
Anything left to be plundered?
The Bilderbergers, The Club of Rome
The Knights of Malta, still seeking a home
Moloch worship at Bohemian Grove
The Vatican and its treasure trove
Zionism-Judaism, if not the first
Then certainly the very worst!

The world has clean-up work to do
And will no longer tolerate you:

Down with the dynasty Rothschild!
Your time is up for wrath's child
Is getting ready for the wonderful day
When the hungry masses will take away
All you have hoarded on guarded shelves
Useless Eaters - speak for yourselves!

We all have a spark of the good and true
Somewhere inside us - EXCEPT FOR YOU!


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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